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    Thread [Guide][SM-T500/T505] Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 - Link to root, App2sd, SafetyNet Pass including cts profile

    1. Root using magisk - Please refer to this excellent guide by @DJBhardwaj Click here for thread 2. App2sd pro by Vicky Bonick This is the playstore link a. After activating root install busybox using any of the busybox apps on the play store. I used Busybox for android by jrummy (I know...
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    Thread [Q] Battery Charging Question (anyone with a Lumia 800 can answer)

    When the Lumia is plugged into charge does the battery symbol keep switching from a half/whatever your battery charge is at the moment display to a battery with the charging symbol over it.(this is in the top bar)
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    Thread System Restore Shortcut... Help confirm

    Confirmed with Pics. I formatted my tablet just for all of you :) I have found a quick way to do a complete system wipe using anycut. If you go into activity, then scroll down and select settings. It is the third one (there are seven settings options). After placing the shortcut on the screen...
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    Thread Looking for a web-designer

    I am currently in the process of starting up a business. I am looking for a skilled webdesigner. There will be a cash and or kind payoff. Samples of previous works are required. The designer will also be required to sign an NDA and a non compete. I would require you to sign the NDA and...