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    Thread New TS10 UIS7862 6gb ram 128gb head unit q&a's

    So I bit the bullet and bought myself this head unit: Ad stated that unit is 4gb ts8, but unit shipped and arrived is 6gb TS10. Plugged everything up unit works nice and smooth as expected, but one seriously annoying bug. Phone connected to HU and when I try to...
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    Thread What head unit is this?

    Hi guys I have bought this android 4.4.4 head unit rk3188 from aliexpress and I don't have a tiniest clue which malaysk rom to use as I would like to root it and put a custom rom on it... Any help would be appreciated
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    Thread psfServiceMod forwarding to gs2

    i know there's some great and smart guys on android scene and i was wondering maybe someone would be able to forward psfservicemod to samsung galaxy s2? it has already been developed for quite a few phones... im absolutely noob in android development so i have no idea wether this would be possible ?