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  1. NeverSeparate

    Thread Hidden Shopper - Should work on all devices

    Have you ever needed to do some shopping for someone who you has a habbit of trying to find out what you are getting them by checking your search history? Sure, you can delete your history, but what if you forget? This app was designed for just this purpose. It is a very simple app. Essentially...
  2. NeverSeparate

    Thread The Spice Rack - Zipthemer Mods and how to build them from your phone.

    OP is WIP This thread is inspired by the Candy Shop threads in the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 sections. Big thanks to Matthew for helping me learn to build these mods. After I got the concept down, I figured out I could build Zipthemer mods directly from my phone. I thought I would...
  3. NeverSeparate

    Thread Social Networker

    I have read several threads complaining about the Facebook app and that people prefer the mobile site. But if you stay signed in on the app or the site, you might get hacked. So I made this browser to hide your social activity on your phone. Obviously because it's the mobile site there are no...
  4. NeverSeparate

    Thread How To Find The Most Stable Rom

    Since this is asked so often I thought I would offer this support: Sent from my Incredible 2 using xda app-developers app
  5. NeverSeparate

    Thread Ed Bassmaster

    For the fans of you Tube comedian Ed Bassmaster. Ed will soon have an official app out, he already does on the iphone, but I went ahead with this anyway. I thought it might be fun. Sent from my Incredible 2 using...
  6. NeverSeparate

    Thread Googler (Formerly Can I Google That For You?)

    Formerly Can I Google That For You?, this update adds so much more! I have included several new features, both useful, and fun. Many people aren't aware of Google's sense of humor, so I've added some examples here. Want to search like a pirate? Done. Klingon, ok sure. Need a handy calculator, or...
  7. NeverSeparate

    Thread Jelly bean apps with cm7?

    I'm really enjoying the Pacman ROM, but I sometimes miss the stability of cm7. I like that this ROM has a popup built into the the messaging app and was wondering if it would work if I installed it on cm7. I might give this a try tonight or this weekend, but was wondering if anyone had done it...
  8. NeverSeparate

    Thread Handcent Settings

    How can I get custom text tones to restore when switching roms? Sometimes it will keep them when I restore through titanium, but usually it just goes to the roms default alert tone. I have tried putting all the tones I use into a folder and setting from that folder so it would always be from the...
  9. NeverSeparate

    Thread A new miui rom?

    Has anyone heard anything about a psyco-miui rom? I read somewhere that it may be coming to the incredible 2. Sent from my Incredible 2
  10. NeverSeparate

    Thread Thanks to the Devs

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you guys put into making fun stuff for us to play with. This is meant for all of you, a one stop thread for a quick word of encouragement. You guys rock. Sent from my ADR6350
  11. NeverSeparate

    Thread Desense Help

    I keep finding myself back on skyraider. The Rom runs really well for me. But I don't use rosie and all that goes with it and just want to keep minimal required framework to stay functional. I have looked for a desensed version but haven't found one. I know a few things I can remove like widgets...
  12. NeverSeparate

    Thread To anyone who plays DC Universe

    I have put up some tutorial apps on how to play the different roles. They are basic, but people seem to find them useful. They can be found by searching DC Universe on the play store, NeverSeparateApps. Sent from my ADR6350 using Tapatalk
  13. NeverSeparate

    Thread Launcher question.

    I just have a silly question. Many of the roms have different launchers in place of rosie, or using the aroma installer they give you an option. Usually Nova or Apex, and many people still talk about launcher pro. I use Go Launcher and have for a while now. I have tried those others and several...