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    Thread How to upgrade from rooted Andtoid 9 tab s6 rooted with odin but pc no longer availab

    Ive rooted my SM-T860 using a Windows 7 laptop/Odin and Magisk before the Android 10 update. I no longer have the laptop. Can anyone advise how I update to Android 10 without a PC if its even possible with my Tab rooted. Is Mobile Odin an option? I don't have TWRP installed only stock...
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    Thread SM-T860 Root (up to date instructions)

    Can someone please post upto date instructions to root Galaxy Tab S6, Please not just links to instructions for other devices as its not helping and confusing the crap out of me. I follow the popular link and attempt to download magisk app but that page isn't clear and I don't know what...
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    Thread someone please help me install virtual box on this device.

    I've installed linux, followed all every instruction only to hit a hall, I don't know how to add the repository of virtualbox for arm64... I'm going insane trying :(
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    Thread Dex Mode

    Hi guys, I've had a look through the threads but can't find any on asking the same question. Is it possible to use mode with no Dock etc, I just want to use a mouse that I connect through the charge port, Im able to use the mouse, I want to use it in Dex mode. I have the galaxy s9 SM-G960F...