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    Thread Question Issue: touch is not working properly

    Hi, when notification bar is set as "show", bottom part of screen multi touch does not work properly as seen in thr video. If notification bar is set to "hide" it works. Added screen recording as zip. Please help to solve this issue.
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    Thread Guide: Huawei Rollback and firmware version change guide; Back TO BLN-L21C185

    To get to Andorid 7, I used Firmware finder method as send to updated and flashed "BLN-L21C432B342" Firmware finder send to update method. Most of the updated using from: but it does not have second update package which is needed to flash to...
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    Thread Need- Call recording on Honor 6x EMUI 4.1

    I have BLN-L21 and tried almost all apps for call recording but for some reason they wont work. 1. After searching I believe that Huawei has blocked call recording in some countries. (I purchased in Pakistan). > can I flash another region official stock rom to have this feature on my phone as...
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    Thread [Q] LTE S4 I9505XXUEMK9 - No update 4.4.2

    Hi I bought I9505XXUEMK9 from United Arab Emirates and in this "About" its written united arab emirates with TRA ID. 1) When i try to update i get "latest updates already installed". 2) Why is United Arab Emirates and tra id written in "About". 3) I had a chat with Samsung support online with...
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    Thread 12.0.A.2.245 WiFi still unreliable!

    The update seems to have improved WiFi but range and sudden disconnects are still an annoying fact! Any solution?
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    Thread [Q] only 4 mins video on hardware mode

    When I am playing movies of length greater than 4 mins the videos does go on after 4 mins on any player like mx player or stock but I am not able to pause it and resume from the position longer than 4 mins. The player always starts from end of 4 mins. It's not exactly 4 mins. I tried a lot of...
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    Thread [Q] Wifi Issue! Need solution

    Need solution for wifi range in xperia sp...