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  1. lhayati

    Thread Flyme now officially available!

    Finally on the same version as the chinese rom [CHANGELOG] [System] Added the function of sliding up the floating call notification to mute the call; Optimized the brightness adjustment; Optimized system translations [Communications]...
  2. lhayati

    Thread Flyme OS beta available! (Pro 5)

    The beta version just got released a few hours ago here: (use google translate to translate the page and click from stable version to trial version). Not sure what languages this contains but i’ll install it soon and update you
  3. lhayati

    Thread [Q] Oppo Find 7/7a Stock Earphones Opinions?

    Hey, I normally just look past the earphones that are shipped with phones, since they're usually quite cheaply made and sound unimpressive. I was without my main earphones today, so I decided to try them out. To my surprise the build quality is excellent and even more surprisingly they sounded...
  4. lhayati

    Thread New Official MIUI v4 GSM Thread

    Hey, This rom is based on android version 4.0.3 (ICS) and is very fast and stable :D Download: Changelog: Latest Firmware: (ALPHA) MIUI Jellybean ROM...
  5. lhayati

    Thread [Video] Google Nexus 7 Multiple Benchmarks

    Hey, I just got my Nexus 7 today and decided to download all the benchmark applications I could and decided to run them on video :) 8qlwvItzH-c?hd=1 Here are the benchmark results: Linpack (single threaded): 46.497 Linkpack (multi threaded): 68.815 CF-Bench: 11782 Quadrant Standard: 3724...
  6. lhayati

    Thread Google Play UK Order Info

    Hey, I wanted more information on the Google Play UK orders, as Ebuyer orders have already shipped / arrived (and they had free shipping :/). The Google rep told me that all orders will be shipped by Monday (if not already) and will arrive by Thursday latest. Just thought I would share this...
  7. lhayati

    Thread [INDEX] *NEW* HTC Evo 3D GSM Development *FULL LIST* [24/05/12]

    I'm carrying on this thread from 'stiffmast3r' as he has moved on to the One X, so please thank him on the original thread as he updated it daily it for over 4 months :) Oh and you can also give me a thanks :D @Developers, please start putting DATE in the TOPIC! Its easier to track :) If...
  8. lhayati

    Thread Is Boot Manager Pro Worth It?

    Hi, I always like to experiment with new roms, but it's some what of a pain having to create a recovery backup, wipe the data, flash the new rom, test it out, wipe the data again and restore from backup. Recently i've seen an APP known as Boot Manager Pro...
  9. lhayati

    Thread How Much Battery Life Does Overcloking Drain?

    Hey, I'm just curious how overclocking to 1.51ghz effects battery life (over 1.18ghz). I'm currently running LeeDroid with Anryl 10.07 (great for battery life), but i'm wondering if I want the extra horsepower how will this affects battery life with just normal day to day activity. e.g. web...
  10. lhayati

    Thread Cheapo 1600mah Battery or Anker?

    Hey, I made a thread yesterday about the possibility of me getting a 3500mah extended battery. But there were lots of mixed reviews (mostly about ebay batteries not being the mAh advertised). Now i'm thinking should I get one of those extremely cheap 1600mAh batteries £2.99 (like this one...
  11. lhayati

    Thread Is This Cheap Battery Any Good?

    Hey, I was trawling the internet for some cheap extended batteries. (my only other experience with them was the official HTC one for the HD2). I heard someone saying that there is a good 3500mah one going on Amazon for £11. I'm presuming he meant this as it is the first result...
  12. lhayati

    Thread What Has The Bigger Impact On Battery Life?

    Hey, I'm just curious about what impacts battery life more the Rom you use or the Kernel. I constantly hear people asking 'what's the best Rom for battery life?' I've recently switched from LeeDroid's Kernel to Anryl's because of the HUGE decrease in battery consumption. Should I also switch...
  13. lhayati

    Thread What Has The Bigger Impact On Battery Life?

    Ahh delete this please, I put it in the wrong section.
  14. lhayati

    Thread Stock vs Anryl Kernel

    Hey, I'm currently using King Cobra v2.1 and it lets you select between kernels in the installation process. I'm one for battery life (LeeDroid was killing it). I'm currently using the Stock HTC Kernel, but i've heard the Anryl Kernel is good for battery life too. When I look on Anryl's rom...
  15. lhayati

    Thread HTC Task Manager vs Task Killers

    Hey, I know people always say never use task killers e.g. advanced task killer. But does this include the Official HTC Task Manager? or the ICS task killer? Thanks, Louis
  16. lhayati

    Thread Is There Any Point Of Overclocking?

    Hey fellow XDAers :) I'm currently running LeeDroids awesome GSM Rom, with his Kernel and a lot of others the stock speeds are 384mhz - 1.51ghz (using LagFree governor). I'm just wondering is there any point of having it boosted from 1.18ghz to 1.51ghz or is it just overkill? I can see the...
  17. lhayati

    Thread Warranty With Unlocked Bootloader

    Hi, I'm just wondering what the warranty doesn't cover when the bootloader is unlocked. On the HTC-Dev website it states: 'It is our responsibility to caution you that not all claims resulting or caused by or from the unlocking of the bootloader may be covered under warranty' Does this mean...
  18. lhayati

    Thread EA Games Now Free (Xperia Play Only)

    Hello fellow players, EA have decided to make their 4 games free for the Xperia Play. The games are: Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Dead Space and Battlefield Bad Company 2 Have fun :)
  19. lhayati

    Thread Root Official Desire HD 2.3.3?

    Is it possible to root the official Desire HD OTA build?
  20. lhayati

    Thread Restore to stock rom?

    Hey, If I restore to the stock rom that is in the downgrade guide 'stock 1.32'. Will this mean I can get the official update as my phones is able to upgrade to 2.3.3 *UPDATE* Tried it and it works :D
  21. lhayati

    Thread 1 week old HD2 for sale

    Selling 1-2 week old HD2 (EU) It's in mint condition. Not even a single scratch or mark. I'ts has had a mirror shield screen protector fitted and has always been used with a protective case from day one. Selling it as it's just too big from me as my last phone was the wildfire. Wanted to sell...
  22. lhayati

    Thread Accessories for sale

    I'm selling my HTC HD2 soon, but still have some accessories left over. I've got a durable clear case, official HTC stylus, official HTC extended battery and another case that fits the extended battery. They are all in really good condition.
  23. lhayati

    Thread Orange UK HD2 SPL Downgrade?

    I have an locked Orange UK HTC HD2 with SPL-3.03 As Orange have only recently acquired the phone and this is the oldest firmware. Is it possible to downgrade the spl to 1.66?
  24. lhayati

    Thread Android NAND Noobs Guide?

    Hey, I've know my way around android and am quite familiar with clockwork mod. But just switched to the HTC HD2 and need a noobs guide to installing MAGLDR and Android NAND Roms. Thanks in advance, Louis