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  1. yankees2450

    Thread need help with mobile android and IOS apps.

    hi, don't know where to post this. i'm looking for experience developers to help me with my startup company. i have 4 apps at the stores that require updates. 2 (apple) app store and 2 (google) play store, i own all the source codes. please, let me know if you or someone are interested. we can...
  2. yankees2450

    Thread (RECOVERY) Theme TWRP 2/16/2016 All Variants

    Credit: Flyhalf205 for his amazing recovery. z31s1g for his amazing TWRP theme Change Log: -Theme TWRP 2/16/2016 -Made a to flash/bootloader. add...
  3. yankees2450

    Thread (ROM) YM3 MIUI 7 Sprint/International/Verizon (2016/02/23)

    Credits: big thanks to sss0117 and Meshel to help us with the Port. About MIUI Sources MIUI Patchrom: HTC Stock GPE Source: Tutorial: How to properly post a bug...
  4. yankees2450

    Thread (ROM) Mokee_5.1.1_sprint-2015-12-25

    Credits: thanks to MoKee OpenSource Project thanks to Flyhalf205 for SPRINT TWRP touch recovery Note #1: if anybody want to take this ROM and ported over, just do it this is only for sprint users for now. Note #2: I will NOT be held responsible if something...
  5. yankees2450

    Thread (ROM) Y8 Sense 7 (5.0.2) (1.40.709.8) Sprint/Verizon/International (2016-03-05)

  6. yankees2450

    Thread (ROM) Sense_5.0_4.3-Y20 (With Beats Audio) 2014.06.22

    (ROM) Sense 5 (4.1.2 Y14 Aroma) RUU 4.13.651.4 Custom framework-res.apk png bootanimation for Sense 5 (4.3) & 4.1.2...
  7. yankees2450

    Thread sense x for blackstone

    dudes I just love sense builds can't wait:D:D
  8. yankees2450

    Thread breakthrough???

    I been following tiad8 for a few weeks now. but this from tiad8's site you guys will have 5 fives. 1-SDCardSpeedFixDefault128KB 2-SDCardSpeedFix2048KB 3-SDCardSpeedFix2048KB 4-SDCardSpeedFix4096KB 5-SDCardSpeedFix1024KB just try this files one at a...
  9. yankees2450

    Thread build (blazn 2.2.2)

    tiad8 just released blazn 2.2.2 very smooth. OMG VERY STABLE:D:D the best build for my blackstone. check it out
  10. yankees2450

    Thread CyanogenMod 7 FOR BLACKSTONE (build)

    dudes look at this CyanogenMod 7 FOR BLACKSTONE
  11. yankees2450

    Thread (build) SENSE HERO AND NAND

    i been following tiad8's work here looks like sense is coming to blackstone:D:D:D me and my girl. love sense:p edit: tiad8 just release another video :D:D:D sorry can't wait tiad8 just release...