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  1. xanlimit

    Post [SODP][ROM][AOSP] SonyAOSP 13 [Alpha]

    Short answer: No as long your bootloader is locked. Long answer: You won't be able to flash any rom without unlocking the bootloader. I come from sov39 as well, docomo phone bootloader can't be unlock through normal way. I gave up struggling to find ways to unlock it and pay for unlock tools to...
  2. xanlimit

    Post [ROM][12.1][OFFICIAL][LMI] crDroid v8.9 [13.09.2022]

    There's this weird gap between status bar and application, but this gap is filled perfectly in lockscreen and quick setting panels. Any ways to fix this?
  3. xanlimit

    Post [EOL][SODP][ROM][AOSP][XZ2, XZ2C, XZ3] SonyAOSP 11 [BETA]

    Can't seem to find any related replies on japan model. Does this rom works on japan model? The SOV- something model number. (Before I make a mess out of it) (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤