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    Post Patched Odin 3.13.1

    Thanks for the reply. Just want to make sure I'm doing this right. My device is a s21 ultra G998U with CSC TMB. All I need to do is take the G998U1 full firmware with CSC XAA(of course same bit version), flash everything through your patched odin, then it should work. Right? No bootloader...
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    Post Patched Odin 3.13.1

    Did you flash it successfully and carrier bloats got removed? I'm considering doing the same thing on my s21.
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    Post [Guide][GSI][12] GSI Install Guide for ROG Phone zs600kl

    First of all, since the system partition on this phone is designed for android 8/9, it didn't leave much spare space. So a lot of highly modified gsi is too big for the phone. If you wish to flash them, you'll need to follow along this guide to resize partitions (tested and work). As for the...
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    Post How To Guide [AOSP][GSI][12] GSI Guide + Fixes for S21 Series (Exynos)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy this phone and flash gsi. But I want to make sure, do bluetooth audio and bluetooth in call both work?
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    Post [ROM][12.1][grus] LineageOS 19 for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE [UNOFFICIAL] I didn't try it though. I eventually take kyasu's tree and build a crDroid with the options built in it.
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    Post [ROM][12.1][grus] LineageOS 19 for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE [UNOFFICIAL]

    Can you share the Mod or the link to that thread? Thanks a lot. edit: Found it. Thanks for the info.
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    Thanks for the great work. Is there any plan to support for newer android versions? Really hoping to see android 12/12.1 on this snapdragon variant but no one makes it, and I don't have the ability and knowledge to bake it too...
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    Post [GUIDE] Fix Bluetooth Audio & aptX & Bluetooth in call in GSI ROM

    The information you give is not enough for me to solve your problem. However always make sure you have permissions when modifying those system partitions.
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    Post Still no custom roms or kernels for this device?

    Wrote a guide recently about installing gsi(Project Treble) on it. Hope this will help if anyone looking to install it!
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    Thread [Guide][GSI][12] GSI Install Guide for ROG Phone zs600kl

    Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
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    Thread [GUIDE] Fix Bluetooth Audio & aptX & Bluetooth in call in GSI ROM

    Tested on 2 Qualcomm devices with phh android 12 based gsi. For now, I can't enable A2DP and fix Bluetooth in call at the same time. Feel free to tell me if you find a way. ------------------------------------------------ This guide provide workarounds for many Bluetooth problems, such as: 1...
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    Post [GUIDE] Fix Bluetooth Audio A2DP & aptX in any GSI ROM

    It can be done with root or in TWRP. But now most phones have aptx-aptXHD support in original firmware, so there's a high possibility you don't need this step. By the way, it is not worth it to fix A2DP though, cause for now it's almost not possible (at lease I didn't solution) to fix bluetooth...
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    Post [GSI][BETA][12.1][PHH] CorvusOS vS3.2 Vindicate

    Flashed the 3.0 version last night on my Samsung note 10 Snapdragon. Everything seems to work fine. However the icon shape is a bit buggy. It won't apply a white border to unsupported apps like before, it'll just give up modify it so now many icons are in different shape...... Edit: I did a...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][12][Note10/+/+5G] crDroid [AOSP][ENCRYPTION]

    Use the latest modded recovery from PixelExtended instead. I believe they have disabled the check. BTW, if your device is not encrypted after install, switch back to LineageOS recovery and do a factory reset.
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    Post Still no custom roms or kernels for this device?

    You can try Project Treble if you don't have the ability to build a rom yourself. I have successfully installed Android 12 based LineageOS and CorvusOS on my zs600kl using Treble, and it seems to work find. Noted that I just do it for fun cause it's not my daily drive now, any bugs would be...