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    Thread Question Anyone pass cts and gpay woring with OxygenOS 12.1 A.15 rooted?

    Hi I am rooting my oneplus 10 pro and success but try everything include safetynet-fix-integrity,Shamiko,MagiskHidePropsConf-master still can't pass cts and google pay always warning Is there anyone pass cts and google pay working after rooted? thanks for reading!
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    Thread Question Any international rom for Mi Pad5 pro 5G Chinese version and Netflix issue

    As title I bought mi pad 5 pro 5G from China come with original color OS,trying to unlock and root,everything looks good except Netflix doesn't showup in google play. If i install thirtd part Netflix app,no working at all,any solution? thanks
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    Thread Question How to activate Google Pay when flash to OxygenOS

    Thanks to thread I was successful flashing OP 9RT (Bough from China which come with color OS)to OxygenOS A.07 through fastboot and unlock it, Root it Everything looks good but...
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    Thread Redmi K20 Pro keep bootloops after add Smali Patcher module to Magisk

    Need using Fake Location APP Redmi K20pro MIUI 12.6 Vision 21.6.9 Developer Rom Android Vision 11 RKQ1.200826.002 Magisk v23.0 Smali Patcher tick option Mock Location Signature Spoofing After add module to magisk,Restart Bootlooping Any solution? Thanks