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    Thread Display is getting off/on

    Hi there I've got some trouble with a G5. The display is getting off/on on itselfs. Sometimes the display is getting so much dark that I nearly can't see the items. But it doesn't response on the power button. A couple of seconds it turns on... The problem was there with LOS16 and is still...
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    Thread Autoboot in TWRP which doesnt response

    Hi there, I'm in trouble with my Poco. I wanted to reboot directly in recovery but TWRP doesn't response. And I didn't mean the touch delay. I can wait for an hour and nothing happens. I already tried to erase the recovery and using other versions - nothing worked. My software: TWRP
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    Thread Fuzzy Cam

    Hi there, I tried to clean my rear cam a couple of times with differentent cleaner (glass cleaner, isopropanol, breath and microfiber cloth). But I have still this fuzzy cam... The first picture is from an old HTC One X This one from my Nexus. Got anybody an idea how I can get the...
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    Thread Both cams failure

    Hi there, I got a problem with my Nexus 5 32GB (D821). Frist the rear cam failured, now the frontcam failured. I tried another rear cam modul, doesnt work. I tested the cam modul with another nexus - it works. I tried the cam modul of the first one - it works. So the cam modules are fine. I...