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    Post [ROM][Pie][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 [unified 3/3t]

    Yep that worked thanks. NFC back on as normal. :good: Still don't know why my other custom zip didn't flash. might have something to do with twrp being updated to 3.3.1. Not a big issue and unlikely ROM related anyway. Had to move and delete some system files manually :rolleyes:
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    Post [ROM][Pie][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 [unified 3/3t]

    Yep, Franco R45 I have a habit of flashing this and my own custom zip to remove some system apps immediately after ROM flash, never seemed to do any harm. Will try to reflash the rom to uninstall the kernel, see if that makes any difference. Thanks Also noticed that my custom zip does not work...
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    Post [ROM][Pie][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 [unified 3/3t]

    Hi all, Updated to the latest 9th July ROM with modified bootloader, everything pretty much working as usual One strange thing I've just come across: my NFC will not turn on, even after trying to manually switch it on several times, it never actually turns on. As a result, things like Google...
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    Post Can I lower the screen brightness for the Oneplus 3?

    What did not work with elementalx? Did you install the kernel correctly and enable the backlight dimmer option? Works for me
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    Post Oneplus 3 or note 5?

    Make up your own mind...posting this in the op3 forums is mostly pointless... We know nothing about how you use your phone or what you look for in the 'best' phone
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    This depends entirely on your usage. Test with both and compare, see if there is actually any noticeable difference Work out what is using the battery.......
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    Can also confirm that small lockscreen blur bug had been fixed on latest build [emoji3] No, ROM comes with a cm kernel built in You can flash the cm version of elementalx kernel after you flash RR if you want to There is no best. Flash and compare for your usage
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    Settings - Configurations - Button Controller - Home Button
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    Post Charging habits

    Here's a good summary table. OP3 and most modern phones use a lithium ion battery
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    Yes it does Settings - Configuration - Button Controller I know it's not exactly the same thing, but it's possible to configure "last app" via long press of hardware key in same menu as above
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    Many thanks for understanding the difference, comparing to cm and explaining it as well. This is exactly what myself and others have repeated several times. There are some in compete denial that this is even a bug...albeit a small one Setting a custom lockscreen wallpaper is not the same...
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    I can certainly live with it, the issue is that a feature on the previous build has been taken away Previously there were 3 lockscreen options: 1. Lockscreen wallpaper and homescreen wallpaper are the same 2. Lockscreen blur 3. Custom lockscreen wallpaper Myself and others have noted on the...
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    Yes I get this, but the user should not have to Setting a custom lockscreen wallpaper is only a workaround to avoid seeing cm blur With the previous build, you did not have to do this. I.e. with custom lockscreen wallpaper and blur both set to OFF, the default behaviour should be the same...
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    It is still a bug, albeit a very minor one. This is my setup: - no lockscreen blur - no custom lockscreen wallpaper With these settings on the previous build, the lockscreen wallpaper was the same as the homescreen wallpaper, which is what myself and others have noted. On the current build...
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    A few users including myself have reported the lockscreen blur bug Not sure if it has been addressed in next update. I'm looking forward to it tho, esp the strange clock sync bug being fixed
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    Some further reading on the subject: TL;DR It's real, but you're very likely already protected. Same rules...
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    Post 3.2.2 battery draining fast

    It is almost impossible to determine what is using your battery based on virtually zero information... ;) In almost all battery draining cases, it is down to an app or wakelock. You have to work out what it is, and troubleshoot. Repeat this process for all future phone / rom / kernel...
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    Based on the laws of logic and physics: you need to figure out what is using your battery......;) It is impossible to troubleshoot based on zero information... :confused:
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    Strange, I don't have whatsapp push notification problem any more. One other thing to try, backup your whatsapp messages manually then reinstall whatsapp. Any difference? I still have the clock sync issue, suspect it may be the aggressive doze too. Taker18 Naman Bhalla Any word on the clock...
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    After reading last few pages I am experiencing similar two bugs with 5.7.2: - Clock not updating in status bar I highlighted this yesterday, thought it went away but is still persistent. The clock can occasionally refresh, but don't know what causes it. I am also running UCCW widget on...
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    Post [MOD] [UPDATE] OxygenOS cleaner [V2.5] [OOS4] [ZIP]

    Many thanks for this dr_root Modified the script and tested with official TWRP and Resurrection Remix ROM without issue :good:
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    Hi all, first custom ROM on my OP3 and am overall really impressed. I have this issue too, though was a dirty flash over sunsettrack4's 31st build. I can 'refresh' the clock by toggling its position from centre to right and back again, but then it gets stuck at the same time again. I use...
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    Post Black screen after the HTC Logo

    Have you tried the troubleshooting guide stickied to the top of Q&A? If you don't have any crucial data on the phone, I would try and find the 2.3.3 WWE RUU to flash, research the method.
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    Post [HELP] Signal Issue

    - You have tested the SIM successfully in another phone, therefore it is not a SIM or network problem. - If you are running completely stock locked bootloader, no modifications etc, then this is very likely a hardware, not software issue. You can try flashing different radios, but I doubt this...
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    Post Nexus 5 battery drain - new battery, new ROM, still persists

    As stated above, read and post in the battery life troubleshooting thread stickied to the top of Q&A. They will help logically diagnose what is using your battery.
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    Post Nexus 5 deep sleep problem

    I think it's too much of a coincidence that this occurred immediately after you opened the phone up. Based on this, I believe you may not have reassembled the phone exactly the way it was, some connection slightly loose. I'd open it up and take another look, follow a few youtube guides and compare.
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    Post Nexus 5 battery drain - new battery, new ROM, still persists

    Read and post in the battery life troubleshooting thread stickied to the top of this forum, it will help logically determine what is using your battery. You have a lot running at once, so difficult at the moment to solve your issue. It's better to turn things on/off one by one to make logical...
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    Post Help! My battery life only 1 hour and 30 minutes

    I recommend you read and post in the battery life thread, it's there for this exact reason: to help logically diagnose your issue. - If it is a software issue (which is 99% of the time), then you can pinpoint your bad app(s), as you have started to above e.g. Puffin... Best is to uninstall it...
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    Post Nexus 5 won't connect to wifi

    If you satisfy the following: - the phone doesn't connect to any WiFi network on full stock unmodified software - other devices connect to the same WiFi networks without issue (sanity check :) ) Then almost certainly a hardware issue with the phone. No amount of modding or flashing is likely to...
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    Post Battery life on nexus 5 marshmallow

    So the above replies basically prove my point. How are they really useful for you? - "Somewhat light user. 2:30SoT at most." Exactly how does this user define "somewhat light" usage...and how does that even compare to how you use your phone... - "4 hours + sot mainly and recently i have been...
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    Post Battery life on nexus 5 marshmallow

    This question is very difficult to answer, because everyone's usage is different. If everyone replied, you would get very confusing answers saying how good / bad / the same battery life is compared to some other unknown benchmark. The answers would largely be useless because we don't know what...
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    Post Please post your battery consumption

    Vivek_Vivek There is no 'normal rate', because it depends on how your device is set up. More information is required such as: - What accounts / apps are syncing (if any) - Strength of WiFi connection - Comparative idle drain when WiFi and mobile data are both switched off Even then, everyone...
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    Post N5 Terrible Reception

    DaaT Don't go flashing radios just yet, won't necessarily make any difference. When doing the comparison testing, best to use a signal measurement app, or view the strength in dBm in the 'about phone' section. Signal 'bars' aren't really a standard measurement. If the N5 consistently gets...
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    Post N5 Terrible Reception

    Indoors will be limited by the laws of physics, same for any network ;) Though there are simple logic tests to narrow down the issue further: - Anyone else on the same network around you with same reception issues? - Tried your SIM in another unlocked phone? - And a different SIM in the N5?
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    Post WiFi plaguing Android Marshmallow

    All, please check whether it is actually drain or merely incorrect reporting of battery statistics. Symptoms seem similar to this thread Remember battery 'drain' is where the level is falling at an abnormally fast rate. If WiFi is merely appearing at the top of the stats, but your battery life...
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    Post Newer ROMs hang at splash screen

    itm That 6.93.1002 only shows that the phone is S-OFF (bootloader unlocked), was previously That HBOOT you flashed should be compatible with that ROM (Kitkang) Only thing different is that it in the OP recommends using 4EXT Recovery Touch for installation, have you tried this?
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    Post [Bug?] WiFi battery drain on 6.0 & 6.0.1 and workaround (Fixed since April MOB30D)

    You're still missing the point slightly Actual battery 'drain' is when your battery is decreasing at an abnormally fast rate. Yours is not draining, it's better than what it was before. Just because the screenshot shows WiFi at the top, does not confirm any drain. The battery stats may be...
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    Post Is good to buy Nexus 5 in 2015?

    1. Never really been a laggy phone. It's a Nexus. 2. Depends on what you're looking for from a phone. What are your priorities e.g screen size / software / camera / weight / durability? I'd recommend at least going to a shop if possible or find a friend with one and play around with it for a...
  39. eddiehk6

    Post Nexus 5 WIFI issue

    Do other devices still connect to the same WiFi network? Rebooted the router? As above, also forget the network and re-enter the password. For completeness, test the Nexus on different WiFi networks as well. Very last resort should be factory reset if you can't get it to connect. If it...
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    Post [Bug?] WiFi battery drain on 6.0 & 6.0.1 and workaround (Fixed since April MOB30D)

    jineshpatel30 I'd be careful about your thread title before you actually confirm anything properly, you said in the OP that your battery life is actually better than it was before, is this still the case? I'm suspicious that the bug is actually in the reporting of the battery statistics...
  41. eddiehk6

    Post [Bug?] WiFi battery drain on 6.0 & 6.0.1 and workaround (Fixed since April MOB30D)

    No idea then. I've never used M, just expected that same setting to still be there. Maybe it's buried / hidden somewhere else? The other possibility, in the initial setup screens when you first set up the phone, did you enable the equivalent feature? Normally a check box saying that Google will...
  42. eddiehk6

    Post [Bug?] WiFi battery drain on 6.0 & 6.0.1 and workaround (Fixed since April MOB30D)

    Does seem quite high, even though you're getting better battery than previously. During 'normal usage' of the device, Screen ON should always be the biggest consumer. A few things you could check / confirm and be more thorough / logical: - Your WiFi appears always on. During this time, is it...
  43. eddiehk6

    Post My Nexus 5 seems to have short battery life...

    Read then post in the Battery Life Troubleshooting thread, that's what it's for ;) You need to work out logically what is using your battery first, very likely a certain wakelock or mod keeping your phone awake. Only after you have determined that it is not a software related issue can you...
  44. eddiehk6

    Post [Q] Stuck on HTC Boot Screen

    When using that recovery, press the middle button to select options not the power button. If you are s-off, I recommend you flash 4EXT recovery touch via fastboot, it's better overall. Use bortak's troubleshooting guide stickied to the top of q&a to get it booting again. You may simply need...
  45. eddiehk6

    Post Phone not charging [need help ASAP]

    If the same thing happens with several known working chargers and cables, then likely you have a hardware issue with the phone itself. (On my first Nexus 5, the charging port came slightly loose and would only charge with the cable at a very specific angle. Got it replaced when it was still...
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    Post Who here is still running KK? aka Thinking of finally upgrading to LP

    It's impossible to generalise this statement because our usage and setup is all different. You also have to remember that the internet is for complaining, and you won't hear about or read equivalent posts with little or no issues... My view: take a nandroid backup of your current setup. Full...
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    Post From KitKat to Lollipop

    I recommend this In short, if you are already rooted / unlocked bootloader etc, there is no point in using OTA update.
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    Post looked rom CM7 htc disre

    Odin is for Samsung devices............................ "You search for a guide to setup fastboot on your pc, then flash the recovery.img using fastboot commands"
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    Post HTC Desire stuck in fastboot

    I only did the method once, but found it easiest since it avoids USB or driver issues. -Make sure it's named "" exactly, not "" -Then put it on the root of the SD card, not in any folder -Boot into bootloader (volume down + power), not fastboot. Wait a few...
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    Post HTC Desire stuck in fastboot

    Unfortunately you have the "Radio-V2 Fail PU". Pretty much a radio brick which is the worst kind. You can keep trying to run an RUU (try the 2.3.3 GB RUU, use the method), and it may eventually flash. I've seen the 'freezer trick' (genuinely) on these forums where you put the phone...