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    Post [ROM] LineageOS 18.1 UNOFFICIAL - 2.0 (Update: 2021-01-20)

    I have lineage 16 working. When I flash 17 it tries to start but then reboots to TWRP. I wiped chache but it didn't help. How do people upgrade?
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    Thread Can fingerprint scanner work on all XZ1 ?

    What exactly is the deal with the fingerprint scanner on the XZ1 ? To my understanding the ones being sold in the US have it disabled. Does this mean it can be re-enabled with customization? This website is ( for Canadians but doesn't say anything about fingerprint scanner.
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    Post [XPOSED][AD-BLOCKER] AdBlocker Reborn

    Just installed and opened, it asks for permission to make and manage phone calls. Why is this necessary? Is it safe to allow?
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    Post Lineage stuck on boot loop on startup

    It is still stuck in a boot loop after I cleared cache, dalvic/art and system used twrp's file manager to delete all recently installed apps from /data/app flashed newest lineageos rom clear davilink again waited 15 minutes with phone plugged in When should I wipe cache/dalvik/system? Before...
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    Post Lineage stuck on boot loop on startup

    hmm didn't work, any other ideas?
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    Post Lineage stuck on boot loop on startup mp3 player app will that loose the text messages etc?
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    Thread Lineage stuck on boot loop on startup

    Hi, I have LineageOS 14.1 installed on my Moto G4 Plus. All of a sudden it rebooted and was stuck on the booting screen. I can get to TWRP. Things I tried that didn't help wait 30 minutes plug in phone to charger clear cache fully power off then on If it comes down to it, I could flash a...
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    Thread Which kernels work on Lineageos?

    Which kernels work on Lineageos? I'm interested in flashing vegito but I'm unclear if it works? It says to flash over only stock kernel, which lineageos doesn't have, but would it work if I flash stock kernel of lineageos first, then flash vegito?
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    Post Phone error after lineageos update

    I have TI backup. How exactly should I backup things? Just backup apps to sd then flash rom and restore from sd? So sd card never gets rewritten when flashing a rom?
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    Thread Phone error after lineageos update

    I had been using Lineageos for a long time and updated to the latest version. Now there is frequently an error message "android.process.acore keeps closing" and various things are screwed up, for example the settings menu doesn't expand fully. I tried reflashing the elementalx kernel but this...
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    Thread Camera does save pictures when opened with double twist

    I am using LineageOS and have the option to automatically open the camera app on double twist motion. The problem is, it looks like it works, but the pictures don't save. Everything works fine when I manually open the camera app. I am using the default camera app. How to fix this?
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    Post Phone randomly restarts after LineageOS update

    Does flashing this result in data loss?
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    Thread Phone randomly restarts after LineageOS update

    I just updated to the latest version of LinageOS rom, and now my phone randomly restarts. Any help? I need this for work so it would be great (though I take responsabiltiy as I know this was the risk of using custom ROMs). I'm running LinageOS version 14.1-20170221-MIGHTLY-athene
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    Post [EOL][ROM][7.1.2_r36][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS 14.1 [08 Sep 2019]

    Any update on Xposed framework for LineageOS? I tried flashing the SDK 23 one but got an error saying 25 is needed.
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    Post About further updates

    Anyway to get back the Moto Circle widget?
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    Thread No option to answer call or hang up from call

    I just flashed LineageOS and maybe I didn't install something required in Gapps? When I make a call it works but it just goes to the home screen and there's no option to hangup. Also when I receive an incoming call there is no option to answer it, however on my watch there is and I can actually...
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    Thread Can't enable root for apps on LineageOS

    I installed Lineageos and enabled developers options. I found the option for root access but it can only be granted to adb. How can I enable it for apps too? What the hell is wrong with adding images to this forum now? Never mind, problem fixed...
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    Thread Stable Rom: CM 13, CM 14.1 vs LineageOS

    I currently have stock ROM with TWRP recovery. I would like some more features and used CM 12.1 on other phone. Is CM 13 stable on this phone? I don't understand what it means by "unofficial"? Is CM 14.1 or LineageOS more stable? I am looking for as few bugs as possible.
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    Thread Best method to root and install TWRP on brand new phone

    I red it but can't find it again. I searched hard and these instructions keep coming up. For a new phone what's the best method for root? I saw some really good instructions, I think on December 27, including instructions on how to keep OTA updates enabled after rooting and installing TWRP. I...
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    Thread Can Xprivacy be installed on Cyanogenmod?

    I know CM comes with Privacy Guard, but I like Xprivacy better for the fine grained control. Can Xprivacy be installed on Cyanogenmod? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Xprivacy needs the Xposed framework and this is hard to get installed on custom roms?
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    Post Which versions can have custom ROMs installed?

    Can you share link to your easy root method?
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    Thread Do all versions of this phone have root?

    I had phones before that could not get root because the bootloader could not be unlocked if they were carrier-branded. Is there a chance with the Moto G4 Plus that it could not get root or custom recovery (TWRP)? I am thinking of getting this one but would like to confirm it can get root and CM...
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    Thread Can all versions get root?

    I am planning on buying the OnePlus A2005 US ONEPLUS 2 64G-Unlocked Phone, Sandstone Black off Amazon and was wondering: can all versions get root? Or are there some that can't, for example some boot loaders can't be unlocked? Can all versions have custom recovery installed and new ROMs?
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    Thread Which versions can have custom ROMs installed?

    Can all F8132 get root and have custom ROMs installed? Or just one's with a bootloader that can be unlocked? From what I red a root exploit has been discovered but is very difficult. Is it possible on all phones with unlocked bootloader?
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    Post General Questions before buying

    I asked and they said "it has band 4 to use in Canada, it supports LTE" so it sounds like it does. Is this correct, or did they avoid answering the question? I'm not sure how this stuff works.
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    Thread General Questions before buying

    I'm thinking of buying this phone off (F8132 model) I just wanted to confirm two things: Even though the phone has dual sim, can it still work properly with just one sim card and all the apps will be ok? Can this phone be rooted and have custom recovery installed? Is there a chance...
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    Thread Reviving from Android 2.3.4

    As a backup phone I have my old Xperia Arc LT15i with Android 2.3.4 and would like to use it. I would like to install Google Keep but each time I go to the Play Store it doesn't look right and says no internet. I have root. How can I get a bit more life coming from such an old firmware? I...
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    Post Can all versions of the Galaxy S7 get root?

    Is it possible for US ones to get root?
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    Thread Can all versions of the Galaxy S7 get root?

    Can all versions of this phone get root and custom recovery (like TWRP)? I've had other phones where this was not possible because I happened to have one were bootloader can't be unlocked. Is there a chance I get this phone and it can't be rooted? I'm in Canada.
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    Thread Can all versions get root?

    Just wanted to confirm, can all versions of Pixel XL be rooted and have their boot loader unlocked? I had a bad experience with a phone that could not have it's boot loader unlocked and am wondering if that's a chance with this one?
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    Thread Can all versions of Pixel be rooted?

    Can all versions of Pixel have their bootloader unlocked and be rooted? Or are there some versions that cannot be rooted? In the past I had misfortune with carrier branded phones from Canada that it was impossible to unlock bootloader. It want to confirm this is not the case before gettinga...
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    Post Can every versision of the Galaxy S7 be rooted?

    Thanks so much for reply. So to double check, if I get a carrier branded S7 Edge in Canada I should be able to root it? I had bad experience with other phones like this.
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    Thread Can all versions of Nexus 6P be rooted?

    I know some phone models, have random phones that can't have their bootloaders unlocked. Is this a problem with the Nexus? Can all Nexus' be rooted or is there a chance that it's not possible to do it on some?
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    Thread Can every versision of the Galaxy S7 be rooted?

    In Canada it seems they always have the versions that can't have boot loader unlocked or root. Are there any versions/editions of the S7 (or edge) that cannot be rooted?
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    Thread Is it likely root will be found without unlocked bootloader?

    How likely is it that in the future there will be a way to root this phone for boot loaders that can't be unlocked? No chance?
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    Post Can all versions of Xperia Z5 be rooted?

    Does this apply to the Z5 premium as well?
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    Thread Can all versions be rooted?

    I am buying a used phone and would like to confirm if it can be rooted before purchasing. Can all versions be rooted, or only ones that can have bootloader unlocked? How can I check if bootloader can be unlocked? It seems that all Canadian phones cannot have their bootloader unlocked. UPDATE: I...
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    Thread Is it possible the motherboard is borken?

    I dropped my phone. The screen shattered and was if fingers were touching it all at once. I got the screen replaced, no problem. But then both cameras are not working and display a blank screen. I took it into a shop and they said the cameras appear to be fine. I took it into another shop and...
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    Thread Can all versions of Xperia Z5 be rooted?

    I'm going to buy a used Xperia Z5. To confirm, can ALL VERSIONS be rooted and have a custom recovery (such as TWRP) installed on them? It would be E6653 but not sure which country it is made in or designed for.
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    Thread Can all versions of Xperia Z5 be rooted?

    I'm going to buy a used Xperia Z5. To confirm, can ALL VERSIONS be rooted and have a custom recovery (such as TWRP) installed on them? It would be E6653 but not sure which country it is made in or designed for.
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    Post How to test all hardware after dropping phone

    It says "unable to find the service menu app on this device".
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    Thread How to test all hardware after dropping phone

    I dropped my phone and broke the screen. I got the screen fixed but now find various other problems, such as both cameras and the flash aren't working. Is there a way I can test to see all the damage done? I'm running CM 12.1 and typing in the secrete code in the dialer (like *#*#7378423#*#*)...
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    Thread Dropped phone and now it's broken :(

    My phone fell out of my pocket. I can see a small crack in the screen, but the touch pad is totally screwed up. I turn on the screen and random buttons are pushed. I am planning on taking it into a store that will fix it. Anything I should do in the mean time? Is it likely the store will be able...
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    Thread block google ads in firefox

    I'm running cm 12.1 and have xposed install with miniguard. I still see ads in firefox. Also I have adaway installed. Ads only show in firefox, not other apps.
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    Thread Remove system apps (gapps / capps)

    I have 3 apps called "calendar" that do the same thing. com.boxer.calendar none appear in apps. How can these be removed (or at least hidden from the apps drawer)? I never even use Boxer. I'm running CM 12.1
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    Thread How to copy TWRP Nandroid backup onto PC?

    I made TWRP to make a nandroid backup. In past I copied files to pc, but when I tried to restore it failed. I red that it's not as simple, as permissions etc need to be copied, and you need to use adb. I couldn't get it to work. I rebooted to twrp, connected usb cable and in elevated command...
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    Post Can Titaniumbackup work on CM

    I know how to change location, but where is method for Android 5.0+?
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    Thread Can Titaniumbackup work on CM

    Whenever I start titanium backup it says it might night work properly without SuperSU. Cyangoenmod comes with it's own root manager that's not SuperSU and it can't be turned off. Backups fail in Titaniumbackup and they say there's not enough space (which isn't true). Can this be fixed? Do other...
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    Thread Backing up text messages (sms/mms) and call log and wi-fi

    please delete