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    Thread General Variants of the 10 Pro, Clearing up some confusion.

    There have been some confusing discussions all over the internet from this forum to OnePlus' forum on what ROM and hardware variant is used where. The simple answer is that Oneplus uses different hardware for different regions and the ROM is not necessarily tied to the hardware. OnePlus is using...
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    Thread What's the correct way of rooting stock Android 12?

    So I had done an OTA update from rooted a11 to a12 and told magisk to reinstall after OTA. Everything was fine, I had a12 rooted and all my apps requiring root worked. I even thought that OnePlus had disabled the unlocked bootloader message too. Fo a month I felt like I had the perfect setup...
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    Thread Something went horribly wrong...

    So I woke up this morning to a OnePlus updater notification saying that there was an update, but when I looked at the update it said i was up to date with the April Security patch. Thinking that OOS12 did some auto update thing I went to go update Magisk via OTA update. Well I then also saw...
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    Thread General T-Mobile (SM-A326U) unlocking rules/terms.

    I like rooting my devices as I like having control over them and what they do. The Galaxy A32 5G is no exception so I was disappointed to see that the OEM Unlocking was not even shown in the Developer menu. I did a little research and basically if you got this phone through the 5g Trade-Up...
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    Thread General Variants

    SM-A326B Saudi Arabia SM-A326B/DS Saudi Arabia/ Dual SIM SM-A326BR Hong Kong SM-A326BR/DS Hong Kong / Dual SIM SM-A326U T-Mobile (US), Sprint, MetroPCS, Cricket SM-A326U1 US Unlocked SM-A326W Canada
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    Thread General Software Info from T-Mobile US version

    I'm not sure if Samsung has made a special model revision for T-Mobile, but here's the software information for an un-updated A32 5G: Model Name Galaxy A32 5G Model Number AM-A326U FCC Certification A3LSMA326U One UI 3.1 Android Version 11 Google Play System Update January 1...
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    Thread General TMO US is "giving away" this phone.

    T-Mobile US is running a promotion where you get this phone for "free" when you attach it to a line after trading in an old phone. The gotchas are: The phone you are trading in must: Not be stolen/locked Not have a Cracked Screen Not have water damage Have a valid IMEI For ESN/MEID phones...
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    Thread stuck in fastboot

    So I cross flashed (LGUP Partition DL) F800 Pie to a US996 and it was working fine except I no longer had cell service. So I flashed(QFIL to get a good download mode, then LGUP Partition DL) back to US99620f and now I'm stuck in fastboot mode. I have a feeling that the F800 flash redid the...
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    Thread Magisk 20.2 Kills LG V20 (All variants) Boot partition. Reverting to 20.1 fixes issue

    So over in the LG V20 forum a lot of people are finding out that installing Magisk 20.2 throws the phone into Fastboot mode.
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    Thread Android 9 MR2 images are released on Razer's dev site

    Ive been waiting for these to update my RP2