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  1. Mikanoshi

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][3.2.1] CustoMIUIzer - Customize your MIUI ROM

    CustoMIUIzer by Mikanoshi Created 12.03.2019 Last Updated 06.03.2022 What is CustoMIUIzer? CustoMIUIzer module contains a variety of mods that will provide additional functionality for your MIUI device. You have to have (Ed)Xposed Framework installed to use these mods. For more info about...
  2. Mikanoshi

    Thread YourTube+

    YourTube+ Version 12.23.60 Module version matches the YouTube app version it was tested on. Probability that it will work with any other version is close to zero. Xposed module for various customizations of the official YouTube app: Change default opened pane when app starts...
  3. Mikanoshi

    Thread [Q] startActivity

    Trying to disable incoming call activity launch. Its class is Launched like this: PhoneGlobals phoneglobals; phoneglobals.startActivity(PhoneGlobals.createInCallIntent()); public class PhoneGlobals extends ContextThemeWrapper { ... public static Intent...
  4. Mikanoshi

    Thread [PROBLEM] Server classes and resource hooks* I know that these classes have to be hooked in handleLoadPackage for lpparam.packageName == "android", but sometimes there are several processes ("system:ui" for example) that contain this package and hooks fail even from handleLoadPackage. Now I'm using this code, is it...
  5. Mikanoshi

    Thread Put Settings from hook

    Hook is in PhoneWindowManager class, I need to put a value to Settings.System. ContentResolver from the available mContext variable is used. I get the following: InvocationTargetError: java.lang.SecurityException: Package android does not belong to 10036 10036 is UID of my module.
  6. Mikanoshi

    Thread [MOD][May 19] ICE CAVE 11.0 [4.2.2-5.0.2]

    ICE CAVE 11.0 Why such name you might ask? Nothing special, just an acronym of a modest description for this mod: Intelligent Concept of Excellence Complex Audible and Visual Enhancements ICE CAVE incorporates different enhancements for your HTC One's media functions. It uses...