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    Thread Car wireless charger with Fast Charge Support

    Does anyone have managed to find any car wireless charger with Fast wireless charging support? Have bought 15w one on Ali, plug it to charger that shows super charging support when plugged directly to phone, but still getting no sign on fast wireless charge. Seen it only once on Huawei wireless...
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    Thread Multi-language keyboard with leanback support

    Anyone have any ideas about multilanguage keyboard? Need cyrillics badly, noting works so far....
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    Thread [Feature request] Playing now card for Android Tv

    Android tv has a nice feature "Playing now" card Discribed here: This is very much convienient to return to film you are watching now Please add this functionality.
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    Thread {Feature requests} Allow to assign volume keys on up/down physical buttons.

    On the nexus player remote there are not a lot of keys . Would appreciate the possibility to control volume on up/down keys of the remote (now - controls brightness, that is not needed for tv)
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    Thread [Q] Defaults settings are broken on NP?

    Seems like "Use always" option do not work on NP... Just reinstalled the system from a scratch and the bug still there. F.E. using Mizuu (or any other app) trying to select MX player as the dafault player, but fails - it continue asking all the time. Is it only me or it is known bug? Any workout...
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    Thread [CLOSED] IPTV app

    Just received notice from the deleloper that LazyIPTV was approved for NP market. Do not shown in carousel, but can be found by searching IPTV or from web: Can work with most channel lists, f.e. m3u Do not support native NP...
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    Thread [Q] Changing screen size on NP

    Do face that many apps goes beyong tv screen size, faceing the control tabs are shown not in full range. In xbmc can change it manully, but maybe this can be somehow changed/configured? Or each app developer have to add this functionaly to his app? The example are in attachment
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    Thread Multilingual support on np

    As you could have seen,np have only 6 languages available. But find out that other languages are just hidden: was able to set Russian ad the default language with the help of morelocale2 and adb set permissions. Everything works fine, but the internal search in youtube and Google music.the same...
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    Thread How to get 5.1 audio from Nexus Player

    Hello everyone I have Nexus Player, Tv, And Denon 1508 audio receiver For now I have such seturp- the HDMI from Nexus goes to tv, and then with 2 cords goes to receiver Is there any way to get 5 chanel audio out of hdmi? Maybe some splitter to get sound out of hdmi to optical / coaxial inputs...
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    Thread [Q]Difference beetween XT925 and XT926

    As we all know, there are 2 versions of Razr Hd (and hope soon MAXX as well) phone XT925 that is made for Verison XT926 that is made for all other world The main difference is LTE : 925: 4G Network LTE 800 / 1800 / 2600 LTE 700 / 800 / 1700 / 1800 / 2600 926: 4G Network LTE 700 MHz Class 13...
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    Thread [APP] Dialer One- Multiple languages T9 dialer esp. for 2.0&2.1 roms

    Glad to announce release version of Dialer One - multilingual T9 dialer application. Support contact selection from the address books in following languages: EN, RU, DE, HE, RO, PO, CZ, SE, GR, FR, UA, CN. Localizations so far: English,Russian, Ukrainian Speed dial ! Also have extended call...