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  1. Naudiz

    Thread Mission Impossible? Looking for an "xda-friendly" Android-Tablet in 2018

    Well, my good old Nexus 7 2013 seems to finally die on me after almost 5 years and it will surely be missed :( Now I'm looking for a qualified replacement, which seems to be hard if not impossible. The Android-Tablet market seems close to death and the developer-scene doesn't give it much love...
  2. Naudiz

    Thread How to make a Magisk module replace a certain string inside a system-file?

    Hi there! I am searching for an easy way to make a Magisk module that can do the following: Look for file /system/<whatever> Look inside this file for a string, e.g. value = 0 Replace this string with value = 1 Systemlessly replace the modified file. I'm pretty sure this should be possible...
  3. Naudiz

    Thread [Q] How to use public (open) WiFi everywhere EXCEPT at home?

    Dear community, please help me. I'm going insane over this issue... In my town there are several free & open WiFi spots to which you can connect without password. My problem is that this free WiFi is also within reach from my apartment and I want to make my phone & tablet to prefer my domestic...