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  9. Sabuai

    Post Optimized LineageOS19.1 v7.0 [25Aug]

    Hello I have Japanese version Galaxy S4 (SC-04E,jfltedcm). My model was not in the list of supported devices, but I installed it and it works!! I will note here the confirmed glitches, etc. ・Camera is not work ・Japanese-only features such as Felica and TV are not available.(This occurs in other...
  10. T

    Thread PIT file for SC-04E

    I have a SC04E (Japanese NTT Docomo Galaxy S4) and I failed to flash Cyanogenmod and bricked my phone. When I try to put the original ROM from, I get this error on Odin: <ID:0/004> Added!! <ID:0/004> Odin v.3 engine (ID:4).. <ID:0/004> File analysis.. <ID:0/004> Enter CS for MD5...
  11. M

    Thread Need samsung s4 Sc-04e root guide

    Hi there, recently i've updated my Sc-o4e to lollipop (build no. LRX22C-SC04EOMUGPD3). I need to remove some bloatware, thats why need to root it. But unable to find the root file for my build. Can someone help me finding it?
  12. RS3GoldMart

    Thread [Q] [SC-04E] Galaxy S4 Wifi And Signal Problem

    Hello, I have a samsung galaxy s4 ( docomo ) bought from JAPAN. This phone having some problems with wifi and signal. There's very weak wifi signal on it. To use internet on it i have to place router right next to it. This phone dropped from me on water after that is having the issues. I've...
  13. R

    Thread Ressurection Remix N V5.8.3 For Galaxy S4 Docomo

    I did not Made this Rom I just Took buff99's Zip And Made a minor Change so it can work on SC-04E Known As S4 Docomo Still All Credit Goes TO buff99 For Making This Zip About Resurrection Remix ROM Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this...
  14. G

    Thread ODIN is unable to flash stock firmware for Galaxy S4 SC-04E

    Hi, I need some assistance. I have an S4 (SC-04E) and it has TWRP custom recovery loaded in it. My colleague accidentally clicked wipe system from TWRP and it wasn't able to boot at all. So I thought I'd flash the stock firmware in order to resolve the problem. However, when I flash stock...
  15. T

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte*)

    ...I try to use the mobile network for downloading or login. The APN settings are correct, the mobile network (NTT DOCOMO) is recognized correctly but no connection, no LTE-4G-H- mark. The sim card works fine on a galaxy s4 sc-04e DOCOMO with a lineage OS 17 customized for DOCOMO. Any suggestion?
  16. theoreoboi

    Post [SC-04E] Japan NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S 4 Users

    Can i get the rom file 🖐
  17. L

    Post [SC-04E] Japan NTT DoCoMo Galaxy S 4 Users

    ...this thread is not completely dead. First post here after looking around for a while. Also using the Samsung Galaxy S4 docomo from Japan (SC-04E). Installed twrp-3.1.1-0-jfltedcm-odin then lineage-14.1-20171222_090255-UNOFFICIAL-jfltedcm a couple of years ago. Works fine except that the...
  18. C

    Thread [Completed] Sc-04e 5.0.1 dialer and contact app crashing

    Hello guys im new here and here is my problem i have a sgs4 sc-04e docomo i was in android 4.2 but last few days i ugraded it on android 5.0.1 with odin tool. but when i do that i see 2 dialer app the docomo dialer and the samsung dialer the samsung dialer app crash everytime i try to use it...
  19. M

    Thread BCmon in S4 Sc-04e

    Bcmon is not working in my Sc-04e phone (japanies S4). Is there any way to make it working?
  20. davidcsv

    Thread [GUIDE] Proxyme - Android System Access Tool

    ...S4 SHV-E330K - (reference thread) SHV-E330L - (reference thread) SHV-E330S - (reference thread) SGH-I337 - (reference post - unconfirmed) SC-04E - (reference post) Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G710L - (reference post) Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 - (reference post) SC-03E - (reference...
  21. curiousrom

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte*)

    Re: Cellular Data Issue Samsung Galaxy S5 (kltekdi) What does it say in > Settings > About phone > Android version > Baseband version? What is the exact device model number? A recent modem & vendor's firmware may help: S5 Odin Flashable Modem & Bootloader. ***
  22. V

    Thread [help] install kali linux on sc-04e

    i try install kali linux on sc-04e (5.0.1,4.4.2) but is not, i think kernel is not support, i flash rom i9505 (omega), it is working, i can install kali linux, but camera is not working. how to fix camera? can built kernel i9505 for sc-04e? help me!:(
  23. F

    Thread SC-04E DoCoMo Samsung S4

    I don't know much about Android. But recently I bought a DoCoMo S4. When I upgraded it to lollipop I encountered a problem that soft keys were not functional. I tried to get help from different sites and followed the step. But was unable to get that issue resolved. Then I tried the following...
  24. E

    Thread Xperia feat. Hatsune Miku 'SO-04E'

    ...with delivery at end of September. Only difference from standard Xperia A I can see is that it comes with 4.2 preinstalled (moot now since docomo started rolling out 4.2 for XA today) and a set of bluetooth earbuds with music control buttons. Mod - please fix the thread title (SC-04E=>SO-04E)
  25. H

    Thread [Q] Help Samsung Galaxy S4 NTT DoCoMo SC-04E

    I badly want to root my Samsung Galaxy S4 NTT DoCoMo SC-04E but I don't know how. I have seen steps on how to root the Samsung Galaxy S4 but will it do for my model? And if ever I have rooted it, will all roms work for me? I just want to remove the bloatwares and unnecessary applications. Thanks :)
  26. C

    Thread [Q]Is there any Lollipop that can be played on SC-04E(JAPAN NTT DOCOMO GALAXY S4)?

    There are many Lollipops been 'tasted', but my S4(SC-04E) can't work well while I flashed some 5.0 ROMs based on i9505. I wonder is there any 5.0 ROM can be normally used on my device, or is there any thread containing a lot information of SC-04E. Anyone have ever tried 5.0 ROMs or kernels...
  27. E

    Thread [SC-04E] Galaxy S4 Japan (Docomo) Users

    Delete please, duplicate thread was buried couple pages deep, my bad for not looking (did on friday but failed to recheck).
  28. Y

    Thread GS4 - SC-04E (Docomo) - Osaifu Keitai installation

    Hello, I'm planning to root the phone and install a custom ROM on my Docomo GS4. But I'm worried that I might not be able to use the Osaifu-Keitai application. This is one the most used purposes of my phone. I heard that it is not possible to install Osaifu-Keitai in other deivces, although...
  29. M

    Thread [Q] Questions about the i9505 rom with Sc - 04E

    Help me with this , I have a samsung s4 of Japan brought Sc - 04E codes , 600 and run chip sanapdragon I explore the findings samsung I9505 s4 have the same configuration models 're spending . So I can get up there on the i9505 rom SC - 04E is not :) I hope to have the enthusiastic support from...
  30. H

    Thread [Q] A few questions about my Japanese S4

    I'm an American living in Japan and I just got a Galaxy S4 through Docomo. Question 1: They list it as the SC-04E, how do I tell what version (9500,9505,etc) it is? 2: Is it possible to root and/or install a custom (and hopefully fully English) ROM on this bad boy? Thirdly: They, for some odd...
  31. RS3GoldMart

    Thread [SC-04E] NTT docomo Galaxy S4

    Hello guys, I recently bought This phone but its locked. I tryed to unlock it but i am stucked in one place. as i am totally newbie. I have opened *#0011# And press back from menu , after this i have put the input key as 1 . but it didnt show me thw service mode main menu . So i need help...
  32. nebg

    Thread Why there is no official SC-04E development

    Hi everyone, I recently bought S4 SC-04 model made for Japanese market and I'm having a lot of difficulties finding good ROMS. Why is so hard to find development for this rather usual S4? Thanks
  33. H

    Thread Sco4e

    Plz plz plz provide me a firmware sc04emuamg2 this firmware i need plz plz plz provide me i will be really thank ful plzzzzzzz May God bless u and make u successful Sent from my SC-04E using Tapatalk
  34. SQ3.0dotJP

    Thread # on SC-04E(docomo GS4 works), now a couple questions

    Hello, I just rolled the dice and discovered cf autoroot for the 9505 does work for the Japanese DoCoMo Galaxy S4 (SC-04E). would this mean the recoveries are also the same. I wan to pull the radio and help out with your thread. Ive had several android devices(desire, desire HD, GS3; which was a...
  35. 3

    Thread [Q] Romming the Docomo S4 (SC-04E)

    I was wondering what Roms I can use with the Japanese Galaxy S4. I found a thread that give instructions on how to Root and even lists a few Roms but all the Roms say they are for AT&T/Canada. Am I able to use any AT&T/Canada Rom? Do I...
  36. B

    Post [JDCTeam] &#129383; Optimized LineageOS16.0 &#129383; v14.0 [5Feb] [Pie_r46] & Go Version - v3

    ...(Cricket CDMA) These models may also be supported (same hardware): SCH-I545L - jfltelra SGH-M919N jflteMetroPCS SGH-M919V (Canada) SGH-N045 (SC-04E) (Japan) - Broadcast receiver probably unsupported Unsupported Devices (different hardware): GT-I9500 SHV-E300K/L/S SCH-I959 GT-I9502...
  37. S

    Post [JDCTeam] &#127796; Resurrection Remix Oreo &#127796; Release 06 [12 Sept] [8.1.0_r43] [EOL]

    tested on Sc-04e but has a bugs Tested on my sc-04e but camera not working how to fix it ?
  38. side

    Post [JDCTeam] &#127796;Optimized LineageOS 15.1&#127796; Release 06 [11 Sep] [8.1.0_r43] [KANGED] [EOL]

    I don't support that model since I don't have it. Did u check the supported devices at post 1? This model is rare and I can't debug it.
  39. B

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to use a Japanese Galaxy S4 (SC-04E) in the U.S?

    I will be in Japan for a year and I'm looking to buy a Galaxy S4 (SC-04E) with Docomo. If I root it, will it work with a U.S Carrier? Thanks, Deric
  40. B

    Post Request Twrp kernel for any device

    Hello, I uploaded the image: samsung SC-04E jgedlteue 12-Jun-2018 It is a Japanese version of the S4 from the carrier DoCoMo. The model is the SC-04E. (jfltedcm) I have an unofficial TWRP 3.1.1 on it. However, I want to load Nougat or Oreo ROMs onto it. The phone has the same hardware...
  41. aerithanne

    Post [JDCTeam] &#127796; Resurrection Remix Oreo &#127796; Release 06 [12 Sept] [8.1.0_r43] [EOL]

    Hope this helps. Unit is Galaxy S4 Docomo(SC-04E) Baseband: SC04EOMSGQA1 Bootloader: SC04EOMSGQA1 logs will be sent later. Exceeded the forums size
  42. X

    Post [JDCTeam][8.1.0]9 Dec][Substratum] The Android Open Source Project Oreo

    I'm afraid this will not work on the DoComo variant. SC-04E
  43. Buff99

    Post [JDCTeam][7.1.2][21 Jan 2019][EOL]Optimized LineageOS 14.1-Version12

    EOL = End of life i.e. this rom has finished development. So no possibility of updates. What kernel did you use? if it was alucard then try stock.
  44. C

    Thread [Q] HELP My SGS4 SC-04E from Japan BootLop t repair my device .. im newbie .. last night i wanted to root my divece then ,i just flash my divece using Odin with file GT-19500_AdamKernel.V1.2.Odin.tar . . but my divece can't start up again,just stoped at the logo Samsung .. can anyone help me please . . My Device Samsung Galaxy S4...
  45. aerithanne

    Post [JDCTeam][8.1.0]9 Dec][Substratum] The Android Open Source Project Oreo

    So I tried to flash an I9505 rom on my sc-04e. Everything went smooth but then when I flashed the oreo rom. It gives an error 7. I figured because of diff hardware or chipset might be the problem. Sc-04e doesn't have any other custom roms aside from stock based albe or the ported RR,LOS,DU,etc.
  46. T

    Post [JDCTeam] &#127796;Optimized LineageOS 15.1&#127796; Release 06 [11 Sep] [8.1.0_r43] [KANGED] [EOL]

    Error While Flashing I've tried flashing beta versions and Version 2 of lineage OS 15.1 on my S4 SC-04E but couldn't flash the ROM.. "set_metadata: Error on lstat of "system/vendor/bin/efsks": No such file or directory. Update process ended with ERROR: 7
  47. C

    Thread [Q] HELP My SGS4 SC-04E from Japan BootLop my device .. im newbie .. last night i wanted to root my divece then ,i just flash my divece using Odin with file GT-19500_AdamKernel.V1.2.Odin.tar . . but my divece can't start up again,just stoped at the logo Samsung .. can anyone help me please . . My Device Samsung Galaxy S4...
  48. S

    Post [JDCTeam] &#127796;Optimized LineageOS 15.1&#127796; Release 06 [11 Sep] [8.1.0_r43] [KANGED] [EOL]

    S4 Docomo I Have S4 Docomo SC-04e Jfltedcm ? it will work on it or not??
  49. D

    Thread i9505 no mobile data on NTT Docomo (Japan) is I9505ZHUAME1. Also, I made sure that the apn is Docomo does offer their own varient of the i9505, it's the SC-04E. From what I have read so far, it is essentially an i9505 but most likely has docomo specific security requirements in the hidden partition. My...
  50. D

    Post [ROM] Albe95 LolliROM 9.0 (15/05/16) [HPA1][S6/S7/N4/N5 Feature]

    If you have the GALAXY S4 SC-04E: latest build is SC04EOMUGPD3 or here (even newer fw QA1):