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    Post Strange one! 30 min, 5v-1000mA trickle charge needed to allow power on in morning

    Not an expert or anything close, but in other threads where OPOs failed to boot, replacing the battery was the most effective solution. I suspect that might be similar here as it seems a power related issue. Another thing is, make sure you've updated the firmware with TWRP. Then let us know...
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    Post [ROM][OPO][8.1.0_r52] Candy8.1 [OFFICIAL][SUBS][EOL]

    They're saying they installed Candy8.1 after being on RR 7.1 (Resurrection Remix 7.1). Now they get the message that has stopped and they're wondering if anyone knows why phone might be crashing.
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    Post Forgot app name

    Kernel Adiutor?
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    Post NEVER SEEN HARD BRICK on Oneplus One

    Try Wiping everything from TWRP and try a different ROM. Another thing to try is connecting ADB to get the logcat. Can you give more details on what you've tried so far? Additionally, I remember reading that the OPO can stop booting correctly when the battery starts failing.
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    Post My OnePlus One served me well for over 4 years

    I got all from eBay. One was from seller anybestbuy. Not sure if they have a listing for it still, but it was like "Screen+Digitizer+FrameAssembly" or something. The others were from thinkpan, also with the middle frame. I believe the thinkpan ones I bought in 2015, and the anybestbuy in 2016...
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    Post My OnePlus One served me well for over 4 years

    Sorry to hear that about the screen. I've also been using my OPO since like April 2014. However, I've broken and replaced my screen myself 3 times since then. It's not too bad a repair. Let me know if you need help at any part of it if you do go about replacing it. I recommend getting the...
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    Post [ROM][Candy5][Android 5.0.2][Lollipop][evita]

    I recently turned on my One XL (haven't touched it since I got my OnePlus One) and checked XDA. I found this Lollipop ROM and I flashed it! It runs pretty well! Thank you so much, you guys at Candy5 rock!
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    Post [ROM][5.0] CM12 Daily builds + Gapps

    I have been running this build for over a day now and it much more stable than I expected. It rocks and it's so nice having Lollipop. Thanks a ton to the dev! I do have one tiny gripe though. While connected to Wi-Fi, watch the up and down arrows in the status bar. They are offcenter and the...
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    Post [MultiBoot][unofficial]MultiROM V32 [DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks! This is awesome! I actually saw Multiboot and knew I had to have it. So I decided I would try and figure out how to do it myself for my HOX. Having no experience whatsoever, I only got to forking the original GitHub files. This was about a year ago, and then I just gave up because...
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    Post [ROM][4.4.2][KOT49H][WEEKLIES][evita] IllusionRom

    Thank you so much for this! Flashing now! :D Not many tweaks... There's nothing under Illusion Settings...
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    Post [TOOL][ANDROID]Dark_Multitool-CyanogenMod building.kernel developMent.ADB tool..etc..

    Thanks for the tool! So I really wanted to attempt to get this working using Cygwin. I've edited around the source code and I've actually been able to install some of the packages required (for building from source). Basically, I've gotten it to where I can install all the packages one at a...
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    Post [ROM}{ShoreDroid 4.4 based on CM11, AOSP and OmniROM}(Flashable and Installer Script)

    Flashing this now. Looks great! Any plans on open sourcing this on your GitHub? Especially the Installer? I've been trying to make an OmniROM port all day, but gave up so now I'm flashing this. Thanks for this ROM! :D
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    Post [ROM][4.3][Unofficial][evita]IllusionRom-2.5 29|08|2013

    Broken for me. I actually didn't notice since I never use it. There already is one.
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    Post Developers - Merging Your Working Device

    Similarity, I would like to attempt to build OmniROM for the AT&T HTC One X (One XL) [evita] I am new to the developer scene, so help would be appreciated. Device: S4 common: Kernel...
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    Post Sense vs AOSP

    I used to love Sense. I first tried out, and didn't like, either Cyanogenmod or MIUI. Then I loved ViperXL (Sense based). After that I found Illusion ROM and haven't gone back to a Sense ROM since. Other than Sense camera, I don't really miss anything from Sense. I've noticed that AOSP...
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    Post testers

    I have an evita and am willing to test out things, however I am a little busy with school, so weekends are the times I can mess with flashing and stuff.
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    Post [TOOL][WINDOWS] Android Multitool

    Hello, I am unable to get this tool to run. I extracted the Zip, then tried to open the .exe and I got this error:
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    Post Chromecast Gameboy

    Here's OPs Reddit post I really need to try this.
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    Post Extra Settings on Chrome

    Someone else found the same thing and posted it on Reddit. Here's the link Also note that the user Ranek520 said: "Unfortunately, none of those advanced options are actually hooked up. The JavaScript to store or load the values is removed for the release version of the extension. That's why...
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    Thread Extra Settings on Chrome

    I found some extra settings on the Chromecast extension for Chrome. So I went to my Chrome extensions window and clicked "Options" for the Google Cast extension. In the tab, I right clicked > Inspect Element. I noticed that a section of the page had a "display: none;" so I removed that and...
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    Post Google ends Netflix promotion due to "overwhelming demand"

    Got my Chromecast yesterday from Best Buy. Netflix code came by email this morning.
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    Post [HOW TO] Unlock bootloader, Root, Flash Custom ROM, Flash Kernel And More!

    Thanks! :good: That was it. I actually figured it out myself and came to edit my post as fixed. Haha, I can't believe I missed such a simple thing.
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    Post [HOW TO] Unlock bootloader, Root, Flash Custom ROM, Flash Kernel And More!

    Need help! Okay, so I followed the instructions and got an Unlocked bootloader and root. Then I tried to flash the recovery included in the toolkit, but when I click "Flash Recovery", nothing happens. So I decided to just flash ClockworkMod Recovery. All is perfectly fine. After that I...
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    Can this work on an HTC One X?
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    Post [MOD][Flashable] Remove all Bloatware apps from system/app Partition within 2 Seconds

    Trying this on Stock (no root) HTC One X So, I decided to try this on my HTC One X (stock, not rooted) and I've put the on the root of the virtual SD Card. (One X doesn't have SD Card slot) After that, I rebooted (holding volume down + power) and selected RECOVERY. A screen...
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    Post [Q] AT&T HTC One X Price Drop

    I was just kinda hoping... :( You'd think they would do SOMETHING to people who payed full price. Like Nintendo's 3DS. I got it full price and they gave me twenty free downloadable games when the price dropped... Oh well, thanks anyways...
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    Thread [Q] AT&T HTC One X Price Drop

    Okay, so I got an AT&T HTC One X on June 12 (almost two months ago). I recently heard about the price drop down to $99.99 when I got it for $199.99! Has anyone successfully gotten their $100 back?
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    Post One X Gets Hot without use and battery life tanks

    I'm using 100% stock. No root, so I can't control CPU usage. This is a picture of my battery usage when I went to sleep. (the last screen awake is when I went to sleep...) It was dead when I woke up... Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Post Android Screen Control Without Root

    It's nice, but I can't really use it. I have an HTC One X, but your tool doesn't fit the Android's screen on my laptop, so I can only control the top half of my Android. Nice job though...
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    Post [App][1.6+] Hack me if you can (easy-hard)

    :good: AW YEAH! Kids mode: COMPLETE! XD
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    Post One X Gets Hot without use and battery life tanks

    I can't stand it, that's why I have to pull it out of my pocket and check the temp. (range from 98-103) and then I put it on airplane mode and it cools down...
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    Post One X Gets Hot without use and battery life tanks

    Mine jumps to over 115 degrees. I have a case and screen protector. Mine even gets to 110 in my pocket, even without use. Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Post One X Gets Hot without use and battery life tanks

    I live in suburban. I live in a more sub-urban area. (Actually, more rural than urban) and I also notice my phone is CONSTANTLY burning! Also, my battery went from 95% to dead in about 4-4 and a half hours. Technically, I have LTE here, but it's VERY spotty and I was thinking (especially...