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  1. K

    Thread Question Verizon Pixel 6 Pro Bootloader Unlock?

    Its been a very long time since i have done any of this stuff. I bought the verizon version and cannot get bootloader unlocked. I have searched and see there has been the same problem in the past models. Is there a bypass or workaround? I can only find one for early Pixel products.
  2. roirraW "edor" ehT

    Thread General New report of actual Verizon OTA SD1A.210817.037.A1 on Pixel 6/Pro

    @pntballer505 reports getting the .037.A1 OTA on Verizon at post #138. Old Verizon OTAs:
  3. hotboyray

    Thread Question Carrier unlock Verizon locked Pixel 6 Pro

    I bought a Verizon locked Pixel 6 pro on Craigslist. Anyone knows what happens if I flash stock unlocked image? Or know if it can be unlocked?
  4. V

    Thread Question Will the Verizon or AT&T 6 Pro models be unlocked?

    I've been buying unlocked phones for years and I can't remember the last time I bought from a carrier. But I can get a 6 Pro 256GB from one of those carriers for $500 through work so I'm thinking I might try. I guess the other thing I'd ask is if they've clarified if the Google-direct 6 Pro...
  5. Oaklands

    Thread Question Unlocked vs Verizon

    I think I am reading it correctly that the unlocked model will not support Verizon mmwave but it should work fine with their other 5g services. I'm not near any of the large cities that use that anyway, so it is no big deal. I am tired of having a locked phone. I haven't kept up with...
  6. swieder711

    Thread Question Verizon calling problems

    Lately, I have been having trouble calling and receiving phone calls. I often get an exclamation point next to the cell phone signal icon. Sometime the exclamation goes away. Other times, I get a message that the cellular network is not available. I tried the following: Reseating the SIM...
  7. xray49er

    Thread Question Verizon and the Pixel 6 Pro

    I have $200 dollar credit with Verizon I was thinking of pre ordering the phone with Verizon on the 19th. Do you guys think they will gimp the Verizon version like in the past. Locked bootloader, Verizon bloat ware, and slow updates. Or should I just forget the 200 credit and get the phone...
  8. rester555

    Thread Question P6P Verizon 5GUW update today

    I am hearing that verizon has to certify the P6 and P6P to get the new 5G UW to work... Anyone confirm getting 5GUW icon on their verizon P6 or P6P today if they are on an unlimited 5G plan?
  9. U

    Thread Question Mobile Hotspot - Unlocked Pixel 6 Pro on Verizon

    I've held on to my old Note 9 for the last 3 years to use the native mobile hotspot with my GF data on Verizon. I picked up an unlocked Pixel 6 Pro yesterday. Tried using the mobile hotspot and getting the attached popup when trying to use out of the box. Is this something that can be...
  10. T

    Thread Question Unlocked on Verizon update (or other US carriers)

    Folks with the Google purchased unlocked version....did you get the update? I have not so far. I know I can side load it but I am curious if it is just me.
  11. dprscorpio7

    Thread Question Flash Google Global Firmware on Verizon Firmware

    Is there a way to flash unlock google global version firmware onto the Verizon pixel 6 pro without root/unlock bootloader like there use to be. Can't believe nobody has asked this yer
  12. T

    Thread General Verizon requesting root access...?

    Not sure why their app would do such a thing...
  13. JAYmasta

    Thread Question How to make work eSim Google Pixel 6 pro Unlocked Verizon Ed.

    Good Day Anyone now How to make work eSim with other carriers on Google Pixel 6 pro Unlocked Verizon edition. Physical sim works well with any. I tried by instruction from pixel 4, hard reset and (ADB) Code: adb shell Code: pm uninstall -k --user 0 I...
  14. trilandun

    Thread Question Verizon Carrier Lock

    ...not find an answer. I have been out of the ROM game for a few years. I know what I did was ill advised, please be merciful :) I bought a Verizon Pixel 6 Pro off of Facebook. I knew to check that the IMEI was not on the stolen list and verified that it was paid off, but I get en error when I...
  15. JoeProcopio

    Thread Question Verizon P6P bootlocker question????????

    ...devices". So my wishful thinking is that after 60 days (after device is paid off, or after it's been active for 60 days, I don't know), Verizon unlocks the phone to use on other carriers....does this mean we can unlock the bootloader after 60 days? Or is it just carrier unlocking as the...
  16. D

    Thread General Verizon 6 pro and Android 12

    First off, I Love the phone. Hardware is great, Android 12 is mostly great but there are some weird things I've noticed that haven't really been an issue on previous phones pre-Android 12. I got rid of a OnePlus 8 pro for the Pixel 6 pro. 1: I have to use a Bluetooth to 3.5mm adapter (Bluetooth...
  17. J

    Thread Question Unlocked 6 pro on Verizon and OTA updates

    I have the 6 pro unlocked bought from Google. I use it on Verizon. I found out that when I got the phone and put the Sim in that the November update was not downloaded and installed. I factory reset the device and did not insert the SIM and I got the update. I now have SD1A.210817.036...
  18. rester555

    Thread General Verizon 5g UW map is false advertising, use third party maps

    Ever since we have received the pixel 6 pro update to turn on c-band 5G, Verizon has updated their map from a 5G Ultra wide millimeter wave map with a very small footprint with everything else called 5G Nationwide or 4G LTE to a two-layer map of 5G Nationwide and 5G Ultra wide band (this...
  19. miravision

    Thread Question Verizon is collecting your data without your consent; how do you feel about it?

    Verizon notifies its customers about their default participation in Verizon's data collection program By Preslav Mladenov Verizon has begun notifying its subscribers with emails and text messages, informing them that they have been opted-in by default to the program. This comes after Verizon's...
  20. jgrimberg1979

    Thread Development Verizon firmware on unlocked model

    Is there a way just to flash the Verizon radio only to a unlocked 6 pro and not have any issues on custom roms. I am currently on a custom rom and I flashed a non Verizon July ota update, but I have a Verizon sim in it now and something's not right with the cell/data service Thanks !
  21. VAVA Mk2

    Thread Question No November Update on Unlocked 6 Pro - Verizon SIM

    I haven't gotten the day one patch/November update since I set up my phone on Wednesday. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  22. N

    Thread Question Bugs? Should I send my Verizon pixel back?

    Just received my p6p in the mail from Verizon. But I'm reading and seeing a ton of bug issues all over the internet. Should I swap mine out for a iPhone 13 pro max or something before I'm locked in?
  23. D

    Thread Question Verizon OEM Unlock is gray

    I bought my phone from Verizon and OEM Unlock is grayed out. Is there a method to make this active? Do I need to switch carriers? Do I call Verizon and ask for something specific? Am I screwed? From what I've read, I feel like I'm screwed.
  24. S

    Thread Question Verizon factory image vs. Global

    I always flash global image instead of Verizon due to bloat ware and stuff.. I did have a question would it be worth grabbing the Verizon radio images and flashing them as I'm on the Verizon network? Also do you flash them with adb or is there another method? So used to having TWRP.. Much...
  25. H

    Thread Question Carrier Unlock

    My google pixel 6 Pro was carrier locked, I unlocked it temporarily by CMD, when I factory reset my phone it'll be locked again, I want to permanently unlock my phone
  26. J

    Thread Question Google purchased unlocked Pixel 6 Pro on Verizon. Anyone able to update to 13 yet?

    I bought my 6 Pro through Google unlocked. I am using it on Verizon. This is my second 6 Pro as the first one stopped updating at June update. Has anyone here gotten the 13 OTA update yet? Thanks
  27. Vefa_18

    Thread Question Verizon sim unlocked help

    ...bana google pixel 6 pro'dan hediye yolladı fakat telefon sim kilitli türkiyede yaşadığım için kullanamıyorum. Onu açmanın bir yolu var mı? Verizon'u aradığımda, Verizon'u sözlü olarak etkinleştirmediğim için kilidini açmayacaklarını söylediler. açıklamadığım için üzgünüm ingilizce bilmediğim...
  28. M

    Thread General Google accidentally rolled out Verizon specific US build worlwide (Pixel 6/ Pro)

    ...know if it might be a problem, especially concerning the whole deactivating 5G thing-y. Best just don't update at all if you are not a US Verizon customer. For reference...
  29. L

    Thread Question Verizon prefer wifi calling? does not handoff and my call always drop when at home. I have toggle airplane mode then turn on wifi to use wifi calling. In the settings verizon defaults the phone to prefer mobile calling which defeats the purpose. Is there any way to prefer wifi calling. The previous adb method seems to...
  30. galaxys

    Thread General Verizon now supports eSIM when you bring your own device

  31. spotmark

    Thread Question Sideloaded 13 on My Verizon 6 Pro

    Got tired of waiting for it so I sideloaded Android 13 on my Verizon Pixel 6 Pro. Everything went off without a hitch, in case anyone is debating whether or not to do it. I'm going to flash it again, just so I can get it on both slots and not have to worry about it.
  32. F

    Thread Question Verizon C-band support goes live for Pixel 6

    Sorry if this has been posted. I went back 5 pages and did not see it. I updated my phone this morning to version SP2A.220305.013.A3 but I do not live in an area which has c-band. Can anyone confirm c-band...
  33. S

    Thread Question Verizon group messages problem.

    I'm a VZW subscriber using a factory unlocked P6P. I can't receive group messages from T-Mobile users. Individual texts/MMS work fine. Is anyone else experiencing this or do you know of a solution? I've switched my sim card to another device, and the issue still remains.