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  1. dannytgt

    Post Question CN to WW not update // Asus ROG Phone 6

    Can you help me with the instructions to do that.....thanks in advance
  2. dannytgt

    Post Question Pixel 7 Pro/what device you coming from?

    Asus Rog Phone 5S, and Oneplus 10 pro, and I've to say I miss a lot some of the ROG UI unique features like Steady charging and limited charging, also double tap to wake at lockscreen, performance is almost the same, but without of doubts Pixel 7 pro camera is miles ahead if he ROG phone 5S...
  3. dannytgt

    Post Question Pocof3 vs oneplus10t, battle of speed.

    I've experienced the same as you, because previously I've owned and Asus Rog Phone 5 with SD888, but when I've get the OP10 Pro, I've immediately noticed that OP10Pro feels the same or even worse , talking about app speed opening and overall performance, so for my luck another Asus Rog phone 5...
  4. dannytgt

    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Yes man the stranger thing i've seen, i don't see any similar here, and worst at all, with NE2113 phone isn't even charging, even when i've flashed back to NE2115 charging isn't working, but i've managed to rolback to android 12 versión trought local upgrade apk and get the charge at least.
  5. dannytgt

    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Man I've tried to do exactly the same flashing the NE2213 but IMEIs are gone, tried to flash with fastboot enhanced to other versions but IMEIs are gone. I don't know what's wrong with my phone.
  6. dannytgt

    Post Question IMEI gone

    I've tried but actually I've notice a bigger problem : battery isn't charging, I've only 30% left, tried to reflash the NE2115 with same results IMEIs are gone, phone connects trought USB cable to PC but is no way to charge it
  7. dannytgt

    Thread Question IMEI gone

    Hi guys, I'm in a very big trouble, since I was trying to rollback yesterday from A13 Oxygen 13, in a converted NE2110 Chinese model flashed previously with NE2115 Rom, I was having ridiculous battery life with the rom, so I want to test the European NE2113 rom, I've download the NE2113 Rollback...
  8. dannytgt

    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Android 13 or 12 ? Wich would you recommend me?
  9. dannytgt

    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Hi man ,your phone is originally the NE2210 Chinese version ? Flashed to NE2215? I'm on NE2215 and feeling that the battery life is really bad , so I'm thinking switching to NE2213 and see if gets better .
  10. dannytgt

    Thread Question Battery life and average SOT

    Hey guys , I'm near a week with the OnePlus 10 Pro ,Chinese version flashed with NE2215 EU rom ,but I'm not sure if it's only mi idea or my life battery ir worse than average ,I'm using Oxygen OS 13 right now, and coming from an Asus ROG phone 5 with 6000 mAh battery, so I'm not sure if maybe...
  11. dannytgt

    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    I've tried with the Color OS 12.1 package, al least get recognized by the "local upgrade app" but it gives me this error: "The version of your selected package is lower than that of the current systema. To avoid booting failure, downgrading is not allowed". So Im stuck at Color OS 13 i guess, i...
  12. dannytgt

    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    That's exactly what i´m doing right now, i can´t find a rollback package but i guess and old Color 12.1 version will work as well. Yes, i've moved the file into the root folder and delete the .jar extension on the name.
  13. dannytgt

    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    Thanks for yoour interest and help, I've tried the second method you quoted trought the system updater, but i try on "local install" I get a "Verification failed" message. After your answer I've tried the listed apk method , but doesn't happen, i've got : "move installation package into roor...
  14. dannytgt

    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    I've tried this method right now; but definitely doesn't worked, i guess it will work when you roll back from any Oxygen model version; but not from Color OS.
  15. dannytgt

    Post General OnePlus A.15 full zips (NA/IN/EU)

    Hi man, I've the sms question and I'm in the same situation as you, had you tried?
  16. dannytgt

    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    Thanks for your answer, but i'm ny case it will be from NE2210 to NE2213 or any similar oxygen os model, coming from the chinese Color OS, i don't know if that's posible, i've tried with the enhanced fast boot tool múltiple times but was unsuccessful.
  17. dannytgt

    Post General Oneplus 10 Pro Global Rom India / eu

    Hi guys i've read almost every post related to this conversion but i can't find a solution: I've managed to unlock the bootloader, then i can use perfectly the enhanced fastboot, after loading the payload.bin, ant tried to flash i've got the partition message, so i've tried to delete the cow...
  18. dannytgt

    Thread Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    Hi guys, I've read almost all a of the post avalaible about converting the Chinese NE2210 to NE2215 or NE2213, but I've seen a lot of bricked devices around there. So I want to ask to all the people that make successful the conversion, if there so risky at it appears, it worth the price? I'm...
  19. dannytgt

    Post [ROM] S1AM TREDEXCED OS V1.1 (superGamer ROM ) (Android 9) (Oneui)

    Thanks for this awesome rom dev ,one the smoothest ive ever used on the device. I want yo to ask if its posible to root the rom with magisk 20.4 or magisk canary? I cant find that info on the thread , thanks.
  20. dannytgt

    Post [Q][CEPHEUS][August] Descendant X - android ver. 10r41

    Thanks for this great rom dev, I've tried every avalaible rom for MI9 (AOSP, CAF, MIUI customized) and this is my favourite rom without any doubt, smooth, customizable, compatible with custom kernels, awesome FOD acurracy and awesome battery life. Waiting anxiously for the next release.
  21. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][Xiaomi Mi 9][OFFICIAL] Havoc OS 3.11 [10.0][11/11/2020]

    Thanks for this great rom dev, I'm coming from and old OP5T, recently acquired the MI9 and tested all of the avalaible roms for the Mi9 during the past 3 days and I've to say that your rom is near perfection for me. I love some features like : Changing header and notifications brackground...
  22. dannytgt

    Thread Swapping to stock MIUI 12 from custom rom with TWRP

    Hi guys I've recently installed Paranoid Android, previously I was in stock MIUI 12, I'm guessing if I cam install the stock MIUI 12 rom trough TWRP, and if it's possible do I had to format all of my files? Thanks for your responses guys. :)
  23. dannytgt

    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - Xiaomi MI 9

    I was on MIUI 12.0 before too, and DT2W is working with the Q5 test build ---------- Post added at 04:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:48 PM ---------- Ohh great, so if I flash back PA quartz 4 and then flash only the boot.img of the Q5 theoretically I will had D2TW and face unlock...
  24. dannytgt

    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - Xiaomi MI 9

    Hi dev I'm was using quartz 4 in Oneplus 5t and I as loving it, I've swapped to MI9 two days ago and I can't stay with MIUI I had to take back to PA. I'm testing the last version Q5 too. No random reboots, D2tw working like a charm, GPS too, but face unlock is gone.
  25. dannytgt

    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 4 - OnePlus 5/T

    Hi guys someone else is facing app closing in background ? It's a very annoying problem , I don't know if it's related to the ROM , as long as I leave a game to review WhatsApp messages or enter the browser , when I try to come back to the app , app is closed and start to open again .
  26. dannytgt

    Thread Downgrade from Android 10 (OB2) to Android 9.

    Hi guys I wanna ask you if someone tried to downgrade from android 10 to 9, I really didn't like the gestures and other things in new android. Right now in don't even have TWRP installed. It's possible to just download the official rom and flash it with the normal procedure : I mean ...
  27. dannytgt

    Post Codename Phoenix For OnePlus 5/5T by siankatabg

    Guys anybody having problems with fingerprint, I'm in last version for op5t and when I try to enter fingerprint or even select another lockscreen method, it forces close, and crashes every time I tried, the rom is great but I'm having this trouble.
  28. dannytgt

    Post Nav Bar Gestures

    I like a lot the new gestures feature, like someone said in the previous responses, some customization for the gestures will be greatly appreciated.
  29. dannytgt

    Post Need beta testers for Plasmalite (a different way to use your navbar)

    I'll will like to be a tester, Thanks is advance.
  30. dannytgt

    Post [THEME] Dark/Black Default (V3 navbar_fixed)

    What fix for trial did you used? Or what method are you using to stop trial in Samsung themes?
  31. dannytgt

    Post """OREO V4 BETA PORT ||FOR SAMSUNG S8/S8PLUS|| 8.0.0||ByDjRaz V7.0 OTA Sm-G95x"""

    In the second instructions: "without sd card ", you've said : wipe data , are you referring to " format data" or just only normal data wiping ?
  32. dannytgt

    Post Lost IMEI, EFS Folder, really messed up

    If for you stock is the best, keep with that and shut the ****, how the hell think you are saying fool others members. Go and please **** yourself.
  33. dannytgt

    Post Lost IMEI, EFS Folder, really messed up

    Follow the guide provided by Cubz90,otherwise you cN contact Cubz90,he's the man. I've solved my problem thanks to hym.
  34. dannytgt

    Post do you use different launcher or S8 Touchwiz launcher?

    I was doing the same question, maybe because he and other devs had their own page and forum and think
  35. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][7.1.1][PIXEL 2XL HYBRID] Taimen 1.1

    That's AOSP look like lockscreen is in fact a Floatify app feature. You can enable again in Floatify settings checking first switch : lockscreen.
  36. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][7.1.1][PIXEL 2XL HYBRID] Taimen 1.1

    You will get rounded icon manually modifying frameworkres.apk with apktoll.jar And custom icon on home screen with "awesome icons" app in play store. But the icons it's only aesthetically customized. They're not functioning as it should be.
  37. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][7.1.1][PIXEL 2XL HYBRID] Taimen 1.1

    I think notification badges not working on the default pixel launcher. For my the solution was to replace the default launcher with pixel 2 modded 2.0, even this modded launcher has dark mode option to enable, which for me was great. And for the icons as long as I know it very difficult to...
  38. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][7.1.1][PIXEL 2XL HYBRID] Taimen 1.1

    Nice rom, it's good to see a fresh option for this wonderful device. Waiting for your system theming. It will be great. Only important bug I've noticed so far is the Call UI problem, when you make a call, the call is made, but there isn't call UI, or any way to cancel teh call or anything...
  39. dannytgt

    Post [Q] Pixel 2 Launcher apk ?

    Weather widget doesn't work for me too.
  40. dannytgt

    Post [Q] Pixel 2 Launcher apk ?

    Thanks for the link, awesome to have the new launcher avalaible.
  41. dannytgt

    Post [Q] Pixel 2 Launcher apk ?

    My setup There's mine using nova launcher and zooper widget.
  42. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][G950F/FD][7.1.2] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 for Galaxy S8

    Thanks man, I was questioning to the previous post where its says " no Gapps needed on this Lineage Os". Not requesting gapps. Thanks anyway for your response.
  43. dannytgt

    Post LineageOS @ S8/S8+

    Pre build has been released, search it, it's here on XDA
  44. dannytgt

    Post Increase the "Motion Background" Effect S8+

    Interesting idea, I would like to be able to have that increased notation effect.
  45. dannytgt

    Post [ROM] [NOUGAT 7.1.1] NOTE 8 FULL PORT FOR S8 & S8+ [ODEX] [BQKG] [v1.6]

    Great rom ambasadii , for me the best n8 ported rom so far .
  46. dannytgt

    Post [ROM][7.1.1][AQI1][16/09]NEMESIS NOUGAT N8 PORT S8 V2.0

    The camera bug is very weird ,clearing app data works, and front camera work flawlessly taking selfies with stickers .
  47. dannytgt

    Post [THEME] Dark/Black Default (V3 navbar_fixed)

    Ok. Good to know it. Thanks
  48. dannytgt

    Post [THEME] Dark/Black Default (V3 navbar_fixed)

    Your theme is really awesome .I've hope you can make slightly white text on notifications ,it will be perfect. Thanks for great theme.