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    Post [Recovery] & [Root]【T210R & T210】 CWM Recovery v6.0.4.9.KK [Unofficial]

    thanks - Yes I discovered my error and FINALLY got a proper ROM to get back to stock. I will try a custom ROM in the near future
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    Post [Recovery] & [Root]【T210R & T210】 CWM Recovery v6.0.4.9.KK [Unofficial]

    Trying to find ANY rom that I can flash - Odin fails with all of them. Samsung USB drivers loaded. Not sure what to try next - oh, recovery is gone too - just keeps saying unauthorized - although I downloaded from this thread. I can get into download more - it just never downloads. Rooted...
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    Post find which recovery file that I need

    still looking - tried some roms and they just bricked my device - oh well - be I can get to it with Odin and NONE of the downloads work - they ALL FAIL - I just want to flash to something that works and I really don't need anything that WAS on it anyway - just want to use on WiFi
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    Post Updato - largest online firmware archive, fast and totally free

    well - ignores facebook with errors and will not download - thanks for trying
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    Thread find which recovery file that I need

    title says it. How to I identify the file that I need to load. Identify correct device - I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7inch but can't tell if version twrp-3.1.1-0-lt02ltetmo.img is for my device OTHER info that might help. I do NOT have a SD card installed but can get if required when in...
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    Post TeamEos joins CodeFireX discussion and testing

    Will this eventually be available to use with I am still a noob with the xoom. I got rooted and flashed to EOS 179. Now paitently waiting for updates. I hope to be able to help in the future. I will search for info on how to flash without