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    Post Which Cheap Phone For Lineageos 12 ?

    damn I thought this is some "new system" maked by some people and is future. Didnt know is based on some old Android. no phone.
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    Thread Which Cheap Phone For Lineageos 12 ?

    I was thinking about buying a cheap (used) phone and install a Lineageos 12 what u think about it? I dont need to waste money for some new one, Which ones are supported and is good or bad idea.
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    Post Mitigation OS (SM-T210/R)

    Can someone reupload this, please?. Seems can be the best rom for very very old tablet
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    Post [KERNEL] [4.4] Werewolf kernel v008 [15/02/2015] SM-T210(R) and T211

    Well not working for me I think, after I done everything is stuck at "samunsg galaxy tab" wirting