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    Thread Question edgeTPU "unlocking"

    Pixel 6 is shipped with edgeTPU, a tensor processing unit, but seems the only usage is possible by java NeuralNetwork system API. Tried to list it with recompiled lshw binary, but nothing. Same with basic TPU binaries launched from terminal. I found an edgeTPU driver in kernel sources, so...
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    Post Slow mo and timelapse feature

    To get slow-mo, use footej cam
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    Post Can I install official 10 update with unlocked bootloader?

    Well, you can wipe all and flash the twrp flashable stock Q rom
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    Post Gcam solid green images capturing issue and Other camera apps do not work properly.

    Well, i don't know how to fix it, but now i know that i shouldn't touch it
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    Post [ROM] [X01BD] Lineage-17.1 [UNOFFICIAL][android-10]

    This rom is beautifull, but sometimes, the phone start to restarting
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    Post [ROM] [X01BD] Lineage-17.1 [UNOFFICIAL][android-10]

    Any latest pie firmware mean that i can flash it from .70?
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    Thread External wireless adapter

    How can I use the external adapter via OTG? is it possible to connect it to the asus zenfone max pro m2?
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    Thread HID keyboard kernel compiling

    Can someone compile and test the kernel that support HID keyboard The instructions can be found in google searching: android keyboard gadget