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    Post [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices

    no joy :( did not work with ATT Galaxy Note SGH-I717
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    Thread captivate 2.2 issues

    after flashing to 2.2 on my captivate i have these issues: 1)No Bluetooth, says 'scanning' then does nothing for 2 different devices 2)Email, cant reply to an email - anything I type is left out of the reply(looks like sender replied to themselves) but a new email works fine 3)incoming call or...
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    Thread [Q] Bluetooth not working for 2.2 Captivate

    just got Froyo on my Captivate. since then I can't get the Bluetooth to connect to either of my devices. says 'pairing...' then does nothing. any one else?