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  1. XxLordxX

    Post [ROM][MZ605][ICS] AOSP ICS for Xoom MZ605 (WiFi + GSM)

    Hi, First thing, please note that this is an international community so please limit yourself to Portuguese only when using Private Messages for example. When sharing a post to everyone this creates a language barrier among the language speakers and those who are not. Now to answer your...
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    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    HI, I had a similar issue with my phone some days ago, its battery was going down really fast and I couldn't figure out a culprit, ender up I had a problem with the battery reading probably, since when I let the battery go down to 0 one day, it suddenly got up lol. So try letting it discharge...
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    Post Wich rom for great life battery?

    Hi, It's not a good thing to ask for best ROM for xxxx reason. Everyone has different usage patterns and different needs, so that different ROM will suit them or you better. You can instead, open the main ROM threads (both in Android and Original Android Development for S7 Edge) and see what...
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    Post [[FAQ][HELP THREAD][GUIDES LIST] Ask Any Question for S6

    Hi, AFAIK the rooting process is more related to your device (in your case the SM-G920F) and your ROM version than your baseband. Your baseband is the piece of software that will enable the network capabilities to you, its version more or less reflect the updates you received, which are in most...
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    Post I have a problem trying to install ps4 remote play on my s6, Nougat 7.0

    Hi, I know you mentioned magisk Sony Framework, I guess you followed this guide then? If you didn't, then it's worth a try I guess :) All the best, ~Lord Sent from my SM-G935F...
  6. XxLordxX

    Post Can't reboot to bootloader

    Hi, There's no bootloader mode on Samsung, instead you get the Download screen. To get to it, just turn off your device, then turn it on using volume down+home+power buttons. You can then proceed to install TWRP using Odin through it. All the best, ~Lord Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk Pro
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    Post Unable to use Emoji input, clipboard when using nougat quick reply

    Hi, You could try using another keyboard, I don't remember having this problem, but I neither use Samsung Keyboard neither use emoji in quick reply. Though I'm pretty sure you can use emoji with the SwiftKey keyboard. All the best, ~Lord Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk Pro
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    Post Galaxy S4 M919 5.1 stock recovery

    Hi, Can't you just get it from a stock ROM download from SamMobile for example? Also why do you need the stock recovery? Sent from my Xperia Z1 using Tapatalk
  9. XxLordxX

    Post S7 Edge with Nougat major connectivity issues, sync issues, messaging problems, AIDS!

    Hi, Try reflashing the stock ROM, specially the modem, connectivity issues are highly related to the modem your phone is using, since it's the software responsible for connecting the phone to a network. If that doesn't help, then try putting in another SIM Card, or ask Verizon for another...
  10. XxLordxX

    Post Poor build quality!

    Hi, It does seem like the phone did have a fateful encounter with water or some other liquid and some of it got inside the phone or at least damaged it. You can't solve it, since it seems to be permanently aesthetically damaged, however you can get yourself a skin (like DBrand ones) and cover...
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    Post G935f

    Hi, There is not a single best ROM, the best you can do is read the comments on the threads, read the OP in the ROM threads and then see if the ROM you are looking for has everything you want. Everyone has different needs, and for that reason each one will prefer a certain ROM, you need to do...
  12. XxLordxX

    Post After Factory Resetting a Galaxy S7E (Verizon), custom boot animation remains.

    Hi, Could you please add a [SOLVED] tag to the title? It would help a lot :). By the way, the reason why you needed to flash stock back again to get rid of the custom boot animation is because the boot animation is in the system partition of your device, while factory reset will only wipe the...
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    Post [Q]Samsung Cloud restore

    Hi, I am not sure how Samsung cloud works, but I have an impression that it updates as you use your phone and manages storage. So, differently from a manual backup that you can manage different version, I do now believe that Samsung Cloud has such capability. May I ask why you need to...
  14. XxLordxX

    Post How do I get rid of the gray statusbar when power saving mode is enabled ?

    Hi, In Android Nougat the bar behaves the same way in Power Saving mode that it does in normal mode. So, upgrade your phone, get a fresh new android version and get rid of the hideous gray bar. All the best, ~Lord Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Post My s7edge freezed

    Hi, You can access recovery and download modes by turning off the device, then pressing and holding the volume down button together with the home button and the power button to get on download mode and doing the same procedure but with volume up for recovery mode. From there you can either...
  16. XxLordxX

    Post Trying to flash 6.0.1 CSC/MODEM with 7.0.1 Firmware, will this work?

    Hi, You can try flashing the BTW package first without any modification, if the feature you want stops working, just flash your region CSC/Modem package afterwards and it should work again. If the phone have a soft brick (which it shouldn't, it should work just fine), then you can attempt a...
  17. XxLordxX

    Post Downgrade to MM from N for better battery life?

    Hi, Good to know that downgrade is still a possibility, I've read on another thread (don't remember where or when tho) that some users reported having Odin simply failing to flash a downgrade (IIRC was S6 MM downgrade to LP). Sorry for the misinformation :). All the best, ~Lord Sent from my...
  18. XxLordxX

    Post Spotify Premium not getting recognized on S7 Edge

    Hi, The custom ROM shouldn't be the cause of problem, I was going to suggest uninstalling the app or installing in another phone but you've already tried and it didn't work well. So the best I think you can do is contacting Spotify reporting this problem. I know it may sound a bit stupid...
  19. XxLordxX

    Post Downgrade to MM from N for better battery life?

    Hi, Since you're charging the phone everyday with fast charge and is using it for almost a year, then you have to keep in mind that the battery won't last as long as when you got the device. You can however try to get around the aging of the phone by making use of less bloated ROMs and more...
  20. XxLordxX

    Post transfer whatsapp messages from old note 3

    Hi, AFAIK Google Drive backups everything, including all media you shared with your contacts, maybe you're confusing that because your Google Drive is configured to back up every week (or every 7 days). Don't think copying the folder would work because it is encrypted and maybe the key is...
  21. XxLordxX

    Post App not installed. Package Conflicts

    Hi, You're trying to install two apps with the same package name, in Android data system the apps you install have its data saved in a folder with the format /data/*package name*/, therefore if two apps use the exact same package name and have different signatures (that is, one is not the...
  22. XxLordxX

    Post S7 Bricked? Won't boot, doesn't appear to charge

    Hi, It seems to me that it's really dead, give a try at leaving it uncharged for a few hours and then trying again. However I wouldn't hold my expectations up, I had a similar problem with the Galaxy S4, phone was constant freezing after a Stock flash (I was using custom ROM before), then...
  23. XxLordxX

    Post [SOLVED] Galaxy S6 disk storage

    Hi, I wonder if you have lost your partition table, I suggest downloading a Stock ROM for your device and if possible getting a PIT file for the 64GB S6. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  24. XxLordxX

    Post G920F Boot stuck

    Hi, Have you tried flashing a custom recovery and booting to it? Maybe something is broken and you may need to wipe the partition... All the best, ~Lord Sent from my Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-935F) using Tapatalk Beta
  25. XxLordxX

    Post [SOLVED] Please help - Stuck on Samsung Logo after root.

    Hi, You have to flash a Nougat stock firmware if you wish to flash using Odin. Samsung bootloader (Knox) doesn't allow an official firmware downgrade, and IIRC that message you are getting happens when you're trying to flash an older version of Android. Get a newer stock firmware and try...
  26. XxLordxX

    Post Gear VR - S7 or Edge7?

    Hi, I've played around with the S7 Edge and the S6. Both looked pretty similar on the Gear VR, since it zoom in the screen I do not think it'd be much of a difference - at least it wasn't very noticeable for me. However it has been some long time since I last used it, so maybe I may be...
  27. XxLordxX

    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Hi, The first point is a very good one, no one deserves a bloated device. I believe though that your device is a 935F or something device, if possible try finding a normal ROM for it. The second and third points are perfectly understandable, I just want you to consider the effort of the...
  28. XxLordxX

    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Hi, Welcome back to the good side of the force :). First addressing the Gear VR, it shouldn't have any problems to run while being rooted and with Knox tripped AFAIK. Second, usually banking apps doesn't work well with rooted devices due to security, there are however methods to hide root -...
  29. XxLordxX

    Post Z1 - no offline cores

    Hi, If the cores are always working at a reasonable speed something is not right with your mobile. A custom kernel would be of good use though, I've been using one to disable two cores always -- since my Z1 became a backup device -- and that made it heat up a bit less and the battery last a...
  30. XxLordxX

    Post Shame on Sony

    Hi, It has been quite some time since they announced that and it's a pretty useless thing to complain about. It's widely known that manufacturers only offer support for 18 months, so don't expect much more than that. The first A series were released as of 2015, the newer A series is from...
  31. XxLordxX

    Post adb wi-fi

    Hi, While you can adb connect to a device via WiFi, it requires root access afaik. So, unfortunately I worry you won't be able to connect via Wi-Fi. What's the rooting method you were thinking about? All the best, ~Lord
  32. XxLordxX

    Post Broken Screen

    Hi, Yes there is a button to enable MTP and it is in fact hard to enable it without looking at the screen. Have you tried booting in Recovery to access your files? All the best, ~Lord
  33. XxLordxX

    Post GC and CC logs of Mozilla consuming huge amount of space

    Hi, While I'm not a Firefox user, it may seem to be a firefox issue and not related to this device in specific. I suggest you guys emailing or reporting an error ticket to Mozilla regarding this bug, also you can try using the Firefox Beta instead of the stock one, maybe it was fixed in beta...
  34. XxLordxX

    Post Noob questions about king of nougat 4.2

    Hi, The King of Nougat guide tells you to flash the TWRP using Odin, which I assume will be better explained on the TWRP thread. So if you're unsure about what to do, then follow the TWRP guide on flashing itself and then continue from there on the King of Nougat guide. All the best, ~Lord
  35. XxLordxX

    Post Disable permanentely multi windows...

    Hi, This is not a very well known fact, but in some apps I've noticed that if you press and hold the back key it will work as a menu key on stock firmware. All the best, ~Lord
  36. XxLordxX

    Post Broken Screen

    Hi, You can plug an OTG cable and plug in a mouse to work around the touch screen issue. Other possibility is trying to boot in recovery mode to manage the files via USB, though I'm not sure if it would allow you to access internal data using adb or not. All the best, ~Lord
  37. XxLordxX

    Post Samsung SM-G9350 only getting 3G

    Hi, I believe it's a fake, an easy way to verify that is booting in download mode, that is, turn off phone and boot it up pressing volume up and home button alongside the power button. Even though the bootscreen already showed to you that it was a fake, if you get a better replica it would be...
  38. XxLordxX

    Post S4 only one horizontal line

    Hi, It appears to me that it's some kind of problem with the screen as well, it doesn't seem to be changing the leds of the previous screen until it is out of power to keep them turned on. Unfortunately I'd guess the only solution is replacing screen. All the best, ~Lord Sent from my...
  39. XxLordxX

    Post What is the best rom for S4-I9505 ?! ( BEST BATTERY,PERFORMANCE )

    Hi, As it's commonly said there's no such thing as best ROM, your best bet would be to go through your device subforum and read the threads for one that would satisfy your needs. One thing I can suggest is that by my experience, AOSP based ROMs had better performance and battery life than...
  40. XxLordxX

    Post [[FAQ][HELP THREAD][GUIDES LIST] Ask Any Question for S6

    Hi, Try looking here Found this thread on XDA about your specific device, though I don't know how things are working there, if...
  41. XxLordxX

    Post Flash Non carrier OS on G920I (Currently Claro Carrier)

    Hi, I think it's safe to install a different country 920i firmware using Odin. I used to have Indian firmware on my Brazilian 920i and it still receives OTA without problems, since the device is still stock. All the best, ~Lord Sent from my Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-935F) using Tapatalk Beta
  42. XxLordxX

    Post AOD causes screen to go gray/green

    Hi, Unfortunately AFAIK a tripped Knox means void warranty... You can try talking with them that the issue you have has nothing to do with Knox and rooting, but the warranty is void I think. Sadly that's the world we currently live in. Good luck with your phone! All the best, ~Lord Sent...
  43. XxLordxX

    Post SM-G9350 Hong Kong version S7 Edge software update

    Hi, Your model is the dual SIM S7 Edge I assume. If it's unlocked and you aren't using the second SIM card you can safely install a 935F firmware as far as I know, then you can receive updates from the country you downloaded the firmware. If you're into bleeding edge software updates, IIRC the...
  44. XxLordxX

    Post S6 battery lasts max 5hrs please help serious drain

    Hi, Download an app like AccuBattery or another battery monitor more precise, you don't need to keep it installed long just to check if there's anything running in background killing your battery. By the look of the graph the battery level is jumping when you turn the device off, so I'm...
  45. XxLordxX

    Post Galaxy s7 or s8?

    Hi, I really like the S7 Edge however if you can afford to wait I'd wait for the S8, it's just a few months away and when it's released you'll even get a nice price cut on the S7 Edge in case you find it to be a better investment. If however, you need the phone right now, then go for the S7...
  46. XxLordxX

    Post Something strange with my display

    Hi, That's just a burn in, are you replacing it by yourself or sending to Samsung and getting it replaced for free? If you're doing it yourself I wouldn't risk for just a small issue. My Xperia Z1 screen was replaced by a third party and lots of problems came with it. All the best, ~Lord...
  47. XxLordxX

    Post Should I use custom rom?

    Hi, First things first, do you use the dual Sim capability of your device? Since the rom doesn't support 935FD I believe it will "turn" your device into a 935F (which I think it's possible, not sure), which is a single SIM phone. If you do use two SIM cards at the same time I wouldn't flash...
  48. XxLordxX

    Post Adaptable storage reset after flashing a new rom

    Hi, While neither I flashed a custom ROM neither I am using adoptable storage, I believe the reason for that happening is due to the sdcard encryption. When you enable adoptable storage it formats your sdcard and encrypts it the same way the internal storage is encrypted (AFAIK), when you...
  49. XxLordxX

    Post Rooting

    Hi, Since the Snapdragon version is limited to the US market (mostly under carriers) and the Chinese market I believe there are more custom ROM, kernels, etc in the Exynos model. However that's not to say the development is huge, since the Exynos processor has a very bad documentation and...
  50. XxLordxX

    Post Rooting

    Hi, That's the problem, he says his device is SM-935F, however that device has an Exynos processor. Either he confused the processor in his device or he said the wrong model version. All the best, ~Lord Sent from my Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-935F) using Tapatalk Beta