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    Post S Pen Air Actions/Air gestures stopped working on my note 10+

    Having the same problem. Have not found any solution yet. Gonna have to try to find one which is working and try it on my phone
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    Post Unable to flash the star wars edition rom. A solution ?

    To any having the same problem I am using Star Wars Edition (android 12) on my Note 10 plus. Use CSC_ instead of HOME_CSC_. Kindly note that this will completely erase anything stored on your device. Please do a backup before proceeding
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    Post Star Wars Theme from the Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Special Edition

    Yes i confirm that i received the Star Wars Firmware for N975F. I used frija to download with CSC DBT. BUT dont use the Home csc file instead use the other one (csc_...). All your data will be wiped, so do a backup prior to flashing with odin
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    Post [KERNEL] HackKernel 0.4 [EMUI Based 4.1][Sabermod][-03 pipe]

    Did anyone tried it on resurrection remix?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][ OpenKirin's RROS v5.8.5 For Huawei P8Lite ][Update 02/03/2018]

    Does anyone has a problem with ussd code running and disappears after a moment
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    Post official firmware V6 Marshmallow ale-l21c185 Meddle east

    Thanks a lot bro :angel: ---------- Post added at 05:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:29 AM ---------- Is it beta or full version
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    Thread Need C185B160 stock rom

    Hi everyone, can someone give a the. Stock rom of ALE-21C185B160, thanks guys in advance
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    Post I Need the stock firmware for huawei p8lite ALE-L21 with build : c185b160

    Hi i have ALE-21C185B130 BUT. I can't find any update to C185B160, i live in Mauritius, please help
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    Post New Update for ALE-L21 (ALE-L21C432B170)

    Can I install it on ALE-L21C185B130
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][J] Revolution HD

    eager to use this rom
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][J] Revolution HD

    Link not working getting error 509