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    Post Tecno spark 7 root method

    First of all i have been flashing roms sins 2018 on Nokia 7 plus i never had these types of problems idk what's wrong and also fahad brother the day i asked you about that vivo since that day phon your contact number has gone ghost (shutdown) i have flashed the firmware but there's a problem you...
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    Thread Huawei P10 lite root

    Please somebody write down the proper setup by step root guide for this device and also how do i take backup of firmware on this because i have bad luck with Huawei sd card flash i had a lot of Huawei phone wich only support sd card firmware upgrade but i have seen any phone successfully flashed...
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    Post crDroid (10) GSI ported to HUAWEI P10 Lite (Tested On WAS-LX1A)

    I know it's not the topic but how do i root this phone ??
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    Post Tecno spark 7 root method

    Ok So now what to do ??
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    Post Tecno spark 7 root method

    It's boot loop sins Friday no fastboot no anything just as i described...!
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    Post Tecno spark 7 root method

    Idk in mine it's showing up as p65
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    Post Tecno spark 7 root method

    It doesn't even connect on pc it just keep switching between usb serial to com9 port idk what happened
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    Post Tecno spark 7 root method

    Successfully rooted but after rooting camra didn't work so i wanted to unroot but the system says failed to unroot Then i flashed the original boot file of the stock rom and now the phone is just dead boot looping on Android logo and only shows up on pc as a serial port (should show up as...
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    Post How to extract boot.img file

    What's the status now ??
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    Can anyone tell me what to do with this ? I don't have any ideas what is this cycle through switching and also the bow do i make code for this ? It's my first xda comment 😅