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  1. Hunter_Adad

    Post General Xiaomi 11t Pro debloat list

    Thanks a lot for this.
  2. Hunter_Adad

    Post Question MIUI Global to SKDEUXM OTA update

    Hi, another question: Has anyone tried rooting 13.0.15? Is it the same procedure used for other 13.0.X versions?
  3. Hunter_Adad

    Post How To Guide MIUI 13 (Xiaomi.EU) for Xiaomi 11T Pro - V13.0.2.0.SKDMIXM

    Can safetynet be bypassed after rooting with magisk? I am in MIUI 13.0.15 and willing to try this rom.
  4. Hunter_Adad

    Post How To Guide Root + Safetynet Passing - Instructions for Xiaomi 11T Pro (GLOBAL)

    Does this method work for MIUI 13.0.15?
  5. Hunter_Adad

    Post [ROM][7.0][N920C/G/I/K/L/S] XStock NE

    So is it root free? I just want a nice rom where i can play pokemon go. (I've tried magisk before, never worked, so that's the reason of my doubt).