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  1. DU96

    Post First game you remember playing?

    Windows XP Pinball
  2. DU96

    Post [Q] Bricked G3 (eMMC failure possibly)

    im late but if anyone else has this problem it means ur emmc is corrupted or has some issues on capacitors in motherboard or it could be in emmc. happened to me too i just overheated the emmc manually with hot glue guns body then emmc got pass somehow but after like using phone 1-2 hours i...
  3. DU96

    Post LG G2 Touch Screen Issues, perhaps software issue?

    this issue has happened for me so much and i got angry and dropped phone to floor and when i picked it up it was has no sound anymore but no more touchscreen issues nvm touchscreen issues are being happened again after i use my phone some time
  4. DU96

    Post [GUIDE] QDLoader 9008 fix | EDL Mode fix

    omg thank you so much i have fixed my lg g2 with the driver you gave and used a bit of firmware
  5. DU96

    Post [FIX] NO Recovery mode, No download mode, after OTA on rooted LG G2

    i just did this with no mistake but now my phone is not even opening no lg logo no screen no led when i connect it to computer its seen as a qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008 with error code 52
  6. DU96

    Thread LG G2 QDLoader 9008 Code 52

    Hello, I was installing stock rom to my lg g2 d802 in download mode then my phone got closed while firmware update was not finished and i was having black screen then i did steps in i did...