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    Post Question How do I access the native Android Files app? [SOLVED!]

    There's none there. What you see is the Android File Picker. It looks like the default file manager of android because it is not skinned. But it is no way the same as the stock android file manager.
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    Post Question S21 Ultra FM radio (snapdragon)

    No FM Radio for the sole reason that there is no headphone jack anymore. It is being used as an antenna for the FM chip so having an FM radio without an antenna is pretty much useless. No more no less. No need for conspiracy theories here.
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    Post Question Can I flash SM-G9980 with SM-G998B firmware?

    Mine is also TGY and it has 2G Only.
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    Post Question Model number specific to Europe?

    DS = Dual Sim
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    Post General Grainy pictures

    Disable Scene Optimizer. For me it removes the grainy effect on photos.
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    Post Question S21 ultra dual physical sims

    Not sure what model the Australian S21 are but if it ends with the letter B(G998B) then you can try switching the CSC to XTC and try again. While there's only 1 sim card originally it should still have 2 IMEI numbers because of the e-SIM so logically switching CSCs should work.
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    Post Question How to back up secure folder?

    Upon your first setup on secure folder there should be a pop up there saying "Backup is no longer supported for Secure Folder, but you can still restore from previous backups." So yeah, Backup is gone for Secure Folder now.
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    Post Question RAW Support for all cameras (inc.Telephoto not only main/ultra.w) on S21, S21 Ultra Exynos

    Sorry but I don't understand this. You can switch between ultra wide and wide lens on pro mode and both have RAW support. Do you mean that samsung enable all camera options in pro mode? If that's the case then please fix the title and description or else you won't have any proper backing on...
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    Post Question Snapdragon SM-G9980 (China) in Europe

    Only Exynos variant has E-Sim. And as for dual 5G it does not. You can only open 5g on a single sim slot. You can either switch 5g to sim 1 or sim 2 but not both.
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    Post Question Google RCS paired with Samsung Messages

    Hi sorry for the late reply. From IMS Settings go to IMS Service Switch and enable RCS Switch and all the RCS sub section toggles at the bottom. And do that on both sim slots. You can switch by clicking the sim slot # at the upper right corner of the screen.
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    Post Question Google RCS paired with Samsung Messages

    Download Create an account Enable device admin & knox Go to app manager look for IMS Settings Open the mainactivity Look for the RCS options there and enable it including its features. Sorry I can't be specific...
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    Post Question S21Ultra exynos vs snapdragon! Any winners

    Korean Korean Market still use the snapdragon variant. And I doubt those same reviewers will make a review again. A handful of new phones have been released already since and the views are now on those phones and not the s21.
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    Post Question Update Failling

    You modify your system and expect samsung to push an update on your device? That won't work.
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    Post Question Poor quality when taking pics of people

    1. That's normal. 1.1 to 2.9x zoom is digital zoom. Don't expect the same quality as when you didn't zoom. 2. Use group selfie or disable bokeh from your selfie shots.
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    Post Question Anyone with a Unlocked Samsung S21 Ultra who uses the stock Samsung Phone app/Smart Call missing the places tab?

    There's no places tab on mine. Even if I have locked BL. Must be some of the features discarded by samsung on the s21.
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    Post Question Black Screen of Death? 2 Month old S21 Ultra 512gb

    3 isolated cases out of more than a million units sold is not remotely closed to a serious issue.
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    Post Question Black Screen of Death? 2 Month old S21 Ultra 512gb

    If you turn it off and then turn on does it show the initial splashscreen? If not then that's definitely a display issue and can only be fixed by replacement.
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    Post Question Snapdragon SM-G9980 (China) in Europe

    Hi I have g9980 also HK Variant. 1. VoLTTE works 2. Not sure, Samsung pay is not supported in our country. 3.. Anti Spam works. 4. Google is the default search engine. No need to change. 5. Google discover & samsung free is there and it works.
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    Post Question Manually flashing new firmware update, while keeping ROOT.

    Once somebody makes a flashable zip file of the full firmware and integrate root with it then yes it's possible. But by using Odin? Definitely no.
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    Post Question S21U usb type c earphones

    Jusr follow @Keyvannn 's video link. There no need to hassle & buy any D/A converters. It works out of the box. Just enable audio routing on developer options.
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    Post Question Disable camera zoom lock?

    I know how to work with photos. Sadly what you said is not true. Try taking moon shots for example. I would like to see the same amount of details shooting at 70x vs 10x to prove what you say is true.
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    Post General S21 Ultra (Exynos) gets hotter than S20+ (Exynos) while using the camera

    That's a known problem already. Let's just hope its software related so Samsung can fix it soon. As far as I am aware s20 line had this similar issue before too and it was fixed after a few software updates.
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    Post Question Disable camera zoom lock?

    How I wish it only did that. However the camera AI determines the subject and autolocks to it in 3 seconds. The main problem I'm encountering here is that it autolocks even if the subject is not centered and I can't for the life of me fix that unless I move the camera until the target is out of...
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    Post Question Disable camera zoom lock?

    Hi! Just want to clarify... Do you mean to press the back navigation button when the small window turns yellow?
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    Thread Question Disable camera zoom lock?

    Hi guys! Just wanna ask if there's any way to disable the zoom lock feature of the s21 ultra? While I appreciate the stability it offers, that same stability sometimes causes a hindrance to zoom photography. When the object I want to shoot is not centered adjusting the phone slowly won't move...
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    Post Question Camera performance

    Lens flare is normal on any cameras. If there's a bright light being emited it reflects on the lens. The reason you're not seeing it on other mobile phones is because the AI removes it realtime. So yes, it can be removed by software.
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    Post Question Exynos Chip Bin/Performance Survey

    Binning is just a QA on the wafers of a silicon chip. Making it is expensive so throwing away those with little imperfections would increase the manufacturing costs. Zo what they do is compromise with those less than perfect chips and increase the voltage to mitigate the imperfections...
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    Post Question Galaxy Labs version 2

    Download nicelock. Galaxy labs and Goodlock are limited to certain countries only.
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    Post Question Exynos Chip Bin/Performance Survey

    Sorry I can't fill in your form since I'm on mobile. But here' s mine. Looks like mine is a bit weird. The binning differs on the X1 chip. Mine is little cpu grp : 3 mid cpu grp : 3 big cpu grp : 4 g3d grp : 1
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    Post Huawei P40 Pro eRecovery offer EMUI 11

    This is what happens once you downgraded your firmware using hisuite proxy. Software updates are now broken.
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    Post Firebase notifications after successful Googlefier setup

    You used the wrong version for your device. Go to settings about phone and see if you still have your IMEI. If it's empty then you corrupted your modem partition and you can't fix it. If it's still there then boot yo eRecovery and do a reset and update.
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    Post Firebase notifications after successful Googlefier setup

    Software updater doesn't work anymore once you reflash using hisuite proxy. Your only way to upgrade now is to rely on hisuite proxy
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    Post Attempting to Enable VoLTE

    Anybody here could provide me a ROM dump of ROG phone 2? I do have the device but we have no VoLTE support here where I live so I wouldn't even bother rooting my phone now for this. But I am a developer(though not active anymore) so I believe I could be of some help if I try.
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    Post BSG Google Camera port - 7.4.104 (June 18)

    Guys any idea how to fix my issue? Whenever I start GCAM I only get a blackscreen with only the switch camera, shutter & gallery button. But if I turn off the display & turn on again it suddenly works. But if I close and open the camera app the blackscreen issue shows up again. I already tried...
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    Post Screenwake on fingerprint

    Hi! What particular custom rom is it? This is just a new phone. I'll have to wait for a few days before I can unlock it.
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    Thread Screenwake on fingerprint

    Hi guys! Noticed that my pocophone's screen wakes up whenever I touch the fingerprint sensor. I didn't enable the fingerprint authentication nor enable any security unlock(pin, pattern or password) But the screen keeps on waking up whenever i touch the fingerprint sensor. I just want to disable...
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    Post touch sensitivity with gloves

    I think the reason why they removed it is not perfect. You know samsung... If they can't perfect it then they just remove it. The feature is a part of the floating touch technology of capacitive touch screens. But the problem is it fails most of the time when used.
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    Can't anybody that has yet to update use wireshark to capture the download URL of the patch and unpack it to know what files were changed?
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    My device is not N950F... However we have a common issue here... I can get OEM Unlock without root because there's one firmware file we have that doesn't have RMM State and flashing this firmware on my device fixed the missing OEM Unlock. I am not sure however with note 8 as I don't have that...
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    That's my point... So what I am trying to say is... If we find a solution to RMM State instead of OEM Unlock the 7 day wait time would be a one time deal.
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    Ok just another info.... I found out that frp lock stores it's lock status in /dev/block/persistent. Wonder if that's where RMM State also stores its status? If yes when rooted maybe we can override it everytime thru updater-script?
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    /system/csc/others.xml and look for <CscFeature_Common_SupportRmm>TRUE</CscFeature_Common_SupportRmm> But I believe dr.ketan already knows this and has already provided you guys with a fix where he's asking for testers. ---------- Post added at 08:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    Like i said it is the CSC CscFeature_Common_SupportRmm... You need to disable it to make OEM Unlock show up. Setting it to FALSE or totally removing that line from others.xml fixes the issue. However it is still pointless as even with OEM Unlock enabled as long as RMM State still shows up in...
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    I have a galaxy Note FE... On this model there's 2 types of firmwares... 1 doesn't have CscFeature_Common_SupportRmm and the other has. I tried flashing both models but the RMM state doesn't disappear in the bootloader. This is why I am asking for the hidden partition of the phone and to try...
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    Can you post or give me a link? And when did you do dump the partition? ---------- Post added at 02:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:44 PM ---------- Also anybody noticed these in their others.xml in the csc folder? <CscFeature_Common_SupportRmm>TRUE</CscFeature_Common_SupportRmm>...
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    Guys the property value is just frontend... Even if you manage to make the OEM unlock option show up the bootloader will still block the custom image you will flash. The real culprit here is the RMM State. This is what's really causing the blocks/jails. For those with root by the way and has...
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    I mean if you flash a custom ROM then do a factory reset. Does it go away? Or don't you do any factory resets whenever you flash a new ROM?
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    Post [INFO] [Exynos] Note 8 - Exynos - N950F/FD - OEM Unlock Option available?

    Hi guys... Question... What will happen if I get OEM unlock, flash new ROM then do a factory reset? My worries here is that the bootloader prevents flashing of custom binaries. But the counter seems to be stored in /data partition hence why it resets when we factory reset. So when you are in a...
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    Thread Root status of Galaxy Note FE

    Hi guys! Just got this phone today and of course did research and stuff... I just want to ask due to the issue of getting the error "custom binary(RECOVERY) Blocked due to remaining installment balance" and RMM State: Prenormal Returning whenever you factory reset the phone. What will happen...