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    Post Development [ROM][OFFICIAL][lemonade][13] LineageOS 20

    Thanks for the great ROM @andr01dfr3ak and thank you @Eric_Lev for the suggestions! I did the same exact setup and everything is working great! 1st custom ROM on a phone in 4-5 years! So effortless now and this "nightly" feels like a stable release from what I remember. I really haven't found...
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    Post Development [ROM][OFFICIAL][lemonade][11] LineageOS 18.1

    I don't know why I waited so long to try LOS out... Makes a good phone great, not sure why either. Oxygen OS is pretty much stock but the phone just feels so much better. The biggest improvement that I can actually identify is the ability to increase the sensitivity of gestures. The O OS default...
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    Post [PORT][APP][5.0+][06/06/21] Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM

    I installed the bugged version as that was the only one that would download. It works great for what I wanted it for, manually transferring music to my Galaxy watch... Which is awesome! It does also look like a pretty slick music player too.
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    Post Development [ROM][Android 11][OP9] crDroid v7 [21 DEC 2021]

    I haven't owned an Android phone I could use a custom rom on for a long time...I really want to try this out. Although, I am a little concerned with doing it with this phone because I'm on Verizon. I had a hard enough time getting it to even work on the network. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Post [OBSOLETE] Variants with KDZs Bl Unlock Guide

    This is great news. Has anyone Tested using a LOS GSI or AOSP GSI? I am on verizon and have found with another phone that all GSIs on android version 9 and 10 have "No Sim Card" errors and you can not make calls or send texts (strangely you can receive both). This error wasn't seen with other...
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    Post How to turn off 3-dotted touch button.

    I am pretty sure that as long as you only use sugar to flash everything you can never really brick the palm (as long as you are replacing the correct sugar downloaded files when you rename the system and boot images). I tried a bunch of Android 10 (LOS and AOSP) system images and never bricked...
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    Post Guide to Treble/GSI on the Palm Phone

    I was having trouble getting Android 10 (AOSP or LOS) to boot and tried multiple images with no luck, every time it would lead to very fast bootloops after rebooting from TWRP. I finally looked to go back to 9 and had a saved copy of the Sugar downloaded files that I was previously running...
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    Post Guide to Treble/GSI on the Palm Phone

    When you first got to TWRP you needed to have formatted data, this removes the encryption so the partitions are available to see/use in TWRP. You can do it now but it will wipe everything.
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    Post Guide to Treble/GSI on the Palm Phone

    Not sure how I did this but I found out the reason that I still have verizon apps is because TWRP cannot mount the data partition. It wont let me select it so my wipes weren't doing anything. I was able to install GAPPS nano but I still have to manually push everything to TWRP because I cannot...
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    Post Guide to Treble/GSI on the Palm Phone

    Thanks for the link, I accidentally grabbed the LOS 17 version which you had already tested as not working...the LOS 16 version worked great. Thankfully you can use "adb reboot edl" within TWRP or else I would have had no way to use sugar, I thought I had bricked my device until I tried that...
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    Post Guide to Treble/GSI on the Palm Phone

    I followed these steps but get a persistent bootloop after rebooting in TWRP. I tried the "lineage-16.0-20191017-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_avN.img" that sergio_chichi suggested but I may have done it wrong. Do I need to start over with sugar or can I now treat this as if it was if it was any other...
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    Post [Release] Root the Palm phone

    You must have an Internet connection to use the sugar program. I updated to the latest version when I rooted and did not notice any difference with battery. I did notice a great deal of difference when I used the debloat script found on the other palm thread. I even modified it to keep...
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    Post [Release] Root the Palm phone

    You need to have access to an android phone that has Magisk installed (you could use the palm phone but it would be kind of a hassle as you would have to set it up after the reset...just to reset it again). Transfer the boot file to that device then open the magisk app. You will have 2 options...
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    Thread Wireless charging mod

    This phone needs to be charged a lot, at least for me. I thought dropping it on a charger would be a lot easier than plugging it in constantly. It's not very elegant but it does work, I just happened to have white vinyl but will replace it with black when I get a chance. Black would definitely...
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    Post On vzn with Pie.......stuck with google button

    You can turn it off, search settings for shortcut. There are 3 options... Single, double, and long press. Each can be turned off independently, I'll bet there are also apps that can hijack the click to do something else, I could do that on my s8 at least.
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    Post Gboard battery drain?

    I never could find out why, tried a few keyboards but ultimately settled on the stock lg keyboard. It's a bummer, I've used gboard for years. My battery life has significantly improved though, so it's not just a reporting glitch...gboard really was killing my battery.
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    Post Google Phone

    Are you on Verizon?
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    Post Google Phone

    I tried both the 480dpi and nodpi versions on apkmirror... Both installs failed. Edit: it's not available in the play store for my Verizon model.
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    Thread Gboard battery drain?

    Gboard uses significantly more battery than any other application. I have factory reset twice and turned off all adblockers but still, it drains battery like crazy. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Post Any former Pixel/Nexus owners here?

    I have had the N5X, pixel, pixel xl, pixel 2 xl, and like you prefer AOSP. I have found the G7 to be acceptable through use of nova launcher with the companion app for Google now. I also like the ability to have themes, I have found a material black theme that is very well done and a whole lot...
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Did you look at the photo of my phone I posted? If you can't see the gap, why do you care what's filling it? The edges are indistinguishable from the center, what more do you want?
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Watch this video: I know it seems janky but it works, and when you need to put a new screen protector on the oil residue cleans right up.
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    Post Glass screen protector

    Just watch that linked you tube video. It doesn't reduce adhesion as you're only applying oil to the very edge.
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    I bought the same screen protector as you but then just applied a little oil...perfect. I've done this with a few phones and it always works pretty well, some additional oil in the first few days then it's maintenance free.
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    Post Glass screen protector

    This is basically the same thing I did:
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    Post Glass screen protector
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    Post Glass screen protector
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    Post Glass screen protector

    I would strongly suggest people try out the tgsp that do not have borders (full screen adhesive) and then use some mineral oil on the sides to get rid of the Halo. I have now had my screen protector on for over a month with no problems and it looks perfect... I'm not exaggerating, perfect. I...
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    Post Essential June Update Available!

    For those who couldnt get the june update to install, did you try using fastboot? I had the same problem and tried to sideload the update but found that fastboot commands are not working. The only thing i can think of is that flashing back to oreo from the P beta broke fastboot. Any one else...
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    Post Glass screen protector

    I tried out mineral oil on the edges of my phone. I have been using it for a couple days and it seems to have worked perfectly. There are still very small areas where you see the halo but none of it is over the actual display.
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    Post Overall love

    After the oreo update I gave my pixel 2 xl to my mom and now use the ph-1 full time. This phone is now what it should have been at release, which makes me think that the ph-2 might just be good enough to actually have the market penetration that this phone never got due to the problematic...
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    Post Oreo 8.1 out of Beta!!!

    Feels fast and fluid, antutu scores it 208333. Not sure what it did before but that's faster than the pixel 2 xl.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for the Essential PH-1 (mata)

    For anyone contemplating the switch to LOS 15 from beta 8.1, I suggest you do it. My phone is being replaced under warranty but functions, so I thought I would try out LOS 15 as I am going to have to set a phone up again anyway. I am blown away with how complete LOS feels compared to 8.1, I used...
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    Post Not all SMS messages are received on Verizon

    I had bad reception at work so texts weren't coming through, I started using the verizon messages+ app and now I'll get messages over WiFi. You could try that to see if it helps.
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    Post Exact settings for Verizon Wireless Use

    I was recently on the LOS ROM and saw that there is an APN for straight talk, you may want to try that too see if that will allow for both cdma + LTE.
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    Thread My experience with Verizon LTE/Signal issues

    The verizon signal on my ph-1 was not the best. I would often have to manually choose LTE only to have the phone get LTE, choosing LTE cdma/evdo would keep the phone on 1x/3g. I attributed this to possible software and hardware issues with the phone itself as I saw many other Verizon users with...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for the Essential PH-1 (mata)

    I feel like with each successive update the screen sensitivity gets worse. I routinely have missed touches while typing and scrolling feels like what I remember stock being like. I don't know if it's just my imagination though, because I do remember initially being very impressed when coming...
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    Post Essential Dialer APK

    On lineage, I installed the stock Google phone app because I wanted spam blocking. The phone app worked fine, I was able to make it the default app, and spam filtering worked... Until I rebooted and got repeat errors that wouldn't let the os load, effectively soft bricking the phone. I had to re...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 for the Essential PH-1 (mata)

    Thanks OP! Got it up and running, seems pretty solid for the first build. The initial setup wizard hung at the last step for me but after a reboot it worked. Oh, and the night mode works great! ^TWRP link worked for me about 30 mins ago Update: I have installed most all of my apps and have...
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    Post Is this phone worth it?

    I had an s8 and note 8, performance is on par or better. Battery life is similar to the note 8, so all day with 3-4hrs sot. I also had a pixel and the stock Android experience is very similar, although I do periodically have lockups with some apps where I have to clear then from recents and...
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    Post Friends & Family Code if I bought phone used?

    I bought mine used from swappa, got my code yesterday.
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    Post No option to change to file transfer when connected to PC

    I had the same problem and I eventually got it to work by using a USB A to C cord, not my usbc port on my laptop.
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    Post strongly considering a purchase - help

    To add to the cons listed by lyall29, the phone is heavy. Some might see this as a testament to the build quality but it just makes it harder to handle one handed. That said, I've gone from the pixel, to LG G6, back to pixel, to s8, then to note 8... I'd still choose the ph-1. That's mostly due...
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    Post Note 8 differences between "Unlocked Samsung Version" and Carrier versions

    I purchased the Verizon version of the note 8 from with the note 7 owner coupon. I was in between the unlocked and the Verizon versions but ultimately went with Verizon for the Wi-Fi calling. I Just got the phone today and wifi calling does work but are you suggesting the unlocked...
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    Post Minimum brightness

    Thanks for the tip, this combo does make the screen acceptably dark enough. Has anyone had any luck with automating lg's settings? I have not been successful with Tasker and would really like to schedule this based on time and ambient light sensor.
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    Post Just Got Phone, Scratch on Screen Within 10 mins

    I have had no problems with connecting to home or work Wi-Fi. I work in a hospital where I'll drop Wi-Fi between each floor, I have had no problem connecting quicky after getting to each floor. You have a defective device, although I did get the update from Verizon that the above poster mentioned.
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    Post Verizon compatibility broken after update?

    I am on verizon with no additional problems after the update. I am still always roaming, and my signal is the same (more bars but still the same reception). LTE, MMS, SMS, Cdma all work the same.
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    Post Tap to Wake issues

    I'm coming from an lg phone as well, I have found the taps must be slower. The pause between taps needs to be just a little longer and it works for me almost every time.
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    Post No Data while on Phone

    VoLTE has not been enabled. Modern phones without two radios require simultaneous voice and data to be Volte. I am speaking from my experience with Verizon, the VoLTE option may be enabled on other carriers. The option is there, try it out.