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  1. Arash2803

    Post HWA3 - Jan 2023 | GALAXY S10+ | Official Firmware (SM-G975F) | 16th January 2023

    I have samsung galaxy s10+ android 12 and I want to downgrade to android 11. Is exynos version. My current binary is 15. Odin says that the rom I'm trying to flash is Odin 14 and it doesn't works... Any recommendation? Android 12 sucks... Battery drain is worst that if was on android 11... Is...
  2. Arash2803

    Thread Downgrade Galaxy s10+ Binary 15 android 12 to android 11

    Hi guys, Sorry if it is a silly question but I have been trying to get the information with no results. I have a Samsung galaxy s10+ SM G975F... It is binary 15 and when I use Odin, I can get a newer binary than 14... I want to downgrade from Android 12 to 11... The Batery drain is insane...