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  1. Jaitsu

    Thread Question [FIX] On Windows, and getting errors using fastboot/sideload over USB 3.0+? Solution inside.

    This really isn't specific to the Pixel as it also solves the same issue for many other phones, but as I've seen the issue widespread in ROM threads here I thought I'd share it here. First of all, while it is highly recommended to use Google's USB driver, for many of us that doesn't solve the...
  2. Jaitsu

    Post Question Ad blockers

    +1 to AdAway, plus if your preferred browser supports it, install an adblocker in it as well - I use uBlock for Firefox. There's also MinMinGuard which has recently gotten an update to make it work on current systems, but that requires Lsposed if you don't already use it, as well as...
  3. Jaitsu

    Post Question What is the deal with System Update checker?

    There's another, actually! I found this one in an obscure forum post a while ago and I've been spreading it around ever since - no more screwing around with USB 2.0 hubs/ports and slow speeds. Details here...
  4. Jaitsu

    Post Question What is the deal with System Update checker?

    There's been speculation that the phone validates the boot partition (where Magisk lives) and if it doesn't match the expected hash, it remembers that mismatch for some time even if Magisk is uninstalled and won't update - but I don't know if that's just speculation or if it's been proven. In...
  5. Jaitsu

    Post Question google pixel6 bootloop

    Might be the USB 3.0 issue if your PC is on Windows. I would recommend trying the fix I posted here. I provided manual instructions but running the .reg file in the ZIP file attached does the same thing. Be sure to reboot the PC after applying the fix before trying Android Flash Tool again.
  6. Jaitsu

    Post Question DAE have basically no complaints about the Pixel 6?

    Honestly, as far as the phone itself goes - yeah, it's been problem-free, good performance, good battery, good signal, good... everything. The only thing that's bugging me is the fact that there's still no TWRP for it. I want to play around with custom ROMs and whatnot, but that's a big pain...
  7. Jaitsu

    Post Question [SOLVED][Help needed] Pixel 6 stuck in fastboot mode

    Curious what the issue was, if the repair company can tell you. Storage chip gone bad, maybe? Short of hardware failure it seems like the whole A/B slot thing is built around preventing problems like this.
  8. Jaitsu

    Post Question Pixel 6 not flashing with Android Flash Tool

    I've actually found a fix for the issue when flashing with a non-USB2.0 port on Windows. It does require a small change in the registry, however. You can write down/export the current values first, if they exist, if you're worried, but so far after leaving these changes in my registry for months...
  9. Jaitsu

    Post Question Device corrupted after OTA

    A couple of things everyone having this issue should be aware of. Currently, "Flash to Inactive Slot" breaks verification/dm-verity on the Pixel 6/7, and I believe that's responsible for the "Device corrupted" error. The Magisk devs are aware but don't have a fix yet. I haven't been able to...
  10. Jaitsu

    Post Question Root on LATEST Android 13 T2B1.221118.006

    Strange, and interesting. May be worth filing a bug at the official Magisk github page if anyone is willing to go through the steps necessary to help troubleshoot the problem (doing all of the above with the latest debug version of Magisk, for starters; if you report a bug using any other...
  11. Jaitsu

    Post Question Root on LATEST Android 13 T2B1.221118.006

    To be fair, I'm not rooting on the latest beta, I'm still on the standard TQ1A December release - the instructions I gave should apply to any version, but it's possible T2B1 has broken something. When you open the Magisk app, does it show that Magisk isn't installed, even after flashing the...
  12. Jaitsu

    Post Question Root on LATEST Android 13 T2B1.221118.006

    Tried how? Assuming your bootloader is unlocked, the easiest way is probably: Unhide Magisk on your phone for now (so PixelFlasher can find it to easily automatically patch your boot.img) Enable USB debugging if you haven't already Grab the T2B1 beta factory image (as by T2B1 it sounds like...
  13. Jaitsu

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    (bootloader) slot-count:2 (bootloader) slot-fastboot-ok:a:yes (bootloader) slot-fastboot-ok:b:yes (bootloader) slot-retry-count:a:2 (bootloader) slot-retry-count:b:2 (bootloader) slot-successful:a:yes (bootloader) slot-successful:b:no (bootloader) slot-suffixes:_a,_b (bootloader)...
  14. Jaitsu

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    Sorry to take so long to come back to this, but I had a lot of clutter from past use in my logs and wanted to try everything from scratch, but didn't want to reflash again at the time. It still appears to be happening, with the latest PixelFlasher (from today) and the latest (December...
  15. Jaitsu

    Post Development [ROM][13][raven][oriole] riceDroid 10.1[AOSP][PIXEL][UNOFFICIAL]

    Oh, I like this a lot. Tried a few other ROMs and was pretty disappointed by the lack of customizability, but this seems to have plenty, and seems to run pretty smooth, too. One question, though - is the touch sound customizable somewhere? Kinda like the stock soft tap sound rather than the...
  16. Jaitsu

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    I have a bit of an odd issue, and have for some time now: When I use the "Flash to both slots" option, afterward, only one slot ends up being bootable, usually the same slot the device was on prior to the update. The whole process appears to work, I see the logs for the flash process for both...
  17. Jaitsu

    Post Question Revolut and similar apps on device with unlocked bootloader

    Take a look at this guide, particularly Part II step 5 ("Root/Reroot with Magisk and pass SafetyNet"). You don't need Magisk Canary, but do follow the rest, particularly where it mentions "Get Device Certified". Your device may have lost certification status, and this will bring it back. You may...
  18. Jaitsu

    Post Question OP8T to P6

    Outside of some minor issues caused by my own tinkering with root, I've had no issues with this thing. Battery life is fantastic (with moderate usage it's usually still over 75% at the end of the day, with Adaptive Battery off), no random reboots, no overheating, signal seems good. There was...
  19. Jaitsu

    Post Question May have bricked my phone...Bootloader randomly failed to flash...??

    How long are you holding it? I have found that it takes a *really long time* (like, a full minute) of holding that power button to get any response. But if still nothing, "black screen with no response" does sound like the "bad bootloader" brick. :x Might be fixable under warranty, I'm not sure.
  20. Jaitsu

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods 📳🔥PixelFlasher for Google Pixel 6 Support Thread.

    Great work on this, seriously, this made getting my Pixel 6 updated and rooted a breeze and these updates sound like they make the process even better, faster, and easier. :D
  21. Jaitsu

    Post Question Should I Get An Unlocked Google Pixel 6 Or An AT&T Google Pixel 6?

    Slight tangent, but do you know if there's a way to check which version I have? I got mine as a refurb off Amazon, but it's unclear whether I got the GB7N6 or G9S9B (to my understanding the G9S9B has mmWave?) - and I swear I saw "G9S9B" in some device-info app but I can't find it again. Edit...
  22. Jaitsu

    Post Question Need some help with Magisk

    Your process in the first section sounds correct to me; not sure why you're getting that corruption error - but I think the same thing happened to me the first time I did it. If that's not working, the easiest way would probably be to get the updated factory (rather than OTA) image from Google...
  23. Jaitsu

    Post Question Enrollment was not completed. Can't use a fingerprint sensor. Visit a repair provider.

    Try using this site, with the latest version of Chrome: At the bottom, use the "Install fingerprint calibration software" button. Apparently that can fix this issue for some.
  24. Jaitsu

    Post Question Magisk failure with Android 13 on Pixel 6a

    On the main page of the Magisk Github, there's a "Downloads" section; the far-right, red "Debug" button is a link to the debug version 25203 the bot wants you to use to file a report. That said, I'm not sure why it'd be failing to patch, it worked fine for me without needing any special build...
  25. Jaitsu

    Post Data partition access gets slower and slower until wiped, regardless of ROM

    Never really found a fix, but I did notice some ROMs are affected by those slow-downs and some aren't. I've switched phones now, but I was using this PA Ruby ROM up until then and it never seemed to slow down. TWRP still took longer and longer to start up over time, though, so I still have no...
  26. Jaitsu

    Post Question PS Remote Play detecting root, help plz

    I am hiding the Magisk app itself, with the default "Settings" name. Normal release (25.2/25200) of Magisk. Do you have any other root-related apps the PS Remote Play app might be looking for? (Though I myself have Fox's Magisk Module Manager, LP, the TWRP app, and Franco Kernel Manager...
  27. Jaitsu

    Post Question PS Remote Play detecting root, help plz

    Interesting, it's happening the moment you open the app? I don't have a Playstation account, but I can open the app and get in far enough to see the account login screen with no error. That's on my system with the above utilities installed as well as Magisk and LSposed, running the Android 13...
  28. Jaitsu

    Post Question How to silence the WiFi connected sound?

    You could temporarily enable Do Not Disturb with exceptions for your usual apps? Otherwise I'm not sure if there's a way to disable that. It'd make sense if your change from randomized -> device MAC fixed this, though, as the network should remember your device rather than make you log in again...
  29. Jaitsu

    Post Question PS Remote Play detecting root, help plz

    Assuming you're on the stock ROM, else you might need to use MagiskHide Props Config. Try turning on Zygisk and adding Displax's version of USNF and Shamiko (note: Shamiko is a closed-source root hider, so your call if you trust it). Keep in mind that if you use Shamiko, then the "enforce deny...
  30. Jaitsu

    Post Question Bluetooth don't work with lsposed

    To those having issues, are you using Riru or Zygisk? I'm on Zygisk and mine's working fine.
  31. Jaitsu

    Post Question Any reason not to accept Android 13 Update (stock/unrooted)

    You don't have to, it's just eliminating an unlikely risk. It'll work fine after just updating. Even if the update somehow failed you'd be safe as it would just roll back; the risk only lies in if you update, successfully boot, and then something causes Android to fail to boot, which should...
  32. Jaitsu

    Post Question Any reason not to accept Android 13 Update (stock/unrooted)

    I updated and I'm pretty happy. IIRC there's now a "developer" Android 12 build that works on the Android 13 bootloader if it ends up not being for you for any reason. I haven't seen any significant issues, though now I see people mentioning wireless charging I did notice it kept popping up the...
  33. Jaitsu

    Post Question Newbie/Android 13

    Back to the original topic, I can't really comment on the difference between 12 and 13, but I can say my experience on 13 has been good. No notable issues, excellent battery life, and support from Magisk addons like AOSP Mods is catching up. Just make sure you know what you're doing if you do...
  34. Jaitsu

    Post Question For new Pixel 6, not pro, owners- what phone are you coming from?

    I'm coming from a Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. I loved that thing, heck, I still do, but it's not supported by US carriers and they're all going to device whitelists, so I got kicked off AT&T and Verizon and was about to get kicked off T-Mobile and had to get something new. So far I'm pretty happy, but I'll...
  35. Jaitsu

    Post Question Any workarounds for OTA not working over USB 3.0+?

    That did work for the current slot, yeah - that was how I ended up saving it after I ran into the "Your device is corrupt" error. That flashes it to the current slot, though, and I was trying to figure out how to flash it to the other so I'd have Android 13 on both, and was still a little...
  36. Jaitsu

    Post Question Fingerprint

    I'm starting to wonder if this is a per-device thing or something. I got mine a few days ago and have been using it constantly, and it hasn't missed a fingerprint read yet. Out of curiosity, do y'all have dry skin or something? I wonder if it has anything to do with how well your fingertip...
  37. Jaitsu

    Thread Question Any workarounds for OTA not working over USB 3.0+?

    Just got my Pixel 6, trying to get everything updated - after a bit of a battle and having to use the web flasher to rescue it, I'm almost there, but currently I've got A13 on one slot and A12 a the other (I uploaded the bootloader on the 12 side at least, so no risk of a hard brick). But every...
  38. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] [perseus] ArrowOS 11.0 [OFFICIAL] [MONTHLY]

    This phone as a whole seems to be just about dead in terms of ROM updates, or close to it, no doubt in part thanks to AT&T and Verizon both going to device whitelists it's not on.
  39. Jaitsu

    Post [Unofficial] Paranoid Android Ruby Dev 1 - Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

    Things to check: 1. Make sure you have the latest firmware, from here - use the latest China firmware, currently V12.5.1.0.QEECNXM, regardless of your actual region 2. Make sure you're on the latest TWRP, from here 3. It used to be that you needed to flash Xiaomi.EU's MIUI first - not sure if...
  40. Jaitsu

    Post [Unofficial] Paranoid Android Ruby Dev 1 - Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

    To date, I think this is still my favorite, most stable ROM for this phone - everything works, it's fast, battery life is the best of any ROM I've tried, and there're all the customization options and colors most R roms are lacking (and GravityBox can provide all the fine-tuning extra tweaks)...
  41. Jaitsu

    Post [EOL][ROM][Perseus][12.1] LineageOS 19.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Here you go. I actually reinstalled the rom - this log is after a reboot after doing nothing but installing the rom, the stock NikGapps package, and Magisk, restoring my apps from a Google backup (but no apps have even been opened other than Play Store, Magisk, and Music), copying a single MP3...
  42. Jaitsu

    Post [EOL][ROM][Perseus][12.1] LineageOS 19.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Oh excellent, I was hoping to see a good Lineage build for this thing! Question: During install, it offers to install Lineage Recovery. Does this include a working build of that for the Mi MIX 3? I can't find any builds of that on Lineage's site and don't wanna break anything by checking that...
  43. Jaitsu

    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][perseus]Official/Unofficial TWRP for Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 (Stable)

    Hate to necro a thread that's been dead for... over a year... but this would still be the right place for Q&A/feedback on TWRP for the Mi Mix 3, right? I'm using 3.6.1_9-0 from the official site, which still lists @mauronofrio as the maintainer. I'm trying to get a GSI working on this thing, and...
  44. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM][11.0][Perseus][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience [AOSP/CAF][2021/11/25]

    Use that module, hide (rename) the Magisk app, enable Zygisk, enable "Enforce Deny List", and add Google Play Services ( I think) to the deny list - when searching for it to add it, you may need to use the drop-down in the top right and enable "System apps" to make it show...
  45. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM] [12.1] [Perseus] xdroid-oss for mi mix 3 [EOL]

    Giving this a try on mine. Looks really good so far! Just kinda don't understand why they limited the color selection so much if you don't have it sample from your wallpaper (I have live wallpaper so that won't work). Everything seems to work great, though, I even have it passing SafetyNet.
  46. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] [perseus] dotOS 5.2 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Out of curiosity, why this over TWRP? I don't suppose OrangeFox has solved the broken backups issue TWRP has? (or, for that matter, if TWRP itself has fixed that in 3.6.0 - I notice encryption fixes, but I don't wanna mess with it and break a working system if backups aren't working)
  47. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM][11.0][Perseus][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience [AOSP/CAF][2021/11/25]

    Thanks for this, was wondering about that when cts started failing again on me and the usual fixes weren't working. Edit: tested and working, thanks! (for others unaware, redfin a11 = Google Pixel 5, Android 11 fingerprint.) Also of note to others, the XPrivacyLua fix I think I mentioned...
  48. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM][11.0][Perseus][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience [AOSP/CAF][2021/11/25]

    Reinstalled the non-plus version today, looking pretty good, battery seems to be doing well. By the way, is there a way to disable Always-On Display after installation? There's the prompt during the OOBE setup process, but after that I can't find a setting to toggle it.
  49. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM][11.0][Perseus][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience [AOSP/CAF][2021/11/25]

    Sorry for not replying! I'd already switched to a different ROM to try, but I'd give this a try again if the battery drain is figured out, or if I can help with that - do you still need screenshots/logs?
  50. Jaitsu

    Post [ROM][11.0][Perseus][UNOFFICIAL] PixelExperience [AOSP/CAF][2021/11/25]

    Yeah, I agree - I ended up clean flashing Plus (didn't try dirty flashing) and I'm getting some considerable battery drain, too. Still made it through the day, but a little concerning. EDIT, slightly annoying additional issue to mention: when using 3-button navigation with the typing arrows...