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  1. whoamanwtf

    Post Question Amazon prime music

    Mine doesn't work well for casting. If I have it on the TV and am cleaning or whatever where I am not touching my phone it stops every song or two until I touch the phone... No other service does this for me.
  2. whoamanwtf

    Post Question Non-foldable case for Z-FLIP 4 ?

    I play games on mine all the time even in a Kishi controller without a non foldy case. A decent mount holding it from the center on your phone so it won't fold from wind or something would also handle the motorcycle mount I would think?
  3. whoamanwtf

    Post Question about the unfold movment

    It's not supposed to move on It's own, you're supposed to be able to place it somewhere half open and it stays that way. It sounds lime yours doesn't do this so it would be defective.
  4. whoamanwtf

    Post Is it bricked? Cannot flash stock Android to remove ArcaneOS

    Yeah this phone turned out to be a pretty interesting story.
  5. whoamanwtf

    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Does hiding an app with Magisk hide use any system resources? If I have 5 hidden apps or 100 is there a difference in battery/cpu usage on my device?
  6. whoamanwtf

    Post Pie controls

    Unfortunately the awesome aspects of that where it users no battery and all that jazz is because it is built into your OS. There are a few mod apps like that in the "Good Lock" family that actually are pretty nice on Samsung. They do us no good over here though.
  7. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    I have an odd thing happen with this rom I am not sure if it happens with the stock rom or not since the stock one does not have an FPS meter built in. When I am playing a game plugged in I get roughly double the FPS I do when I am playing a game not plugged in and it reacts almost instantly if...
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    Post Open Beta 18 is rolling out it is under his contact info.
  9. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    Last time this happened it was because he pulled the update so just wait a while.
  10. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    Damn ok. Thank you for your time. I will hold off on that for the time being then unless I run into an issue.
  11. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    Well I do normally but I disable it before going into the flashing bit. Last time I did that though I still ended up with that issue so I was just hoping for some insight if you had it. I am not currently having this issue but I have the last couple times and being as I am still on 10.3.3 (With...
  12. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    When you do this how do you avoid not being able to see the storage after you reboot to twrp the first time to flash again?
  13. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    Oh you're still going to need to wipe data from stock. That's what I meant by follow the steps from stock. You'd only be saving flashing stock again.
  14. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    I think the reason people are being slow to respond is that it is a hard thing to say yes or no to. If xXx is all you have run and you had it setup in a way that it did not make any system modifications then you should be able to just remove it and then follow the wipe and flash instructions...
  15. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    It is weird I cannot download certain apps on this rom, random ones I have noticed so far a couple games. They download fully but then the install fails, I see the games installed but they crash. Does anyone had a similar issue and or know a way to fix it? One of the games that is free is...
  16. whoamanwtf

    Post IS There a better rom than OOS nowadays?

    I have been real happy with Resurrection Remix for the past week plus. Haven't found any bugs and it seems to be quicker with battery battery life than stock.
  17. whoamanwtf

    Post Often bootloop after restart, but only after the pin has been entered

    Awesome glad I could assist! Happy modding :)
  18. whoamanwtf

    Post Often bootloop after restart, but only after the pin has been entered

    Most likely you are having an issue with Esxposed. Turn off all your modules in Magisk and then reboot. Enable one by one and repeat til you find the cause.
  19. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamole][10] RESURRECTION REMIX [DEC 2020]

    You're going to want to return to the stock kernel. Restore a backup or flash OOS again first, the restore method is faster but often not recommended.
  20. whoamanwtf

    Post Upgraded to lgv60 do I need to put TMobile software back

    I would use that phone for a few days before you turn in your op7. You might find you don't like it, also read up about LGs update history, good chance that phone will be on 10 for a real long time, if you like updates LG is not great to own. Also yeah I would just use the msmtool and put it...
  21. whoamanwtf

    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - OnePlus 7 Pro

    I haven't had any major issues but I have noticed that Force Dark Mode is no longer in the Dev settings. Is there a way to get this functionality on this rom still? I know it has a dark mode but it doesn't turn the apps dark that force dark mode did. In addition to that does anyone happen to...
  22. whoamanwtf

    Post A question from a ex Samsung User

    Well you can root the OP7t so if you plan on doing that then just get AdAway.
  23. whoamanwtf

    Post Android 10 for Oneplus 7 Pro Sucks

    Just so you know the keyboard space is on every phone with Android 10, it is part of Googles implementation of gestures. It allows the use of gestures while the keyboard is open without typing or typing without triggering gestures.
  24. whoamanwtf

    Post [Magisk ROM] xXx NoLimits [OP7pro] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [OOS/H2OS v10]

    If you have your animation speed set at .25 or below change it to .5 or higher and cod will work again.
  25. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone Go there and ask for help, someone will be helpful and chat might be easier.
  26. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone

    Do you have access to a windows computer?
  27. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone

    So it sounds dumb but try rebooting your computer and switching USB ports then trying again.
  28. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone

    Send a larger screen grab of the MSMtool running, I don't recognize what you sent.
  29. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone

    Where did you get the files you're using? Maybe download one from my link, they're the only ones I've personally used and can say for sure they work
  30. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone I meant to send that one, follow those instructions and you'll be good. It's Android 9 but that doesn't matter, you can update from there once your phones working again.
  31. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone

    Well you need to hit start once it's connected. follow the instructions there with the phone being unplugged and powered off open msm hold volumes while not hitting power at all and wait then plug into the computer.
  32. whoamanwtf

    Post I think I killed my brand new phone

    If you haven't fixed your phone yet just use MSMtool it will fix it, this phones essentially unbrickable.
  33. whoamanwtf

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1] switchroot LineageOS 15.1

    Did you remember to mount system in twrp again before you flash the fix? If not do it again and it will work.
  34. whoamanwtf

    Post [KERNEL] [April 4] OnePlus 7 Pro ElementalX 3.03

    It's good man, we can wait. Just glad to see you here!
  35. whoamanwtf

    Post Can I use Lenovo charger on my oneplus 7 pro ?

    Most modern devices are pretty hard to damage with real chargers from anyone, being as your charger isn't some weird knockoff I would bet that it charges just fine but likely at its lowest mode which will charge the phone like a normal phone brick as opposed to the warp charge.
  36. whoamanwtf

    Post [Magisk ROM] xXx NoLimits [OP7pro] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [OOS/H2OS v10]

    All running smoothly here. I went Samsung for over a year and haven't been around. Glad you picked up this phone too!
  37. whoamanwtf

    Post Ghost touches

    I had never seen this issue on my device before, nor did I use NFC. I took an Amiibo, turned on NFC and set the phone down then circled it with the amiibo. The ghost touches strike with a vengeance! Turn off NFC and I see no more. It definitely has to do with the NFC
  38. whoamanwtf

    Post Glass back already cracked

    Hell I could see the impact without zooming in, looks like a sharp edge. If he really doesn't remember it he probably drank and ran into a counter.
  39. whoamanwtf

    Post Galaxy S10 Screen Protectors

    I wish their protector didn't have a cutout for the front camera.. I don't want scratches there either.
  40. whoamanwtf

    Post Which phone you had before the S9+ ?

    I had the OnePlus 5 and between selling that and deals on this phone I got this with little out of pocket so well worth it. I really like the build quality of this phone better and it is nice having a reliable camera so I am happy all around.
  41. whoamanwtf

    Post S9+ as IR remote?

    Funny enough I think it is just detecting the light that the iris scanner uses. That light is not smart enough to function as a remote though so while your phone may trigger the receiver it is not going to send it commands.
  42. whoamanwtf

    Post Mildly Infuriating: 128/256GB Storage Option will be available for US on May 18th

    Man, I was not even thinking about that part of it til you said it either.. That is crap.
  43. whoamanwtf

    Post ATT S9+ with Unlocked or T-Mobile USA firmware?

    Just to throw in, I have been using the ATT S9+ with the U1 Unlocked firmware with no issues, seem to get a bit better battery life and my hotspot works now so yeah it works and is nice to have. I just used the Odin that is floating around here and the stock firmware, you will loss your data...
  44. whoamanwtf

    Post S9+ led case - beware

    Does your plan have any sort of protection? I am not sure about getting anything out of Samsung though. I find the three year contact to be just as crazy as everyone else in the thread though. I honestly thought the US had it the worst when it came to carriers. I know it is not the least bit...
  45. whoamanwtf

    Post Which would you choose, s9 plus or Oneplus 6?

    I have had the last few OnePlus devices and decided to move back to the S9+. The build quality is a huge reason but also on the S9 I find I can just leave it alone and use it and be happy, with the OnePlus there were always stupid little inconsistencies that led me to messing with different ROMs...
  46. whoamanwtf

    Post [GUIDE][Edit APN]Enable native mobile hotspot NO ROOT[Snapdragon S9+]

    There is a way to do it, I am not saying I know what it is. But I have used with this same plan hotspot on a Oneplus 5 stock with no issues. So the block is built into the hotspot app on the phone, there has to be a way to bypass it entirely or maybe replace it with a stock version that doesn't...
  47. whoamanwtf

    Post [GIVEAWAY] 10 free fast wireless charger stand offer!

    I used QVMK-8DNMS3-6FU858, thanks!
  48. whoamanwtf

    Post I have galaxy s7 Flat, do you recomendme buy s9+ ?

    I mean it is a pretty large upgrade from the 7, but if the 7 still does everything you need it to do and you do not need a better camera/bigger screen/faster phone then there is no reason to spend the money now... right? No one can really tell you what is right for you, there are the obvious...
  49. whoamanwtf

    Post Time to take picture (camera launch speed)

    Settings>Advanced Features>Quick Camera Launch.