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  1. J

    Post [OFFICIAL] Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning

    I don't see the attachments. I know, it's been several years now, but I thought the interwebs never forget?
  2. J

    Post Looking for RCA tablet maven pro 11.6 Android firmware and drivers

    Another Jon here. No relation. :D I support a bunch of these specific tablets, we use them for sheet music display. Can't find firmware, can't root them. I feel your pain. However...I also know that the #1 problem with the RCT6213W87M tablet is that it spontaneously crashes & reboots whenever...
  3. J

    Post [GUIDE]RCA Maven Pro (RCT6213W87DK), Bootloader, Custom Recoveries, Firmware and Root

    What about downgrading? I have a RCT6213W87M, and I’d like to downgrade it to Android 5. Would the RCT6213W87DK firmware brick it?