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    Post [EXE] Static Linux binaries for ARM/Android (Cryptsetup, EncFS, F2FS-Tools, Testdisk, PhotoRec,..)

    I don't want to block writing to specific bad blocks, I just want to verify whether my storage is faulty or not. Anyway, I found a copy of badblocks but surprisingly it find anything wrong, even with a non-destructive read-write test on the userdata partition. It is of course possible that the...
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    Post Development [RECOVERY] [12] [UNOFFICIAL] TeamWin Recovery Project (8T / 9R) (2022-07-27)

    As TWRP can sometimes take a long time to load, I modified the ramdisk to show a very dark, black splash screen to avoid the risk of burn-in.
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    Post [EXE] Static Linux binaries for ARM/Android (Cryptsetup, EncFS, F2FS-Tools, Testdisk, PhotoRec,..)

    Thanks for these tools, they're super convenient! Has anyone got badblocks from e2fsprogs compiled? Looks like my OnePlus 9R is faulty...
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    Post Question OP9R internal storage crashing

    I doubt it, when this happens it will generally keep happening within minutes of rebooting until I go into TWRP and delete some files.
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    Thread Question OP9R internal storage crashing

    Hi everyone, My OnePlus 9R often crashes, and it looks like it's related to the internal storage. Read and write operations stop working, to the point where apps won't open and restarting hangs until I do a hard reset. When I do restart, the same apps always fail in the same ways - mainly apps...
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    Post Unbrick - Nexbox A95X (2G + 16G, S905)

    Is there anything available for the 1G/8G version?
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    Post ADB push not working properly

    I had slow transfers that always stopped with this error on OxygenOS on my OnePlus 9R. I rebooted into TWRP and tried again, and it was much faster and successful.
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    Post [ROM][raphael] ArrowOS 12.1 [OFFICIAL][and ArrowOS 11.0]

    How long can we expect Arrow-11.0 to be updated for now that 12.0 is available?
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    Post [TOOL] gibadb: Easily install adb and fastboot with one command (cross-platform!)

    @aIecxs This tool also downloads a minimal version of the Android SDK, which can be used to update the platform tools later on. It also extracts them for you, tells you what to add to your path, and, on Windows, opens up the path settings.
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    Post [TOOL]Minimal ADB and Fastboot [2-9-18]

    I've written a tool similar to this, but it's cross-platform and always up-to-date (it pulls the latest platform tools package from Google's servers).
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    Thread [TOOL] gibadb: Easily install adb and fastboot with one command (cross-platform!)

    Hey everybody, I got tired of having to manually install the Android SDK on every platform, so I built this tool. You can think of it as a cross-platform spiritual successor to Minimal ADB and Fastboot that's always up-to-date. It installs the base Android SDK along with the latest platform...
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    Thread Question Do you recommend this device?

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of upgrading from my run-down Redmi K20 Pro. Do you recommend this device in general? How's thermal performance? How's the custom ROM scene? Do you have any regrets?
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    Post [APP] Reset Wear Client - Switch phones without factory reset

    Since this app only uses shell commands it should be possible to use Shizuku. I'll have a go at implementing this over the (Australian) summer.
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    Please share your design! I'd love to print one out at my library.
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    Interesting find: While both rover and rubyfish have the same kernel config, they seem to have different SoCs. Both device's device trees are shipped with the kernel binary, and here's the difference between them: $ ARCH=arm scripts/dtc/dtx_diff arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/{rover,rubyfish}.dts...
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    Post Ticwatch pro 3 dump

    Here's everything on rubyfish:
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    I've made a full eMMC dump. I've uploaded every partition that doesn't contain sensitive info. Excluded partitions in my upload are: cache, DDR, mcfg, persist, tz, userdata. I'll publish a guide on how to do this yourself soon. Everyone should back up their own persist partitions as they contain...
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    We've almost got a functional TWRP working on the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS (rubyfish) now. As this device doesn't ship with a data cable, a guide needs to be written on how to make one. I'd also like to make a guide on dumping the stock parition images, as there are none available online. This would...
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    Things are going well...
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    Post Hacks, tricks, news and updates for Wear OS smartwatches (TicWatch, Fossil, Missfit, Skagen, Xiaomi, Oppo, Suunto...)

    For those with a working cable, we would like to dump the flash storage contents to progress with development. If you're interested in helping out, please join our testing group:
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    Post Ticwatch pro 3

    For those with a working cable, we need to dump the flash storage contents to progress with development. If you're interested in helping out, please join our testing group:
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    For those with a working cable, we need to dump the flash storage contents to progress with development. If you're interested in helping out, please join our testing group:
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    Post Ticwatch pro 3

    I have a kernel build that reboots after the splash logo shows for a bit. I suspect Android is trying to start but failing. Is anyone with a good cable able to get a logcat for me? Boot the kernel with: fastboot boot zImage-dtb (Note: This kernel has experimental su support. Please do not try...
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    Post KernelSU - Kernel-Assisted Superuser for Android Root Shell

    @janjan Your patch link is down. Could you please re-upload it?
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    Has anyone had an OTA update after unlocking the bootloader?
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    Be careful everyone - the first thing we should do is pull stock images before doing anything that may break OTA updates so we can revert back to stock if need be. I've been talking to JanJan on this matter, and it seems that OTA can be broken very easily. @BadWolfYe, that DTB error can be...
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    Post TicWatch Pro 3 development

    @BadWolfYe Thanks for the builds! Do you have public device trees?
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Thanks for the input. When you say OTA doesn't work if you flash anything, what exactly is stopping it? If I unlock the bootloader and boot TWRP without flashing it, will that break OTA? It looks like someone else built TWRP, though it's untested and no sources are provided. It's been posted on...
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    Post Ticwatch pro 3

    I totally missed your post and started a thread of my own: It looks like we have similar goals, and you've already started - great! It's kinda hard to follow your progress in the thread you're posting in, though - would you...
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    Post Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS

    Hey everyone, I've started a thread dedicated to development:
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    I've just got a TicWatch Pro 3 (rubyfish) and I'm going to have a crack at porting TWRP/building a custom kernel. Here's my XDA thread: @janjan, do you have anything to help/warn about before I get into it? Also, do you...
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    Thread TicWatch Pro 3 development

    Hi all, I've just got my hands on a TicWatch Pro 3 and am keen to mod it. As far as I can tell, there've been no kernels or recoveries built for it yet. I'd like to fix that. This will be my first time bringing up TWRP (I have experience with building AOSP and porting Ubuntu Touch and...
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Hi, can we please get a forum for the Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 (rover/rubyfish)?
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    Post Ticwatch pro 3

    Do OTA updates still work with an unlocked bootloader?
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    Post [ROM][11][RAPHAEL] PixelExperience Normal/Plus [AOSP]

    Did you come from MIUI Android 11? Flash Android 10 firmware.
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][davinci]Official/Unofficial TWRP for Xiaomi Redmi K20 (Stable)

    I just got this on my K20 Pro, this is the only reference to the issue that I can find. I think it's actually caused by rebooting into recovery from software, like from Magisk Manager, the MIUI power menu, or even with ADB.
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    Post Viper4Android on Android 11

    The is completely different, as well as the module.prop. They use completely different install methods. This unofficial build seems to install the app as a system app, while the official module installs it as a user app. As a result, permissions are granted in a system-level config...
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    It seems that GPS is broken on the latest (August 9) catfish build
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    j1k3 Do you still have those images by any chance? I'd like to downgrade to Oreo, but I can't find images anywhere. Your Dropbox link is down.
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    I'd like to downgrade my Pro 2018 back to Oreo (I'm looking into porting AsteroidOS, and it needs Oreo firmware). Does anyone know how I could go about doing this?
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    Post [WIP][DEV][GNU/Linux] PostmarketOS development thread for Ticwatch Pro

    Hi, I've been successful in booting PostmarketOS on my phone, and I'd love to take a shot at porting to this device. One thing's holding me back - were you able to go back to Wear OS after attempting this?
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    Post [ROM][11.0][raphael] RevengeOS 4.0 [19/09/2020]

    Sweet! Does anyone know if the Google Home power menu controls work?
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    Post [ROM][11.0][raphael] Aosp 11.0

    Why eng and not user or userdebug? It's less performant. EDIT: Oh, filename is just wrong. Nvm.
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    Post [ROM][11.0][raphael] Aosp 11.0

    Hell yeah! Does anyone know if there's a way to get GApps? Thanks for the build! (Note: FOD is mentioned as working in Telegram, but it's not mentioned in the post here. Perhaps it should be added to the working list?)
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Should we make a Telegram group maybe? It may help with the constant spam from people who have messed up installs and leave more room on this thread for unique or more important messages.
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    I'm a little confused about what catfish recovery to use. In the TWRP folder, there's a TWRP-3.4.0 image, but in the august 9 vendor zip, there's a 3.2.3 image. Which one should we use?
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    janjan Okay, I took a logcat of the latest catfish ROM with the reboot issues. A lot of stuff seems broken, most notably keymaster. It's attached to this post. These threads may be relevant:
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    I'm getting this too. It's Rescue Party: Full logs from /data/system/uiderrors.txt are here: There seems to be duplicate user and shared ids, are you sure you didn't mess up file permissions when...
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    Lol my watch just tried to OTA update by itself, luckily the fingerprint of the existing system wasn't what it expected so it failed. Here's a copy of the stock catfish rom that I pulled from /data/ota_package/, if anyone needs it. Note that the boot.img is distributed as a patch, so...
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    Post [ROM+KERNEL+TWRP][Ticwatch Pro(Catfish)(Catshark-4G)]+[Ticwatch C2(Skipjack)[9Aug20]

    I looked at the build.prop, it was identical. The I wiped /system, and it stayed empty.