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  1. rishiduke

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Mods, Screen-off Mods, QS Tiles, Tasker Support and More)

    Hi, @tribalfs I'm unable to activate premium on I had cleared data and its displaying notification that Remote Server is busy. Request if you can look into it. Thank you.
  2. rishiduke

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Mods, Screen-off Mods, QS Tiles, Tasker Support and More)

    Hi, @tribalfs in the latest ver 7.14.54_2 after using the keyboard, sometimes the refresh rate gets stuck at 48hz. You have to either sw off scren or open gmh app and reload profiles to get out of that state.
  3. rishiduke

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Mods, Screen-off Mods, QS Tiles, Tasker Support and More)

    Hi @tribalfs , I upgraded to S22Ultra from S21+ and have given away my older phone. Can the activation code be transferred over? I know its per device basis, but that license will be wasted on me. Can you please help?
  4. rishiduke

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Mods, Screen-off Mods, QS Tiles, Tasker Support and More)

    Hi, I'm running One ui 4 beta on S21+, the netspeed monitor seems to randomly quit and after opening the app it restarts again. Is it possible to fix it? also, been quite a while since any update /posts here, all well?
  5. rishiduke

    Post [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Mods, Screen-off Mods, QS Tiles, Tasker Support and More)

    Same here, screen off refresh rate is shown as 60Hz. Updated to latest version. I don't have "Brevent" app installed. Also auto sync behaviour seems to work as inteded. Thanks.
  6. rishiduke

    Post [App]Galaxy Max Hz (Refresh Rate Mods, Screen-off Mods, QS Tiles, Tasker Support and More)

    Thanks for this great app tribalfs. Working great on Exonys S21+. However, in latest 7.12 update, screen off power saving mode toggle will toggle itself on, when app is dismissed from recents. I had cleared data acter instalation on prev version.
  7. rishiduke

    Post [ROM]-[UNOFFICIAL]-[08.08.19]-Havoc-OS-[2.8][9.0.0_r47]

    Hello, thanks for this great rom. Does the newest build have the no media volume bug when connected to Bluetooth headphones?
  8. rishiduke

    Post [ROM]-[OFFICIAL]-[21.05.20]-Havoc-OS-[10.0.0]

    Hi, Thanks for this amazing rom, everything is working flawlessly. Just one ques, can anyone suggest how they are calibrating the display, the default is a little to vibrant(especially reds) for my liking. I've been trying to setup and mod various profiles in kcal but to no avail. I'm aiming...
  9. rishiduke

    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    Firstly, thanks for this amazing feature filled ROM. Using it daily since quite some time, great combination of performance and battery. Just one query, any one experiencing lag while swiping away notifications on build dated 08.05? Clean flashed over havoc version 13.04.
  10. rishiduke

    Post [ROM][UNIFIED][EOL] SkyDragon OS [9.x][08.06]

    Amazing! This is one of the best pie based rom for OnePlus 3 that I've used. Smooth and battery efficient. Kudos to the team. Thanks for your hard work, much appreciated.
  11. rishiduke

    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][8.0.0] ExperienceOS R46.0 + Extensions [OOS 5.0.5 + OB39 Based]

    5.0.6 Update Can we expect an update of this great rom, now that Oneplus has pushed out a stable update to 5.0.6.
  12. rishiduke

    Post [ROM][OOS] ExperienceOS Reborn 5.0.4

    Black Screen The same is happening when performing a clean install on my OP3, while a dialogue appears sometimes saying that Google Play Services stopped working.
  13. rishiduke

    Post Hammerhead [7.1.1] [Development] Resurrection Remix N v5.8.X OMS

    I am updating from RR lp 5.6.6 , do i have to flash bootloader and radio for marshmallow first or can directly flash the zip after a clean instal?
  14. rishiduke

    Post [ROM] Official Cyanogenmod 12.1 (nightly)

    Afaik, its the problem with the game update. i am on Ressurection remix and facing the same problem. Rr3's version 3.0.1 works fine for me
  15. rishiduke

    Post [DISCONTINUED][6.x][KERNEL][AOSP/CM][UBER 5.3] Optimus Kernel R55 [-O3][DT2W]

    Flashhhh I am using kernel adiutor, and there is option to calibrate display within it. Unfortunatly, i am not very good at it. Still thanks for your reply.
  16. rishiduke

    Post [DISCONTINUED][6.x][KERNEL][AOSP/CM][UBER 5.3] Optimus Kernel R55 [-O3][DT2W]

    Thanks for this kernel Flashhhh . Works great on xt1033 converted to gpe running candy rom 1.01 . One thing i'd like to ask, what is the recommended color calibration settings to be used?
  17. rishiduke

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Candy5][v2.5.4][Android 5.1.1][falcon][09/06/2015]

    NIce work with the rom devs. Works like a charm on xt1033 converted to Gpe. One thing i'll ask , please dont change the navigation bar settings. The one in this is the best.
  18. rishiduke

    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [5.0.2] Dirty Unicorns v9.2

    Awesome! First of all, thanks for a great stable and fast rom. Been using it for some time, great performance, battery is still in testing :p Only thing I find odd was the navigation bar options under Dirty tweaks is blank as xenas posted some pages ago. Running latest nightly on my xt1033...
  19. rishiduke

    Post [KERNEL][CM12/CM11/AOSP] Donkey Kang Kernel - V3.8 (FINAL - discontinued)

    Thanks for the modified kernel, but can't seem to download it. Gives error may have been moved or deleted.
  20. rishiduke

    Post Anyone sucessfuly unlock a Moto G (Falcon) bootloader in the last few days?

    I unlocked the bootloader of my Moto G XT1033 just a few days back. The code worked perfectly.
  21. rishiduke

    Post [Q] Multisim Problem (XT1033)

    Here you go, N5 Dual and for philz
  22. rishiduke

    Post Anyone Tried Gummy Rom??

    I tried Gummy rom a while back, and there was no sim connectivity in it, xt1033. So i reverted back to N5 Dual 8.6.2 .
  23. rishiduke

    Post Should I buy Moto G back panel in Flipkart in India..???

    Try and avoid white as well, it gets dirty pretty easily. You can try, Turquoise color, it looks good. But the back cover do tend to make the device slippery.
  24. rishiduke

    Post [HELP]Urgent, Bootloop, Can't flash any rom, restore or TWPR recovery.

    Philz Recovery to rescue! I was facing the same problem. In twrp it said , updating partition details, and got stuck there, neither i could flash any rom, nor boot the system. The only solution i could find was to change the recovery to philz recovery.
  25. rishiduke

    Post [Q] Multisim Problem (XT1033)

    I am using N5 Dual Experience R8.6..2 and facing no issues as you have mentioned. Try to update recovery, and then before flashing any rom do these steps, in this order : 1 Wipe data/factory reset 2 Wipe Cache partition 3 Go to advance and wipe Dalvik cache 4 Go to Mounts and Storage and then...
  26. rishiduke

    Post Mission to find a 116 having the highest screen time. To recognise best rom 4 battery

    5+ hours screen on time Using Tweaked Micromax A116i Rom Ver. 1.0A by cmahendra, and getting 5+ hours of screen on time, and almost a full day of standby with wifi turned on almost all the time. It is bug less and in SLD rom sometimes tethring would not work, but in this, there is no problem...
  27. rishiduke

    Post Micromax Canvas HD A116 user experience thread

    I have been using the phone for about a month now. Apart from minor glitches the phone is brilliant. I do not use camera, so it is not a problem as such. But there is one thing that troubles me, the charging time , it take more than 2 hours to charge the battery from 5% to full. is this the...