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    Thread Question Inferior phone and voicemail apps (Google Fi)

    My question is how can I get a feature-rich phone/voicemail app for my new Samsung? My new flip was bought through Google Fi and the phone dialer and voicemail apps are vastly inferior to the app on my previous two phones also from Fi where these functions were integrated into one app. The old...
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    Post You can check your phone's build date with your IMEI

    Manufacture date: October 25, 2017 Shipped from factory: October 26, 2017 Estimated phone age: 1 month(s) 1 week(s) 6 day(s) Black 128GB - No issues, screen looks great
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    Post Desk Docks for the Pixel?

    Has anyone tried this dock; by appearances and reviews it seems superior to the others already mentioned.
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    Post [REVIEW] Portenzo Bookcase

    If you are reluctant to buy this case because of the wait time like I was, you might like to know that mine had very little handling time. I ordered it on 3/26 and it shipped today on 3/28. I ordered the Bookcase with white cover and sky blue interior plus the intellistand. I skipped the...
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    Post [REVIEW] Portenzo Bookcase

    I think the cost of the case compared to the device is irrelevant. If you were buying the case merely as insurance to protect the N7 it would be silly but you wouldn't be interested in this case if protection was the only consideration. Instead the case itself is a luxury item apart from the...
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    Post iPhone Theme: iOS 6

    Great work! The flexibility of Android is amazing. Challenge anyone to make iOS look like Jellybean.
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    Post Worse accessories for Nexus 4

    While this isn't specifically for the N4, recently I returned the absolutely worst accessory I have ever bought, the Beacon Remote by Griffin Tech (Universal remote control). The device itself worked ok but the required Dijit Android app was so bad as to render the entire device useless. I could...
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    Post Worse accessories for Nexus 4

    I would be inclined to consider this a fault with the orb rather than the case. I use the Zens charger and it works with a reasonably thick TPU Cruiserlite case.
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    Post Best battery saver apps for nexus 4

    I tried using Juice Defender on a different phone and all it did was make the phone buggy with problems with wifi connectivity and other minor irritations and I could never configure it in such a way that didn't give me problems. Are you having trouble making it through the day on one charge...
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    Post Zens Wireless Qi Charger

    Working great. Solves my cable eating cat problem.
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    Post wireless drive as a storage solution

    Can you play media such as a DivX movie or music from the drive without transferring the files to the phone first?
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    Post Plural of Nexus

    Romans, androids, um sounds like a Dr. Who episode, the Pandorica or something. Always thought that Android guy looks suspiciously like a Darlek.
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    Post Plural of Nexus

    Look it up in the dictionary, the plural of nexus, is actually just nexus. Although nexuses is an alternate spelling.
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    Post Is there any flash drive that will mount on microUSB

    Yes, the OTG cables work just fine and can be had for under a dollar off of Amazon or eBay. I think what everyone is wishing for is one that is similar to the regular usb flash drivers that only stick out about 5mm or so. So far what I've see is actually worse than an OTG cable because they are...
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    Post Is there any flash drive that will mount on microUSB

    I couldn't find the SanDisk drive either and I looked on their official website. But I see that that flashdrives with microUSB connectors are starting to show up on eBay (and Alibaba), generally with one end microUSB and the other regular USB. Search for "smartphone usb flash drive."...
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    Post [Q] POLL: List Of Known Faults - PLEASE VOTE

    I have a C80 and been beating mine around for a couple weeks now, including overclocking it (unnecessarily) and playing intense video games. It also has been bumping along in my bicycle pannier. I'm not even sure what you are talking about, is the glass coming out of the metal strip or is the...
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    Post Google Play Books vs Amazon Kindle

    The size of the selection at both Google Play and Amazon is huge; I don't really care which is larger and who knows how they are calculating that figure. What it comes down to is do they have the books you are personally looking for. Google doesn't carry the book Zodiac by Neal Stephenson while...
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    Post Batman Dark Knight Rises

    Takes a long time to dl. Network disconnect will cause it to restart. I dl it with no problem but it got stuck for my dad (probably bad connection where he was) and he had to restart it when I got home.
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    Post Google Play Books vs Amazon Kindle

    Experience from someone who reads entirely too many books. Aldiko seems to be the best ebook app on the market that is not integrated into a particular store like Kindle and Play Books. You can buy books from any number of independent stores directly into the app, and also load any Adobe DRM...
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    Post Devicewear The Ridge Case

    Well, at least one of those raving reviews is real, because I put it there. Like I said on there, the biggest difference between this case and the cheaper cases is that most of the cheaper ones are pleather cases held on with plastic clips where this one is a full plastic back with a piece of...
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    Post [Q]Nexus 10? Also I'm sad.

    Google doesn't make any tablets at all. The Nexus 7 is made by Asus marketed with a Google brand. My father has an Asus Transformer TF300 and it is pretty much what a 10 inch Nexus would be. It looks almost the same, it is running the same Tegra 3 processor, it is running the same vanilla...
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    Post [Q] Best Custom Kernel?

    I have only tried Faux's "mainline" kernel but can say it is 100% stable "default configuration" running with Paranoid rom.
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    Post [rom][8/1] paranoidandroid 3.91 | 4.3

    This appears to be a great ROM, been running it & faux's kernal for a few days and it has been 100% stable. The hybrid mode works great. I have seen little problems with the wifi connectivity, was dropping off at one point even though I'm nearly on top of the router. Most of the time it seems...
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    Post [Q] POLL: List Of Known Faults - PLEASE VOTE

    Is there a way to see the results without distorting the results by voting?
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    Post [Q] Development Forum

    I started another thread on this because I found the separation confusing. Even after the explanation it still seems unnecessary. For one, if you must do this, there should be a sticky on each of the forums explaining what it means. I would not ever in a million years figured out the meaning...
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    Thread difference between "orignal" & "android" development

    What is the difference btw the 2 categories android and original development? They seem to have the same type of contents. In the G2X forum there is only one category.
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    Post Is there any flash drive that will mount on microUSB

    bizarre that such an item is not on the market, simply idea, simple to make, they should be all over the place
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    Post [ROM] (2/28/13) NANDROID Restore Stock FR 2.22 V10f / GB 2.33 V21e and 2.34 V21y

    This was in fact the problem. After upgrading CWM everything proceeded properly. Thanks
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    Post [ROM] (2/28/13) NANDROID Restore Stock FR 2.22 V10f / GB 2.33 V21e and 2.34 V21y

    No, I gave up. I certainly didn't have any space in directory name, nor did I have any extra directory levels. I was trying to revert to stock to update baseband with LG's tool, so I just ended up returning to a rom that didn't require the new baseband, CM 7.2 RC2. Still watching this thread...
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    Post [ROM] (2/28/13) NANDROID Restore Stock FR 2.22 V10f / GB 2.33 V21e and 2.34 V21y

    The dialogue I'm getting when trying to run the restore and any of the three nandroids (LG-P999-V10f, ...V21e, ...or V21y) is as follows. Checking MD5 sums... Erasing boot before restore... Restoring boot image... system.img not found. Skipping restore of /system. data.img not found. Skipping...
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    Post [ROM] (2/28/13) NANDROID Restore Stock FR 2.22 V10f / GB 2.33 V21e and 2.34 V21y

    I am having the same problem. In fact I have tried all 4 of these nandroids trying to get to a state where I can update the baseband and having problems with all of them. One of them the directory was completely empty, another gave me md5 error, and the other two behaved as swampthing described...
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    Post [ROM]AOSP*****EaglesBlood™*****ICS [4.0.4][NO MORE DATA DROPS]

    This is the only reply I got about phone locking up upon termination of phone call. It didn't work. Any other ideas before I give up on this version of EB. Note: phone locks up only in this specific circumstance.
  33. Cubeology

    Post [ROM]AOSP*****EaglesBlood™*****ICS [4.0.4][NO MORE DATA DROPS]

    Everything about this EB has worked great for me except one problem that is recurring. The phone freezes most of the time at the end of a long phone call. When I go to hang up the screen is black and the phone is completely unresponsive and requires a battery pull to start working again. I...
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    Post [ROM][06/27/11] CyanogenMod-7.1 for G2x :: (V7.1-RC1)

    I agree battery is wonky, but in my case I think it is the meter and not the actual battery life. This is especially true when flashing nightly's every morning. Sometimes I will go 20 hours and still have 45% and sometimes be down to 45% by about 5 hours. I have rebooted phone and have gone from...
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    Post (FIXED) G2x gets flipping hot sometimes......

    This is a frequent problem that occurs on some G2Xs. The heating up indicates that the phone is stuck in some kind of loop where it is working real hard to accomplish nothing. My phone does not do this although I can create a situation where it does by overclocking and undervolting too much. I...
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    Post The APN issues thread

    I just solved a similar problem after much frustration and I'm almost too embarrassed to share it because the solution turned out to be ridiculously obvious and simple to correct. Somehow under access point names the entry under T-Mobile US had changed from to...
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    Post battery life?

    Battery will last much longer if you remove it from your phone and store it in a cool dry place. I have tried both of these ROMs and get good battery life with either, make sure you do a battery calibration after changing ROMs, this has improved battery life for me from 8 hours to 1.5 days...
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    Post [Q] Kernel with best battery life

    Yes, it is amazing the difference in opinion on this subject. I easily get 16 hours of battery life with moderate to heavy usage, and 1.5 days with light usage. And I am using plain CM7 RC1, without any CPU/Battery apps. Trinity or Faux kernels reduce this considerably regardless of the OC/UV...
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    Post Chipmunk audio on Netflix

    Same here with G2X and CM7 with or without OC/UV kernel. I have followed the main Netflix thread from the beginning without seeing any successful installs for the G2X (all ROMs) or a solution for double time video/audio on any phone exhibiting this problem. Can anyone kill the chipmunks? Link to...
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    Post Battery Life: 1d 12h?

    I have no doubt, there is nothing inherently wrong with the stock rom as long as you root it and get rid of the bloatware. Getting bad battery life is more a matter of something being wrong, instead of a particular rom being right. I don't really understand the battery info built into Android...
  41. Cubeology

    Post Battery Life: 1d 12h?

    I understand your point, but how often are you actually using 4g. It is not necessary for syncing email or other background tasks, in fact on my phone Pandora runs the same on 2g as 4g. And when you do need the performance of 4g it is 2 clicks away, one swipe to pull down the notifications and...
  42. Cubeology

    Post Phone shuts off on higher temp

    Heat alone cannot be the problem. It has been around 95 degrees here and I have ridden around in direct sunlight with the phone mounted to the handlebar of my bicycle with the screen on full-bright running GPS/Cycling Computer program (for hours at a time, although my phone only lasts about 3-4...
  43. Cubeology

    Post Battery Life: 1d 12h?

    I have tried virtually every ROM and kernel combination for the G2X and for my phone and usage pattern I have had the best luck when I returned back to CM7, currently RC1 without OC/UV kernels, without SetCPU/PimpMyCPU, and without Juice Defender, or any similar such programs. My gains appear to...
  44. Cubeology

    Post [ROM][06/27/11] CyanogenMod-7.1 for G2x :: (V7.1-RC1)

    I don't know if it is relevant in your case, but I have come to the conclusion that bluetooth and wi-fi calling won't work simultaneously on CM7, although I haven't tested it since RC1 has come out.
  45. Cubeology

    Post [MOD][CM7/Nightly/MIUI] Change Mount Point of Internal Memory [Updated 7/30/2011]

    This works flawlessly with Android Commander, which is one of the easiest ways to interface with the phone via a windows computer.
  46. Cubeology

    Post [MOD][CM7/Nightly/MIUI] Change Mount Point of Internal Memory [Updated 7/30/2011]

    Link does "appear" broken, but the file downloaded anyway on my PC (not the phone). Ran program and it seems to be working. I did not have to create /_ExternalSD it was already there. Can anyone tell me what sd-ext is supposed to be for, it is empty folder on my phone and I get errors relating...
  47. Cubeology

    Post [APP][Updated 9/13/11 V1.4] Official Netflix

    Program runs on my G2X but in super speed, Works real well if you want to watch a 2 hour movie in 45 minutes. I've been trolling this thread to see if anyone comes up with a solution. Haven't seen any post indicating a successful G2X install. I too am running CM 7.1 RC but I haven't heard any...
  48. Cubeology

    Post [ROM][06/27/11] CyanogenMod-7.1 for G2x :: (V7.1-RC1)

    I'm assuming you didn't have this problem before CM. I don't think the programming is the source of the problem, but sometimes something goes wrong during the install. I would reinstall the ROM making sure you follow all the standard steps. I've had similar problems and reinstalled the same ROM...
  49. Cubeology

    Post [ROM][06/27/11] CyanogenMod-7.1 for G2x :: (V7.1-RC1)

    Strangely I am the other way CM7 battery life is far better than stock. I've also ran all kinds of underclocking kernels and CM7 alone appears to give me far better battery life than UV-ing with a different kernel. While Juicedefender claims to save battery power I finally came to the conclusion...
  50. Cubeology

    Post [ROM][06/27/11] CyanogenMod-7.1 for G2x :: (V7.1-RC1)

    My specific settings are as follows: 1075 mV @ 1200 MHz 975 mV @ 1100 MHz 875 mV @ 1000 MHz 775 mV @ 594 MHz 675 mV @ 432 MHz 575 mV @ 216 MHz This configuation is solidly stable having run it for several days without any bad behavior although any further reduction of voltage at 1200 MHz...