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    Post Question Usb otg failure on motorola edge 30 ultra

    Does the phone support the right file formats? I had this issue with pixel phones as well due to lack of support for ntfs anything exfab works fine - potentially moto have the same issue? I also have a Samsung t7 drive but it never worked with the Pixel - works fine with s22 ultra and all oppo...
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    Post Question What is happening with the UK release?

    Its unlikely any of operators in the UK will offer the device (most providers will stock Oppo or Oneplus but never Vivo) and Amazon is your best bet or wait a few months for a discount
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    Post [FAQs] OPPO Find X5 Pro | All You Need To Know

    What Bluetooth codec are supported?
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    Post Question Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Keyboard Case or Folio Case availability

    Folio case is on Amazon
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    Post Purple screen when trying to view Dolby Vision HDR movie on a TCL 43S434 4K HDR TV.

    You are not alone... I'm also getting the same problem :-( but the TV internal apps work fine with dolby vision - (anything connected to the other HDMI ports and with HDMI ultra turned on causes the issue) HDMI ultra is required for atmos
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    Post Oppo FIND X2 pro Case

    Have you tried the oppo store? they have a few official cases (although personally i dont think any of the 'official' cases are any good) better to check amazon or aliexpress
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    Thread Launcher keeps switching back to Default Launcher - Help :-(

    I'm noticed a really odd issue. I've finally switched to gesture controls and I'm finding that if i turn the phone off and back on the system switches back to the 'default' launcher and also every now and then the 'home' gesture will switch to the default launcher Usually launcher is 'Action...
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    Out of curiosity is there something specifically broken with the device that you are in urgent need for the updates? Personally, for me I was a little worried about security patches but it seems okay now though (originally I was on July!)
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    Sorry i'm not sure i think it was a30
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    Post Proper protective case

    I have the Fanting Case - the best case i've tried so far.
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    UK on the O2 network. i didnt download file i just got the update OTA
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    looks like i didnt need to worry as a.42 update now showing on device
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    Thanks guys and is there a change log for 41?
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    THanks alot I appreciate that
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    O okay got you - is there a change log for 41 then? Is there a link to instructions to downloading and installing 41 over cpw 30 ? Last time i did manual update it was just click the zip directly on the phone and it worked - (reno 10x zoom)
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    Post Find X2 Pro Update Thread

    Hi Folks sorry i'm a bit late and maybe this question was asked before but I'm currently on O2 (UK) and was lucky enough to get a nice offer to get the Find x2 Pro . Checking the software version I see its at CPH2025CPW_11_A.30 I'm trying to follow thread and I think i'm gathering that the CPW...
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    Post Proper protective case

    Slightly different case required - most cases with the oppo logo gap are for the leather version. ---------- Post added at 05:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:23 PM ---------- I have the Aurora Shockproof case via ebay ...
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    Post Case with CAMERAS protection in mind

    O wow! thats a really nice looking case!
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    That's great to know - i think ill try the update too
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    O that's interesting... Does that mean i got the indian update then given that i'm on CPH1919EX_11_C.28 and i'm based in the UK.. (i did vpn trick but turned vpn off when it looked like it wasnt working and still got a update delivered... )
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    Been on android 10 (none 5g version), no issues at all and very solid. No complains But it seems software support or at least consistency is a problem with oppo so not sure if I'll buy oppo again.. (maybe time to go back to pixel next year depending what happens with updates) Although the new...
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    Post New Update ColorOS 7.1 CPH1919EX_11_C.28

    Yes i have the option to change region as well I used Urban VPN and Russian location (Urban VPN is free)
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    Post New Update ColorOS 7.1 CPH1919EX_11_C.28

    I connected to Russia via a VPN. Then did update check - found the update and applied it (whilst disconnected from VPN) I'm also on O2 but brought the device sim free and not via O2 These days O2 do not lock phones (and for those that are locked they generally give free unlock codes)
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    Post New Update ColorOS 7.1 CPH1919EX_11_C.28

    Ok did the VPN trick so now finally joining the Android 10 party (i'm based in UK)
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    Thanks for clearing that up. So when you use the VPN you've not found any issues with the upgrade as its the same version that would be released to the UK? I've not heard of anyone in the UK with a 10x zoom who as got it officially though? I'm aware of those who did trial or vpn that have it...
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    UK officially? Still showing ColorOS 6 for me (unlocked version) Did you get your update via VPN?
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    Thread Has anyone replaced the pre-installed screen protector on the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom?

    I'm looking to replace mine but looking for recommendations that work well with the onscreen fingerprint scanner?
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    Post Bugs and issues of ColorOS7

    How do you community these bugs to Oppo? Given that this is meant to be a beta I assume there is someway to let them know about issues?
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    I noticed the app icons look better on the status bar or is that a pre-existing setting?
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    Post Oppo Reno 10x Zoom - Indian variant

    what do you think is so bad about Color Os ? I've been using it for the last few weeks and to be honest, other than the look and feel of it , I believe its pretty solid with some great options. I used to only use Stock android but these days i'm happy to give software from other manufacturers...
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    Post ColorOS 7 Upgrade plan

    I guess the trial version option is for specific regions, as i dont have this option (CPH1919)
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    Post Are there any screen protector ?

    I thought the device is meant to come with a pre-installed screen protector?
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    Post Show your Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Case

    Umm.. something i've noticed with a few cases; they cause problems with the flash if they dont have the cut out at the the top :( making the case pretty much useless when trying to take pictures in low light or requiring the flash
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    Post Theme Store

    Is there any particular highlights in the theme stores? as the UK model doesn't have the theme store but i'm not sure what i'm actually missing?
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    Post always On display

    Yep it does feel that way!
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    Post Time to take picture (camera launch speed)

    Solid - very fast! no complaints
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    Post Low light

    So far very grainy will do more testing but for now just ok
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    Post Photo quality

    Images are good but a little soft ..
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    Post Are there any screen protector ?

    Curious myself by this Looked on amazon but all the reviews were pretty poor!
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    Post (Portrait/night sight) Google Camera Port Fully Working!

    Good question - also curious about this? Anyone tried?
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    Post Outdoor visibility (max brightness)

    Very poor unfortunately :(
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    Post Stunning photos from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro - share your pics

    Didnt you used to have a p20 pro? Hows the camera on the Mate vs the P20?
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    Post All the Reviews- found a good review add it here

    The Register The Hufferington Post These reviews are negative , but do match...
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    Post Real Camera Experience - P20 Pro Vs Pixel 2 XL - DxoMark lies? or faulty software?

    p.s just for reference folks , i am actually a big fan of huawei phones (i used to have the p10 and mate 9) , which is why I was so kine to try the p20 out but really it just isn't for me :( (i'll stick with the pixel)
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    Post Real Camera Experience - P20 Pro Vs Pixel 2 XL - DxoMark lies? or faulty software?

    Nope i'm good thanks, For my needs the p20 pro is not for me at all. The images are just not pleasing to my eyes (each to their own i guess). I took so many pictures yesterday compared to the Pixel, and every time the Pixel pictures just seemed better. I went back and checked the dxomark...