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  1. AnyMal

    Post 3G speed on AT&T

    I am not activating a new SIM. Anyone?
  2. AnyMal

    Post 3G speed on AT&T

    Can someone please post APN settings for ST at&t SIM users? TIA
  3. AnyMal

    Post Weather Lock Screen Comes to Windows Phone 8

    +1 for Weather Flow. Love it on my 920.
  4. AnyMal

    Post No Data on AT&T, is it my plan?

    If you purchased AT&T branded L920 then you won't be able to use it without smartphone data plan.
  5. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    Did you search for it by name? I just double checked on my L900 and it shows up first in search results.
  6. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    Did you actually enter "Network Setup" in a search field?
  7. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    Assuming you installed Network Setup app from the Market, open it and press "+" to create a new APN. Assign a name to it, I went with "Straight Talk" :) There are two parts to it. Internet APN, there is only one field you'll need to fill in, leave others blank. Access point name: att.mvno...
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    Post Lumia 920 Video Sample

    Maybe it's just me but I got a little dizzy watching this video. It felt like the camera struggled to maintain focus.
  9. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    I am using L900 on Straight Talk without any issues, the only thing I had to do was add a custom APN to get MMS to work. I am definitely buying L920 when I come across a reasonable price.
  10. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    Well, you are not doing apples-to-apples comparison here since Negri sells the international version, not AT&T unlocked version. I may be interested, for the right price of course. How much do you want for it?
  11. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    I think they understand it really well which is why they have been virtually absent from US market for the last several years before L900 and L710 launched. There is simply no money to be made in the market where consumers are conditioned to buy subsidized / at cost devices. I am betting that...
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    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    Well, I did say "almost" ;) What many people fail to understand is that AT&T (as well as Sprint, VZW, T-Mo) is NOT in the business of selling phones, they sell services. Which is why their phones are sold at cost and tied to their network. We went over this hundreds of times with L900 yet...
  13. AnyMal

    Post [APP] Nokia Drive 3

    Nokia Drive 3 really blows. Seriously, finally got to test it coupe of days ago and all I can say that it's completely useless. Not only it lacks street name pronunciations, but it tried really hard to take me on some really bizarre routes.
  14. AnyMal

    Post Chances of AT&T being carrier unlockable 100%?

    Let's get something straight. You purchased AT&T Nokia Lumia 920, not the international version that costs almost twice as much, and yet you're complaining that AT&T is "screwing" you? You got EXACTLY what you paid for, but you failed to do the homework and in the end screwed yourself.
  15. AnyMal

    Post why are so many xbl wp7 titles just gone?

    Probably because they're not yet compatible with WP8, like the Skype app.
  16. AnyMal

    Post How AT&T Dropped the ball on the 920 release

    The bigger question is why in the name off all things good and holy are you paying AT&T so much money? Switch to Straight Talk and pay half of that for four lines, and that includes all-you-can-eat minutes/text/data?
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    Post Lumia 920 buttons have a yellow tint

    Lumia 900 buttons have the same light color. No worries.
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    Post [Q] AT&T Pre-order folks...any shipping confirmation yet?

    Did you get a raincheck for the charging pad or is the promotion over?
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    Post [Q] Messed Up Lumia (hard to describe)

    Are you able to wake it up if you connect it to an external power source, other then USB port? Try plug in it in to wall socket and see if it wakes up, then do a hard reset.
  20. AnyMal

    Post yay :)

    Cool tweet, bro
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    Post [Q] Contract or Pay as you go?

    None of your points are compelling or even valid to begin with. 4G LTE - even for AT&T customers it's only available in handful of locations. Heck, even if it was widely available, HSPA is plenty fast for all data applications. Customer service - only used once. Filled out an online form...
  22. AnyMal

    Post [Q] Contract or Pay as you go?

    Huh? With Straight Talk I am getting exactly same service I was getting with AT&T, all for a measly $45 per month. What am I missing?
  23. AnyMal

    Post [Q] Contract or Pay as you go?

    You need to do the math. Buying on contract is a HUGE waste of money.
  24. AnyMal

    Post My Awesome Craigslist Nitro HD Story

    Has anyone seen my "I care" T-shirt?
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    Post Upcoming Windows Phone 8 Devices [sep/05]

    "Ugly" is a subjective term. I think it looks just dandy and have a feeling that a target audience (16-30 crowd) will eat them up, provided Nokia/MS will price it smartly and will get it to as many carriers as possible.
  26. AnyMal

    Post Just wondering -- can a lost ATT SGS3 be used normally with SIM?

    Yes you can, you'll just need an adapter like this one
  27. AnyMal

    Post Let's try to push AT&T to unlock our phones using FCC

    This is a classic case of what happens when assumptions replace common sense. People tend to assume that buying phones off contract entitles them to remove carrier restrictions, at carrier's expense. Of course, this is a completely false assumption. Carriers are not going to stop anyone from...
  28. AnyMal

    Post Cruzerlite cases

    I have the black, white, and transparent Cruzer cases for my GNex. The black and transparent cases held up very well all these months, but the white one not so much. Alsmost immediately it began to "absorb" dirt and within a month or so it became really diry looking. There is no way to clean...
  29. AnyMal

    Post Let's try to push AT&T to unlock our phones using FCC

    I am not sure if you're really inept or just trolling. It absolutely doesn't matter if you sign up for AT&T service just like it doesn't matter if you pay full price. When you buy AT&T phone you buy AT&T phone, meaning that it is only guaranteed to work on AT&T. Not unlocked, not T-Mobile, not...
  30. AnyMal

    Post Let's try to push AT&T to unlock our phones using FCC

    Please provide a link to AT&T terms of service where it explicitly tells you that AT&T is obligated to unlock your phone when you pay full price. Please provide a link to Attorney General, Consumer Protection Agency, BBB, Federal Trade Commission, or any other regulating body that specifies...
  31. AnyMal

    Post Let's try to push AT&T to unlock our phones using FCC

    If I had a dollar every time we went over this :eek: It is NOT illegal for them to refuse to unlock the phone. There is no law in US that states mobile operators are obligated to unlock phones to work on other operators. It absolutely doesn't matter whether you bought phone on contract or paid...
  32. AnyMal

    Post Nokia Lumia 900 Hack from ATT network

    Actually that won't work at all since AT&T actively polices their network and will detect smartphone IMEI regardless of what IMEI was associated with that SIM previously. The only "legal" way to have a branded smartphone without data plan on AT&T is to have a pre-paid account. AT&T does not...
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    Post Need help with sim unlocking

    If you're dealing with a reputable outfit, yes. Make sure you secure form of payment, like credit card or PayPal.
  34. AnyMal

    Post Need help with sim unlocking

    Flashing different firmware will not remove SIM lock. There are plenty of unlocking services that will do it for the price. Just google it.
  35. AnyMal

    Post need help unlocking focus flash, sim error

    How many times have you tried to enter the unlock code? Id used to be (and probably still true) that trying more then five times will lock your phone permanently. You should get back to the person who provided the code and inform them of the issue. Double check your IMEI number when you...
  36. AnyMal

    Post Let's try to push AT&T to unlock our phones using FCC

    No there isn't, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or trying to scam out of your money. Just wait a while longer, AT&T will start unlocking them beginning Oct 8th when exclusivity period expires.
  37. AnyMal

    Post Let's try to push AT&T to unlock our phones using FCC

    We've been around this block over and over again. AT&T is not obligated to unlock your phone even if you bought it at full price, and FCC will tell you the same.
  38. AnyMal

    Post Recommended site to unlock Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T

    What was that saying, something about elephants in the room?
  39. AnyMal

    Post How to tethering DVP?

    DVP has no hardware support for wireless hotspot, sorry
  40. AnyMal

    Post [XAP] Internet Sharing + Interop Unlock all-in-one for Samsung Phones

    It can't be done yet AFAIK. You will need to roll back to 7220 then do Windowbreak followed by XAP from this thread.
  41. AnyMal

    Post [Q] Recommended website to unlock Lumia 900 (AT&T) UPDATED

    It's not Nokia who's holding off unlock codes, it's AT&T .
  42. AnyMal

    Post [Q] Imported 900 with $10 data? (AT&T)

    European version of 900 does not support LTE
  43. AnyMal

    Post [Q] Imported 900 with $10 data? (AT&T)

    Not true. AT&T has been known to detect Nexus phones as well as recently they began blocking Nokia N9 users on PayGo. It really is a roll of the dice nowdays.
  44. AnyMal

    Post I am Dolcedavinci - Devs please dont close

    Did I miss an election where you were appointed to be a spokesperson for all forum members? :rolleyes:
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    Post I am Dolcedavinci - Devs please dont close

    Can't post in FS/FT unless you're a member for a year.
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    Post Jellybean Information

    Did you check in settings > accounts > your google account and make sure calendar sync is selected?
  47. AnyMal

    Post Who Preordered Already?

    I would LOVE to order one but the lack of expandable memory is killing it for me. I will be flying to Europe next month and will spend appx 26 hours on the plane (round trip) and there is no way 16GB will hold enough movies / TV shows. :crying: Contacts, calendars, photos, documents, music...
  48. AnyMal

    Post To buy or not to buy?

    Actually, it's Amazon