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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][guacamoleb][13] PixelExperience 6th January 2023

    Hello . Thank you for your hard work . I tried to find Android 13 beta pixel experience rom for oneplus 7 (guacamoleb) but couldnt . Any news on when the files will be available or it will be out of beta to stable release ? Thank you
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    Thread [Completed] Google Play Services Force Close After Installing Xposed , No Modules Installed

    I own a Yu Yunicorn , Runs Android 5.1 . Just Yesterday , I Rooted My Phone And Installed Xposed But After Xposed Installs From TWRP And Phone Is Rebooted , Google Play Services Crash And Display Stopped Responding Message . No Matter Which Apk Version From Xda ( 3.0 Beta Or 3.1 ) The Problem...
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    Post [XPOSED] Xposed Pokemon - catch 'em all [17/07/2016][V1.8-Map Added]

    Hi Vivek , can u please make an option available to goto a certain location by clicking on the pokemon name in that location ? Like when i get marker to a certain area and it shows the pokemon in that area ,then i click on a pokemon , it shows the name and i have some option to transport there...
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    Thread [Completed] Need Help Bypassing Anti Lost ( Privacy Protection Password ) On My Android 5.1

    hi everyone , I had setup anti lost feature on my UMI Iron pro about 7 months back when i bought it . Today I changed sim card on my phone and it says " Enter privacy Protection Password To Unlock " . I Do not remember the privacy password I set when I was setting up anti lost feature on my...
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    Post [Z1][TWRP][PhilZ Touch][CWM] XZDualRecovery Q&A

    Cant Install . Says " adb is not recognized . . . "
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    Post Xperia Z1 / Z1 Compact 5.1.1(.368) DEODEX Patch

    how do i root my c6902 on 5.1.1 stock and install custom recovery ?
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    Post [Stock Rom] C6903/C6902 Pre-Rooted 5.1.1 Official Sony 14.6.A.0.368

    i have official 5.1.1 , i dont think there is any root method for it right now . can i install this on it ?
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    Post [ROM][Z1][5.1.1][LB/UB][.236]|X Features|Mx ROM|V8.5.0|☆Best Battery|☆[23/7/2016]☆

    so its like a full port of z5 for z1 ? iam on 5.1.1 official on my z1 c6902 . i see there is no root method for 5.1.1 currently without downgrading or any way to install custom recovery so please kindly explain me the process to install this rom on my phone with links
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    Thread [ Help ]Xperia Z1 C6902 Stuck On Sony Logo Bootloop , Cannot Flash Ftf With Flashtool

    hi guys . i own a xperia z1 c6902 which since this morning has stuck to showing sony logo and restarting . i tried to install twrp recovery from another source and it happen . the computer gives sound while connecting and disconnecting and when i goto adb and hit adb devices command , it is...
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    Post [BUG FIX UPDATE] [Lollipop] CyanogenMod 12S YNG1TAS1k0

    Root Yureka After This Update ? how can i root yureka after this update ? previous lollipop version root is not working . super su appears but says " no binary installed , this is a problem , contact relevant forum "
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    Post [GUIDE] Downgrading to KitKat

    Thanks A Million . Your Guide Was A Lifesaver
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    Post [port]z3 xperience rom note 4g cm11

    So Can Anyone Who Flashed It Successfully ANd Got It Working Point Me To Working CM11 Rom For This Rom And Let Me Know Of Any Additional Bugs ?
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks . thanks a million brother . its working finally on my bro ' s yureka . not seeing update in updater but I ' m more than satisfied with it working as it it . Btw , I ' m in 5.3.6 . i cant flash the 5.4.3 onto it right ? i dont wanna take any risks ...
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    Post Can ' t Turn Wifi On On Custom Roms On My Grand 2

    hey thanks , to anyone having similar issue , here ' s the link to the kernel : downloading it now . just one more question , which version should i use for grand 2 ? i use the latest and my phone went...
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    Post [ROM][PORT][4.4.2] GenNxt S5 Project

    please help , i cant turn wifi on on my grand 2 N7102 on this Or N4 ( or maybe other custom roms too ) . works fine on official kitkat though
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    Thread Can ' t Turn Wifi On On Custom Roms On My Grand 2

    The Wifi On My Grand 2 G7102 cannot be enabled on custom roms . it works fine when i ' m on official kitkat rom though . i tried n4 and s5 port rom on my grand 2 but on both i cannot turn wifi on . it happens only on custom roms , works fine on official . please anyone help me to solve this...
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    Sigh . . . It finally worked . when i tried with both sim slots empty . thanks a lot everyone for ur responses :)
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    Still Facing Same Issue ---------- Post added at 05:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:33 AM ---------- I Tried Using CWM , TWRP And Philz Too , Wiping Each And Everything Turn By Turn . Still Not Working . I Was On Stock Kitkat 4.4.2 Before I Tried This . I Hardly Get To Launcher...
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    Do i have to use philz ? i tried using twrp and cwm but none worked . this is the method u used ?
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    System UI Force Close the rom installed fine but in first setup , it says systemui has stopped responding . i setup time , sim and other stuff and when i get to launcher , it force closes and i cant use anything . tried wiping everything and re installing too but its not helping . please guys ...
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    Post [ROM][4.2.2][B3][GT-I9060][GRAND NEO] GenNxt Pre-Rooted Stock

    Custom rom for grand neo i9060 ? hey , thanks for the rooted rom . is there any custom rom for grand neo available ? its still far behind on 4.2 and a lot of users are missing out on later functions . it would be great if u/ur team could make a kitkat port for this based on cm or other roms...
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    are u using this rom ? any bugs ? any problems ?
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    No Kitkat For My Grand 2 Yet :( toh oki . btw , can i use any custom kitkat rom and upgrade to this or flash official kitkat ? And sorry , my phone is NOT ROOTED and it says updates already installed and kies shows update but fails to download / install . any problems with my device ?
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    Post [ROM] S6 Styled S5port GenNxt Rom[UPDATED V3]

    Flash On Stock 4.3 Jelly Bean ? hey , thanks for this awesome rom . just one question , can i flash this on my rooted grand 2 on 4.3 ? or does it require me updating to kitkat for the purpose ? my grand 2 shows no update and downloading zip would take a whole day on my slow internet . or can i...
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    Post [Q] rom custom for galaxy grand prime sm-G530H

    Agreed ! Cant find any custom rom for grand prime duos . any stable custom rom with lollipop would be awesome . like touchwiz port , MIUI or cyanogen ;)
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    Post [ROM][GT-N7100/7105][OMNI/CM][Fixed Play Store]MIUI V6 Smooth| Ota | MultiLanguage

    Hello , Thanks For This Wonderful Rom . Wanted To Try It Out On My N7100 . But What Is ROM Kernel ? Where Do I Get It ? How Do I Install ? Sorry If The Question Is Stupid , It ' s Just That I ' m Not Too Familiar With Flashing .
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    downoading both right now . just one more question - mount /system unmount /data unmount /cache unmount /persist unmount /firmware mount /storage/sdcard1 is this the final look of the mount and storage ? should it always ask me question abt stock recovery/root (unsure):rolleyes: when i select...
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    great , my internet is slow now . I ' ll try as soon as it gets fixed . n thanks for such quick n detailed response :)
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    there ' s an updated MIUI 5.4.3 version after this . i wanted to try the updated one . - so u mean instead of using the latest 5.4.3 version , i should try the older 5.3.6 version from the link you have provided ? - should i downgrade to official kitkat from the cm12.1 64bit I ' m currently...
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    Post [APP][4.4+] ThunderZap Control 2.0 - An app to control ThunderZap kernels

    i dont notice charging improvements on my yureka after installing the kernel and app . i enabled thundercharge control and set it to 1100mA as i saw on one of the videos . which setting would be right for fast charge and wont harm my device or battery ? I'm on cm12.1 by dumtara
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    Post [Q] Yureka with MIUI on CM12 5.1 lollipop... ;)

    yeah and i hope it uses all of yureka's 64bit processing powers and maybe MIUI 7 / lollipop build . that would be great :)
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    Post [Q] Yureka with MIUI on CM12 5.1 lollipop... ;)

    MIUI v6 currently on XDA has random reboot issues . also , it wont work on lollipop updated yureka . so yeah , IT WOULD BE AWESOME if anyone could port MIUI v6 for Lollipop updated yu yureka . also , theres a poll on MIUI forum , vote if u want to . we may get heard : Request On MIUI Forum ...
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    Works On Updated 64 Bit Cm 12.1 ? it didnt work when i tried before when i was on kitkat cm11 . now i see some new methods and i wanna try but Iam on cm12.1 custom . can i try this on my yureka ?
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    Post [ROM][64-bit] Sandy's CyanogenMod 12.1[Unofficial]

    Could You Upload This File To Some Other Host Like Or Android File Host Please ? Its On Google Drive And I Get Very Slow Download Speed , Not Able To Resume And Often Broken Files . I ' d Really Like To Try This But Can ' t :(
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    still facing random reboot issues on my yureka . no mistakes done , 100 %
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    Post [Q] Battery charge dropping drastically on removing and re inserting the battery

    i had the same issue . my battery % would remain normal on restart but when i removed battery , it would drain tremendously . i fully used up my bettery % to 0 and used Samsung S4 ' s charger ( 2A i guess , genuine ) and after taking around 2-3 minutes to boot up , it charged faster and the...
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    Post [Q] : Install 4.4.4 MIUI 6 On Yureka After Updating To Lollipop

    yeah , i updated to cm12 lollipop but it had many bugs so tried to flash MIUIv6 ( had no idea downgrade is not supported and might hard brick ) . i had frequent reboot issue on MIUI ROM even after following every instruction correctly . then i switched back to the buggy cm12 . found cm12.1...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CM 11.0 for Galaxy Grand Neo (I9060)

    whats the progress with this rom ? my bro recently bought a grand neo and i was very surprised there are NO ANY custom roms available for grand neo . this rom would be very popular for every neo user when it gets rid of the mentioned limitations . neo is very backwards in terms of android...
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    Post [Q] : Install 4.4.4 MIUI 6 On Yureka After Updating To Lollipop

    thanks for the reply . i really hate lollipop on yureka , m facing lots of issues like heating on normal usage and slow charging . i hope we get a MIUI port for lollipop soon . will be using unofficial cm12.1 for now
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    Post How to root Yureka after Lollipop cm12 update? And increase speaker output volume?

    here ' s cwm and superzip , both working on cm12 on my yureka . rooting procesure is same as kitkat .
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    Thread [Q] : Install 4.4.4 MIUI 6 On Yureka After Updating To Lollipop

    Hey Guys , I ' m New To Android And New On Xda . I Updated My Yureka To Lollipop Yesterday And I Couldn ' t Tolerate The Lags And Issues So I Decided To Flash MIUI 6 From . When I Flashed It According To 2nd...
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    please be a bit more specific . how should the mount storage screen look like ? please explain in detail
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    Post [Q&A] FIX reboots on miui v6 by sushas

    screenshots / video please ? i ' m a noob and this is my first reply , please provide detailed instructions