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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL][R][GApps] BlissRoms 14.x [guacamole]

    I needed to wipe userdata using fastboot -w
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    Post [ROM][11.x] dotOS [Guacamole]

    This is called a bug report, and is standard in the FOSS community. Moreover, Android Auto is a core function of the OS; it's baked into Gapps. ROMs are meant to incorporate feedback from users. Developers rely on users to test functions. I don't think this attitude belongs here. I'm not using...
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    Post [ROM][11.x] dotOS [Guacamole]

    Same issue here. Do you know of any non-OOS ROMs that do work? This seems like a common issue with ROMs for this model.
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    Post [ROM][11.x] dotOS [Guacamole]

    I'm having an issue where the screen slowly dims to black after unlocking. I can see the screen when I use scrcpy, but the display is black. Logs attached of locking, unlocking phone. Thank you again.
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    Post [ROM][11.x] dotOS [Guacamole]

    Hello, thanks for this ROM! How does one go about flashing a GApps package? Thank you in advance. EDIT: Apologies, figured it out. Didn't see the GApps folder at first.
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    Post [ROM][11][OnePlus 7 Pro] PixelExperience [AOSP]

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting Android Auto to recognize when plugged in. How do I go about retrieving a log to help with troubleshooting?
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    Post ROM | D85X F400 G3DS LS990 VS985 | Resurrection Remix Oreo 6.0.0 | 8.1.0 Discontinued

    Yes sir. Clean flash - but also tried flashing the 35b bootstack, and restoring my EFS from a nandroid, to no avail.
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    Post ROM | D85X F400 G3DS LS990 VS985 | Resurrection Remix Oreo 6.0.0 | 8.1.0 Discontinued

    GamingDevilsCC VS985 user (Verizon MVNO - StraightTalk). I have tried various Oreo ROMs and your latest builds, but cannot achieve an LTE connection. I have tried every troubleshooting avenue I could think of. APNs seem correct, as do my MEID and IMEI identifiers; tried all combinations of...
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    Post vs985 [Official] Resurrection Remix 7.1.2 Nougat v5.8.5 [11/01]

    It's not the place/in the interest of a ROM such as RR to provide that option. There appears to be a Magisk Module named injected YouTube Background Playback Vanced that provides the functionality you're looking for.
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    Post stang5litre Edition 5.0 s7e

    Disable 3minit battery settings. I opened the settings app while AdBlock was applied, and the app disallows you from using it due to that. It may mutually benefit you to enable AdBlock for that reason.
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    Post stang5litre Edition 5.0 s7e

    Thank you for the ROM! Smoothest/coolest that my phone has ever run. Coming from Universal, I miss Whitepages; is it possible to add that option to the next update?
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    Post are there any custom always on displays?

    I really love the app on the play store known as "Always On AMOLED" by Tomer Rosenfeld (can't post external links). It was built specifically for the S7, and the developer does a great job of updating frequently (beta).
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r66][G2][d80x/ls/vs980]RESURRECTION REMIX M [UBER-GCC 4.9][CM13]

    I've searched to no avail, but, is there any plan to add Ambient Display? The xposed module which is supposed to enable it does not work either.