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  1. martinez5241

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods ★ Post your Google Pixel 7 Pro Home Screens ★

    I have a live wallpaper. I love the wave like the PlayStation
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    Post [ROM][9.0][angler] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/13]

    [/COLOR] I cleaned flashed 20181230. No issues, yet. On another note, I did try using Franco Kernel with this Rom and had several reboots throughout the day. Reverted back the Kernel.
  3. martinez5241

    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r42] ► [shamu] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (06.June.2019)

    Ha! Your right. Yesterday, I came from DU to Nitrogen. It was needed for other ROM... I don't understand why I keep flashing when I always comeback here... "Hi my name is Juan, and I'm a flash-a-holic".
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r42] ► [shamu] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (06.June.2019)

    What gets changed if needed: # MagiskHide props PROPSLIST=" ro.debuggable # Safe values ro.debuggable=0 # Print props PRINTPROPS="
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r42] ► [shamu] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (06.June.2019)

    I use the "magiskhide props config" module on Magisk v18. Works great with gPay.
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    Post [XPOSED] IMEI Changer & PRO [RANDOM IMEI Support] [Oreo 8+ Support]

    I bought a pixel 2 xl on Craigslist which ended up being blacklisted. Will this work switching the IMEI?
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    Post AOSiP 8.1 [Official]

    Is Google playstore not certified? I cleaned flashed with stock gapps, says "device not certified" under play protect Certification
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    Post [8.1/9.0] Popcorn Kernel [v1.9.3] [21st November 2018]

    Wouldn't adding "dun" to your APN type setting work for the "free" hotspot with your carrier? Or adding it to build.prop file
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    Post ROM Repository - Info / Open Discussion / tips on all '33' Oreo ROMs (12.21.18)

    I hate replying to posts like this... Flooding the forums with questions that you can answer yourself. Make a backup and shoot. I've seen this asked somewhere else.... Like senior citizens, needing to be spoon-feed everything. I have AOSiP 8.1 w/ popcorn kernel.... Last night I played 2 rounds...
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    Post Can someone suggest a good Android Nougat rom?

    Stock 7.1.1 ,debloated,Xposed, magisk 16, gravitybox, ElementalX noop 1024 deep black, viper4droid, adaway, iYTBP, 1080x1920 on 420
  11. martinez5241

    Post Oreo 8.0 Custom ROM's popping up everywhere
  12. martinez5241

    Post [KERNEL] ElementalX-N6 4.27 (Nougat) 5.05 (Oreo)

    Now that your more specific..... it's because it's your phone ID. Just because you have 2 same phones with the same google account doesn't mean it becomes a clone. Google play store already known you have this app installed on one phone. You would need something like this...
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    Post [KERNEL] ElementalX-N6 4.27 (Nougat) 5.05 (Oreo)

    ".....This feature can be used to extend the app to support other kernels and devices and other settings I don't have in the app by default...."
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    Post [ROM] ► [9.0.0_r42] ► [shamu] ► Nitrogen OS Pie ► Substratum ► (06.June.2019)

    I never thought of him being rude, mind blown. And as far as having adb boot rooted is good for me, makes all file transfers snappier. Anyone can simply change codes in build.prop I wonder if he's making one of his adbd secured kernel thus having an attitude.... Thanks for the ROM man
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    Post [ROM][CleanAOSP][SHAMU][8.1.0]

    this Rom is new... from what are you dirty flashing from, if there is no prior release of this Rom...Why not full wipe? Reason I'm saying this is because when "some" people dirty flash they have no idea of what's going on... so when issues occur they come to the thread and ask for help... When...
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    Post Planner widget (Google Calendar) not loading

    Nephelim v1.3 using Google launcher; widget month and planner for Google calendar works.
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    Post Buying a Nexus 6 in 2018?

    Your right, We had to plug it up and wait a few minutes before the screen would power up. I didn't want to go into detail of everything I did... When I bought my taimen phone last year new in box from Google it arrived and it had a 41% when I powered it on (my fav #). And the OnePlus 5t came...
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    Post Buying a Nexus 6 in 2018?

    I bought a new Shamu from someone on the letgo app. I paid $175. In front of the guy I opened the unopened new box, cutting the tape. Put my sim card and it works. Phone, charger everything was wrapped and new. I brought it home unlocked bootloader, twrp, and now running 8.1 I believe I got a...
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    Post [Module][MOD] HEVC/H265 Video recording enable Magisk module for OP5T

    Tried it on ob1. Very nice. No crash. 4K=29sec=156mb. Zoom to focus works too. Stock cam v2.5.2 thank you
  20. martinez5241

    Post Pixel 2 XL to OnePlus 5T

    In hand the 5t feels slick and lighter than the 2xl. The 2xl I had it without a case and was able to grab the phone a lot better than I could with the 5t without a case. That being said yes both phone have fallen from my hands or from my lap when I get out of the car. The 5t is able to take a...
  21. martinez5241

    Post Pixel 2 XL to OnePlus 5T

    Went from Pixel 2xl to 5t. I miss the dual front speakers I miss the camera 5t charging speed is insane 5t battery is amazing Do I regret it, hell no. 5t is the tits
  22. martinez5241

    Post [Module] Stereo Sound Mod for OP5T [N-O]

    Brain fart... Thanks. Should of just done that from the beginning....
  23. martinez5241

    Post [OFFICIAL] OxygenOS Android 10 Open Beta 3 for OnePlus 5T (dumpling)

    I don't know wether to go beta or not anymore. OnePlus pulled the beta for 5t. So yeah...
  24. martinez5241

    Post [N-O] list of awesome & working mods for OP5T

    Any chance you can perhaps make a zip with ALL OF THESE plz
  25. martinez5241

    Post Ergonomics (in-hand feel)

    It's slippery AF. Almost K.O. me a few times when laying in bed as I hold the phone above me. I have gotten a case now but it's just not the same. So, I use it without the case when not fighting bears
  26. martinez5241

    Post Notification problem

    Go to settings>battery>battery optimization> top right 3 dots>advance optimization Is this turned on? If it's turned on, this can be part of your issue. I downloaded this app to get a better control of what apps I want turned off(no boot)...
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    Post Unlock Star Wars wallpapers, theme and clock on op5t 6 or 8gb ram

    Thanks, I guess I needed more clarification.
  28. martinez5241

    Post Show me your meow

    I like how the name fits well with it's identity lol
  29. martinez5241

    Post Unlock Star Wars wallpapers, theme and clock on op5t 6 or 8gb ram

    My phone is not rooted and I'm 4..7.5 stock, locked bootloader. So, I did the whole downgrade to get Starwars then upgrade to current os. Now that I'm bored of the Starwars theme I tried doing what was suggest to bring back stock wallpapers...I typed the numbers then reboot.... Well it didn't...
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    Post Show me your meow

    I went from 6p, Pixel to pixel 2 xl to 5t and talk about all the time spent flashing... I told myself this is, it no more. That's why I started playing this. A little reminder of the good old days :laugh:
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    Post sprint compatible?

    Phone doesn't work with Sprint. I tried. Something about OnePlus not doing business with Sprint CDMA. I thought I would at least 3g or 2g... But the phone doesn't work with placing a call. Network restrictions...
  32. martinez5241

    Post Show me your meow

    I didn't get why playing this game is LMAO? Anyways.... That's unfortunate.
  33. martinez5241

    Post ** Post Your OnePlus 5t Home Screen(s) Set Up! **

    Organized folders with what I use the most. Live wallpaper of a locked soul in my phone..
  34. martinez5241

    Thread Show me your meow

    Been with the phone for 2 weeks now and I love it! I also started collecting the cats in nougat. I've been having an issue that the same cats keep coming... I've randomly selected the 4 options for food but no new meows.. This is fun game because I get to name them. So, whoever collects cats...
  35. martinez5241

    Post [GUIDE] Restore to complete stock and relock bootloader. Easiest step by step guide.

    Thank you so much for this. Is this oos file the most current os for the 5t?
  36. martinez5241

    Post [APP] [8.0+] Fingerprint Scroll (auto scroll by fingerprint gestures) *PROMO CODES*

    Can you send a promo code? Thanks ---------- Post added at 05:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:19 PM ---------- I have a OnePlus 5t When I go to the PlayStore it says device isn't compatible... Where can I find the apk
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    Post How to determine production date???

    HT75G HT 2017 July Am I right?
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    Post Get around 15gb Verizon hot spot limit?

    Damn bro. I was certain that would of worked. Well I used this for my friends phone who has Verizon but I believe he was still on 7.1.2 This worked for me with sprint. I guess Verizon just really cares about getting paid $$$
  39. martinez5241

    Post Get around 15gb Verizon hot spot limit?

    When using terminal did you type Su then hit enter
  40. martinez5241

    Post Get around 15gb Verizon hot spot limit?

    [Tb0n3] edit the build.prop file with the following line: net.tethering.noprovisioning=true Then, Use terminal emulator Type in settings put global tether_dun_required 0 Press Enter Then reboot phone
  41. martinez5241

    Post [MODEM] Flash any current Pixel XL modem - Updated April 2017

    I believe you need to select your radio... Try this brah, dial *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer. It will bring up a menu, click on Phone information, then click the 3 dots top right and select radio band, from there select the carrier or band that your carrier is on. And see if it changes your H...
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    Post Bootloaders (aboot/sdi/rpm/hyp/pmic/cmnlib/etc) Interchangeability

    Go ahead, brick it. You can't. Same hardware doesn't mean same software, there's still a difference.
  43. martinez5241

    Post Nexus 6P Google Replaced with a Pixel XL

    The email gives you the link to the RMA. After placing the order then it can be found in>orders it will tell you what they have shipped as your replacement. When it showed that I was going to get a 6p at first , I declined it. Then I told them I needed a new RMA and that I...
  44. martinez5241

    Post Latest oreo numbering?

    Assuming you contacted fi because that's who you have as a carrier then this is what you install, or if you live in Canada: 8.0.0 (OPR1.170623.026, Sep 2017, Fi/Canada) If you have TMobile , sprint, etc. Then you'll use this: 8.0.0 (OPR3.170623.007, Sep 2017) I see what you mean about the OPR...
  45. martinez5241

    Post Nexus 6P Google Replaced with a Pixel XL

    I want to add to this that prior to thinking of sending the phone to Google I had my cellphone tech install a new battery on the 6p ( ) well I did notice a huge difference. Then I came around this thread, only reason I did...