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    Post Google Camera by Urnyx05

    Can someone upload a config for the Surface Duo?! I've searched everywhere but cannot find one. There seems to be support for this device! Thank you all for all your help and support for gCam. Much appreciated
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    Post Question Surface Duo 2 much better camera

    Wonder if this works on Surface Duo 1! How does it compare to the gcam on the first Duo (Camera PX)?
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    Post Help unlocking AT&T Surface Duo?

    Reddit is your best friend here! XDA traffic is MUCH less now a days vs Reddit 🤔 Just got mine from Amazon on Monday! It's a fantastic phone/tablet/productivity device. You'll love it. Very very high end build quality for sure. Took it out of the box and immediately had a 2GB update to the...
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    Post No development progress :(

    This is awesome! Also Microsoft recently announced Android 12L support next year. Hopefully it'll be both Duos getting the update to 12L
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    Post No Custom ROM for the Surface Duo ?

    Fingers crossed! Looking forward to a robust desktop mode and multiple external monitor support like the regular Surface Pro does 😊 Basically a phone that acts like a Surface PC when you dock at home or at work so you can actually work from the device like a normal Surface laptop and then fold...
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    Post No development progress :(

    I'm looking forward to it! This is one device with tons of potential screaming for development. I would buy it just for the things a rooted Duo could do! We already have gCam. What I need as a rich DeX like desktop mode where I can plug in my dock and connect to multiple monitors and work like...
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    Post Random boot loops on new Redmi Note 7 (Stock 10.3.5 MiUI non root)

    Replacing the battery for the Note 7/Note 7 Pro is not difficult. If money is tight consider the following: 1. Study ifixit's guide to the Note 7/Pro 2. Only buy OEM replacement parts. Witrigs is a great site 3. You'll need: - a heat gun or heating pad - micro screw driver set - phone...
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    Post Random boot loops on new Redmi Note 7 (Stock 10.3.5 MiUI non root)

    Keep us posted when you do. Has your battery been showing signs of dying before the boot loops started?
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    Post Random boot loops on new Redmi Note 7 (Stock 10.3.5 MiUI non root)

    Try removing your SIM and then see what happens
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    Post AT&T will no longer work soon?

    Unless AT&T shuts down your LTE Service and LTE bands...your device will continue to function. The HSPA bands may cease to function on the 3G side. 2G may no longer function as well. As far as you're may or may not notice the difference at all. As always....your mileage may vary
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    Post Help Plz imei repair

    I had this problem back in the LG G2 days, had trouble with my EFS too but was able to recover. Sounds like something is off and is not coming through from your EFS backup. If you search my screen name you'll find an old thread I made about it from years ago. Hopefully the steps will be similar...
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    Post Help Plz imei repair

    That absolutely makes sense! When shopping for mine, I noticed some of these V40s have their IMEI #s printed on the back. Would be very silly (and lucky) if the O.P lucked out, had an IMEI printed on the bottom and overlooked it. Otherwise, I'm wondering if he can somehow talk with someone at...
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    Post Help Plz imei repair

    Lol didn't think of that! Perhaps the person can alter their file and remove their IMEI number or make it all 9s. He can open the file and edit it with his real IMEI (assuming he has his box or the real number written somewhere)
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    Post Help Plz imei repair

    You need someone's modem EFS/QCN backup file. They need to have the exact same version phone you have
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    Thread Tmobile V40 Cannot enable Data During VoLTE Calls

    Hey Everyone. Just discovered a silly quirk with my new T-Mobile V40 running Android 10 (30d). I'm unable to turn on Data during a call. If its already on before the call starts it works fine. I'm seeing the error: "Not available during a VoLTE Call" My Unlocked V35 on Google Fi (Pie) has...
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    Post Redmi note 7 fell on a bucket of water, fully drenched

    First turn it off. Put it in a Ziploc bag of rice or big silica gel packet for 3-5 days and do not touch it etc. Turn it on and pray the system is still intact. Test if everything is working properly. Rejoice if it boots successfully. Replace or use for parts if it doesn't
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    Post What is your Battery Life Currently?

    I understand 100%. The Redmi Note 7 forums are full of folks complaining about MIUI 11 slowing down the phone significantly. Honestly, I never updated it and am still running 10.3.5 lol It's been great to me just as day 1 and I hear we cannot go back to the previous version after updating...
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    Post What is your Battery Life Currently?

    Thank you cmlosaria! I look forward to replacing my Redmi with the V35 next week when phone #3 arrives (see my other thread about the two defective ones I returned last week). I knew V35 can mirror the display to the TV but I didn't know it also does HDMI to TV! That's news to me and...
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    Post Returned 2 V35s in the past week

    Thanks Bawdy! I'm believing the 3rd time is a charm in my case but I'll keep that in mind (knock on wood lol) What color is yours?
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    Thread Returned 2 V35s in the past week

    Long story short... purchased/returned 2 V35s in the past week-week and a half. Both AWMs purchased on eBay: 1. Phone 1 had an ESN with an unpaid balance the seller didn't no unlocking from AT&T 2. Phone #2 had a grainy screen and bad blue shift. I just purchased an unlocked...
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    Post LG V35 ThinQ screen replacement. Impossible to find one.

    Oh Man. Sorry to hear the repair went sour. How do you feel about having LG do the repair at this point?
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    Post [How to] - Get VoLTE working for T-Mobile US (yes, it actually works)

    Any updates? I'm also trying to get Vowifi to work on TMO for my Redmi Note 7 (MIUI 10.3.5)
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    Post VoWIFI not working?

    Anyone with TMobile USA able to get this working?! Tried to fire up PDC yesterday but now my phone won't reconnect to the program the way it did before several months ago when I first tried this. Would love to get Vowifi working on this device with TMO USA I'm on MIUI 10.3.5
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    Post LG V35 ThinQ screen replacement. Impossible to find one.

    Would love to know this as well. If you did, how was the process and which equipment did you have access to to perform the actual repair?
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    Post Unlocked V35 and Band 71 (600 Mhz)

    Thank you for taking time to test and share your results. Also thank you for the recommendation! I'll keep my eyes out for a good deal on a refurb ULM model this weekend. How has the phone treated you thus far?
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    Post Unlocked V35 and Band 71 (600 Mhz)

    My apologies! I actually quoted the wrong person Which version of V35 do you have? I'm curious if your results are the same for both ULM and AWM. That's my dilemma...I'm trying to decide between AWM unlocked or ULM right now on eBay. Common sense says get ULM but all I need is Tmobile WiFi...
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    Post Unlocked V35 and Band 71 (600 Mhz)

    My apologies if I missed it but which model V35 do you have? I'm about to get this phone and am trying to decide between AWM or ULM for TMobile. I'd love to have both WiFi Calling and Band 71 on the AWM if that's possible without root
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    Thread What is your Battery Life Currently?

    How has your battery life been for you all? I'm about to get this phone and coming from my Redmi Note 7, I regularly see 9.5 -10.5hr screen times on 1 charge with average 2 day battery life. (This is with turning Data/WiFi on when I need them and brightness on auto) I saw this guy's thread...
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    Post Screen protectors for Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 pro?

    I've found the Teebo brand Full Glue Tempered Glass is the best for this phone. Amazon US discontinued them. If you can find them out there, I'd get those
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    Post Color saturation & accuracy

    Can you downgrade back to 10.3.6 or 10.3.5? I hear the MIUI 11....... Versions messed up this phone (I'm still on 10.3.5 and don't know much about the later versions from personal experience)
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    Post The Best Mi 9 Lite screen protector

    I understand where you guys are coming from but, I did an experiment with my Redmi Note 7 vs all other cell phones I've owned in the past....I put a tempered glass on it. So far, I've replaced 4 tempered glass protectors ( in the year and a half I've had this phone) due to cracks. My child ran...
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    Post WiFi Calling on Mi 9 Lite

    Thanks Man! I appreciate your prompt and thorough response. I haven't been able to get WiFi calling working on my Redmi Note 7 and tried just about everything. (Outside of root) Now that you've said that I have hope I'll get WiFi calling working on the Mi Lite 9 and think I may get one! May I...
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    Post Your Best Case & Screen Protector Combo for Redmi Note 7

    I'm using the: ASLING Plated TPU Phone Case + Teebo 2 Pack-Tempered Glass for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7 Pro/7S Best combination I've found for this phone.
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    Post 100% working guide for VoLTE+VoWiFi on mi9 miui 11 no root needed !!

    Can Redmi Note 7 safely roll back to older firmware? I'm still on 10.3.5 and wanted to update but am afraid it'll be stuck and can't go back.
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    Post MIUI 11 vs Lineage/GSI performance ?

    I was thinking of upgrading to this phone from Redmi Note 7. How has your experience been?
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    Thread WiFi Calling on Mi 9 Lite

    Hey Everyone, Have any of you managed to get WiFi Calling working on this device without root? I'm considering upgrading to this phone from my flawless Redmi Note 7. However, the only feature I would need confirmation works is the WiFi calling. Is this working on this device without root? If...
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    Post Help - Reassembling Redmi Note 7

    You're going to have to look very very closely at the alignment tabs, your Motherboard etc. Without seeing your phone in person, its going to be impossible for any of us to tell you why your back isn't sitting flush. One other area you can check is the glue edges on both the midframe and the...
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    Post How to fix the terrible sound on clubs and concerts?

    Anyone ever figure this out outside of getting an external microphone?
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    Post Miui 11 downgrade

    My advice is if anyone is still on MIUI version not upgrade to MIUI 11. Hey Jake, can you post back here and confirm if nokuteshimo's advice worked?
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    Post a gorgeous camera for me

    Gcam but you have to adjust the settings manually to get the picture how you want it. Try night mode as well and place your phone on a tripod for the best picture
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    Post VoLTE or WiFi calling working on Redmi Note 7?

    Can you share the exact steps you took to enable VoWIFI in PDC? IF you don't want to post here... Can you PM me the changes you made? I use TMO as well. Can you PM me the changes you made to the build prop? Also what version of MIUI are you running? Thank you in advance!!!!!
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    Post Call quality

    Your ear speaker may be defective. Take it to the Xiaomi service center for warranty service. If you're skilled in phone repair, Witrigs sells them for $3.50
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    Post Is there any higher refresh rate display mod for redmi note 8?

    Interested in hearing more about this as well ?
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Pro Terrible Battery Draining

    What firmware do you guys have?
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    Post VoWIFI not working?

    So I've checked out this thread and downloaded the TMO-Commercial MBN file. Loaded it into PDC as instructed and with Sub 0 activated, I'm able to now see the VoLTE icon on top of my screen. My phone shows VoWiFi and VoLTE are switched on in the *#*#4636#*#* menu as before (see screenshot)...
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    Post VoLTE or WiFi calling working on Redmi Note 7?

    Wow so you got it working? Can you share the link to the German thread here? I'm curious how they determined Row Commericial must be deleted. That's what my phone defaulted to and showed as active under the Sub0 column when I connected it to PDC