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    Post Development [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 20 for the Moto Edge 20

    today update keeps crashing at boot "Android setup keeps crashing"
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    Post Development [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for the Moto Edge 20

    where can i download the unofficial build, the official build does not pass safety net, and i don't want to use magisk
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    Post Question Android 13

    It's not because motorola offers only one major update officiali
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    Post Question Lineage 19.1

    I am looking too but so far nothing only some instructions to flash by adb but it's risky
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    Thread Question Lineage 19.1

    Has anyone tried this lineage rom ?
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    Post Best ROM - battery consumption

    you can try havoc too it's more battery friendly then roms
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    Post found new rom EvolutionX_4.1.69

    camera it has some problems with colors, sometimes the pictures is blueish sometimes redish, fp stucks when double tap to wake. That's all for now
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    Thread found new rom EvolutionX_4.1.69

    hello guys i've found this and it's pretty stable for daily use
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    Thread Lineage 17 QUESTION

    So we have derpfest, crdroid, havoc etc. But why nobobdy is building a clean Lineage ROM?
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    Post Havoc Mi 9 SE Official is out now

    flash vbmeta ---------- Post added at 09:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:11 PM ---------- flash vbmeta in fastboot
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    Post Havoc Mi 9 SE Official is out now

    in twrp flash this then go to wipe format data, type yes and that's all
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    Post Havoc Mi 9 SE Official is out now

    format data, you need baseband
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    Post Havoc Mi 9 SE Official is out now

    works perfectly, but the camera app it's ugly and obsolete, no battery drain with you change the network type to gsm/wcdma/lte, no bugs so far
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    Post [ROM] RevolutionOS-MIUI (update 20.5.27)

    clean installed 20.1.31 and i have no mobile data wifi working but mobile data don't
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    Post bliss rom

    it's nice aosp no battery drain with working with anx camera q no problems so far
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    Thread bliss rom

    has anyone tried bliss rom from pda4ru MOD EDIT: links to this website are not allowed ??
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    Post mi9 se bricked

    nope seems that the motherboard was damaged by my charger
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    Post mi9 se bricked

    Again Phone stays ON for 1 SECOND to enter recovery the phone needs to stay ON NO Recovery NO fastboot
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    Post mi9 se bricked

    can you tell me how to flash complete firmware when i connect it to pc nothing happens, mi logo apears for 1 sec then off 1sec
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    Thread mi9 se bricked

    hello, after an update to rom my phone doesn't start when i push power button it show mi logo for 1 sec then shutsdown when i plug it to my comp same thing. Any ideas?
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    Post [ROM][Developer] MIUI 11

    On 9.11.7 and 9.10.34 mobile data not working apn it's good but i have no connection
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    Post [OFFICIAL][9.0.0_r46][ASB_2019-11][grus] XenonHD 9.0 (14-11-2019)

    installed 10.3.4 stock then xenon but same thing can't install gapps
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    Post [CLOSED][ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0][Grus] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r46][2019/09/24]

    One more question where is the facelock because i can't find it
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    Thread Help need oeminfo p9 lite 2017

    Hello can anyone help me with an oeminfo for p9 lite 2017 c432 please
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][9.0] Dot OS P v3.0 for Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    p8 lite 2017 cpu goes to 55 degrease anyone with same problem
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9.X] Haky86's Resurrection Remix 7.0.2 Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    does anyone have blurry status bar on this rr or it's just mine?
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    Post [ROM][OTA][8.1] LineageOS 15.1 for Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    nope, now it's stuck at bootlogo
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    Post [ROM][OTA][8.1] LineageOS 15.1 for Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    bootloop after flashing gapps
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    Thread xperia rom for p8 2017?

    is it possible to port an xperia rom for our 2017 p8 lite?
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    Post [ROM][9.0] AospExtended 6.4 for Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    led for notification not working pra-lx1
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    Post [Kernel][4.4.174][r2.2] Labyrinth Kernel for Huawei P8 Lite 2017 (all variants)

    ok so i repacked again and works now i try to setenforce 0 but nothing happens
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    Post [Kernel][4.4.174][r2.2] Labyrinth Kernel for Huawei P8 Lite 2017 (all variants)

    done that and now i get bootlogo and then reboots to erecovery
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    Post [9.0][OFFICIAL][GSI] Havoc-OS 2.0

    same on p8 lite 2017
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    Post Support List of KingRoot [Samsung]

    Not working on G360F with 5.0.2 The Phone restarts at 50% Sent from my SM-G360F using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [Q] Root for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime G360F

    Install root Explorer and delete Knox or install system app removal and uninstall Sent from my SM-G360F using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post CWM for Samsung SM G360H Galaxy Core Prime here are the boot and recovery images of g360f (core prime with snapdragon)
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    Post [CENTRAL] CF-Auto-Root

    hi can you make a root for core prime G360F
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    Post Alcatel OT POP C7 (7041x)

    you can't this is permanent brick, go to warranty
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    Post [ROMs] [Guides] TCL Idol X s950 / Alcatel One Touch Idol X

    thanks i will try ---------- Post added at 11:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:38 AM ---------- need big favor can you make cwm with custpack for c7 we can't manage to do that it's out of our knowlege
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    Post [ROMs] [Guides] TCL Idol X s950 / Alcatel One Touch Idol X

    hi can you help me i've tried to port miui for c7 pop but no luck, how did you managed to get rid of custpack partition?
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    Post Xposed - Legacy thread. Don't panic, Xposed is still here.

    hi can exposed be made compatible with alcatel pop c7
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    Post Alcatel OT POP C7 (7041x)

    you can build your own with mtk droid tools there are guides in xda for that. or you can use my own as i know c7 have the same rom on all versions. But the cwm doesn't fully support the alcatel so it's useless you can flash but you can't make backup with it
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    Post Alcatel OT POP C7 (7041x)

    with mobile uncle tools
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    Post Alcatel OT POP C7 (7041x)

    cwm recovery for 7041x