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    Post How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][star/mars] ROM for Xiaomi MI 11 Pro / Ultra

    Hello, I also bought the Mi 11 Ultra from Trading Shenzhen and I have problems updating the ROM to the current version 13.0.13 From Trading Shenzhen comes with ROM 13.0.9 from I have installed TWRP version 3.6.2_12-v6.3_A12-star-skkk Apart from the OTA update problem, there are...
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    Post Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

    Hello, I bought it at Trading Shenzhen in June. The device is very good. Bring ROM 13.0.9 from I don't know if that change from Chinese ROM to ROM was done well, but now I can't update by OTA. It downloads the 13.0.13 update fine on the device, but when I enter TWRP...
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    Post [S905x] Help with Mi Box 3S (MDZ-19-AA) Bootloader Unlock And Root

    Excellent work. Many thanks. I have followed the procedure and everything is correct. Excellent work. Many thanks. When I received the device and saw that it was the Chinese version I was going to throw it away. I saw this procedure and decided to follow it. Result device with English...
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    Post Zophone i5 - [Q] & [A] and Development Area

    First, i'm sorry, my English isn't good. I bought the pro i5 Zophone ( ) device and have the following problems: 1. The information from the seller says that the device is a Zophone and not true (see image). It is manufactured by KAIY, curiously the...
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    Post Zophone i5 - [Q] & [A] and Development Area

    My Zophone does the same. I am looking for a Recovery that is compatible with this device for replace the factory Recovery. Regards IVREO
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    Post Zophone i5 - [Q] & [A] and Development Area

    Thanks friend, I've tried the 'MoreLocale 2', but nothing changes, I guess that is because the device is not rooted. In "Language & input" appears 'Language - Spanish', but the entire system is still in English. Sorry to abuse your generosity, you know how to remove applications that come...
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    Post Zophone i5 - [Q] & [A] and Development Area

    Zophone, its possible to flash another rom with more language support than just engl Friend and countryman, came to solve the problem. I just got the same device and have the same problems you describe. Thanks (Amigo y conpatriota, llegaste a resolver el problema. Yo acabo de recibir el...
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    Post [2010-5-16]NEJOROM 3.0 (23563+Sense 2.5+Co0kieManila) The first Spanish WM 6.5.5 ROM

    Grcias por esta ROM en español! La tengo instalada y todo perfecto. Salu2