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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][begonia][13] crDroidAndroid v9.x

    actually i figured out why i always endup hardbrick when i flashed this rom, i have missing GPT table definition that lives in address 0x0 0x8000 , i can't find any GPT.bin for my redmi note 8 pro phone 6GB / 128 GB, i already posted a thread regarding on my problem , maybe someone here with...
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    Post Recovering data on a DEAD Redmi Note 8 PRO

    its easy , you can create full dump roms , using mtk client , just download the mtkclient, connect your phone in bootrom mode , then create a dump rom from there :) then you can extract userdata.img via linux shell i don't know in windows but i know theres a tool in windows that can extract...
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    Post [Firmware] Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro [begonia] [Auto updated daily!]

    hi , can i request here ? for your dump rom of redmi note 8 pro 6GB/128GB , i just only need gpt.bin file from the dump , thanks
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    Post [Request] [BEGONIA] [128GB]: GPT.bin from dump rom file

    bump , im very desperate with this , someone help me , please send your gpt.bin file that came from your dump rom , or just download mtkclient and click read partition thanks
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    Thread [Request] [BEGONIA] [128GB]: GPT.bin from dump rom file

    Hello . i found out why my phone always end up hardbrick when flashing roms other than android 9 and android 10 roms , its because of missing gpt table from 0x0 0x8000 address, would like to request here if can someone dump their rom using mtkclient , i only need the gpt.bin file so i can flash...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][begonia][13] crDroidAndroid v9.x

    okay got it working but after flashing NikGapps . the recovery says no OS installed if i reboot then i continue to reboot and it boots to OS issue , No keyboard Google Settings crash gestures for task and hide apps not working no option to change to button navigation
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][begonia][13] crDroidAndroid v9.x

    yes , i did this , but everytime i flash it always hardbrick the phone ? maybe i missed out something ?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][begonia][13] crDroidAndroid v9.x

    i always end up hardbricking my redmi note 8 pro when i try to flash crdroid with android 12 and 13 , what i did wrong ? i have stock rom android 10 unlocked with twrp recovery -unified , do i miss something ?
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    Post [RECOVERY][CFW][3.3.1-0][begonia]Unofficial TWRP recovery for begonia(in) [05/06]

    when installing twrp for non cfw ? and then boot it goes black and reboot ? i have stock rom android 10 .
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    Post [GUIDE][INFO][PSA] Redmi Note 8 Pro - Megathread + CFW

    what happen if i install the CFW ROM on a non cfw / or a stock rom?
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    Thread [Share] Unbricked your phone without SP Flash tool

    hello just sharing and for my reference also last sept 25 i bricked my phone totally . all partitions broke, and try to use the SP Flash tool with bypass but unfortunately i don't know why bypass tool doesn't work on my phone so i search a lot on google and ask some help and then i found MTK...
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Pro bricked

    you can unbricked the phone those user who are unable to use the SP flash tool using the mtkclient :) mtkclient can open your phone temporary then you can reboot to fastboot then use mtkclient to open it again to complete the reboot , then you can flash the stock roms there :) including the...
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    Post [SOLVED] [HELP] : redmi note 8 pro hard bricked

    this is now okay will marked this as solved . i managed to fix this without using SP flash tool
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    Post [GUIDE][INFO][PSA] Redmi Note 8 Pro - Megathread + CFW

    its okay now i managed to unbricked the phone without using the sp flash tool , but the problem is the sim card slot doesn't detect the sim
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    Post [GUIDE][INFO][PSA] Redmi Note 8 Pro - Megathread + CFW

    Please help me , my phone was bricked , no display , just an indicator light when plugging it to laptop/charger , sp flash tool doesn't work , because bypass has an error after disabling the watch dog
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    Thread [SOLVED] [HELP] : redmi note 8 pro hard bricked

    Hi , would like to seek for a help , i bricked my phone when flashing the roms (crDroid 9.X for specific) , i don't blame the rom owner because it was stated that it might brick my phone , and now my phone was bricked, i don't know what can i do , Sp flash tools not working the one that i...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to 'unbrick' your Mediatek MT65xx

    aww aww i can see mtk usb port .. nut after red progress bar finnish it give me an error.. sd_dram_failed this is my build.prop is there any replacement roms that i can use ??