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  1. itzyashh

    Post [EOL][ROM] [11] Project Sakura 5.1 [OFFICIAL] | Monthly Updates | VANILLA

    go to download mode and Reinstall TWRP using Odin
  2. itzyashh

    Post [ROM][12/13][S8/S8+/N8][OTA Updates] PixelExperience / Plus edition [AOSP]

    This happened with me too it dims down on the lockscreen and you can't do anything other than shut down in that too u need to figure out where are the buttons later i flashed into hades rom for a change
  3. itzyashh

    Post [ROM][9.0][SM-N9500][SND] ICE FOX v2.0 | DSE7 | VOLTE | GOODLOCK | DEX| 06.21.2019

    Is this rom working properly in 2022 . I want to use some samsung apps like one hand operatoin + and samsung pass, Currently I'm using PE+
  4. itzyashh

    Post [Android 13] [GApps] NikGApps [ARM64]

    hello i have ( NikGapps-android-12L-20220222-signed ) installed in my device with lineageOS 19.1 . Now I want to installed latest ( NikGapps-cara2706-arm64-12.1-20220822-signed ) I'm not sure how to update it should I just flash it with TWRP or format data then install new GApps . NikGApps...
  5. itzyashh

    Post Can't change back the accent color after updating

    I found this cmd in reddit Use adb tools and run this command adb shell cmd overlay enable[color_name] Tutorial