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    Thread Suzuki baleno bluetooth

    Hello there, I just bought a new Suzuki Baleno, as per the company's website it states that you can connect your device in hands free mode to answer calls via Bluetooth also it can play music too. Infotainment has android and apple car play but that needs to be connected via cable which i...
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    Post [Q] SD card unexpectedly removed

    Yeah that's possible thanks......
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    Post [Q] SD card unexpectedly removed

    ..... Thanks for your reply i will get a new card but what if the problem is there in my phone..... investing 100 bucks again for a card and problem comes in my phone or in the software. i'll definitely get another one but want to be sure that its just my card.
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    Thread [Q] SD card unexpectedly removed

    Hey there, i got my new s4 couple of week back and it was working fine but now i'm facing couple of problem 1. there is no internet app in my phone. yes i do have chrome but the internet browser is not there. 2. this is the biggest one. i got a san disk 64gb XC I sd card and installed it in...